Are you wild about small business podcasts?

They’re perfect for driving the morning commute, slogging through the StairMaster, or doing household chores.

(Why do dishes take hours?)

Small business podcasts are a fantastic way to learn tips and tricks to grow your small business without shelling out for business classes or (yikes) an MBA.

If you’re looking to grow your salon, find new clients, or successfully expand your beauty or hair services (who isn’t?), these podcasts aimed at hair stylists, hairdressers, and salon owners are exactly the resources you need — all for free.

Happy listening!

The Best Beauty and Hair Industry Business Podcasts for 2022

1. Fat Mascara

Beauty editors Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein talk the latest trends and news with interviews with some serious heavy-hitters in the beauty industry.

In addition to their chats with influencers, makeup artists, dermatologists, and colorists, Matlin and Goldstein have a serious line-up of hair guests: Frederic Fekkai, Serge Normant, Jawara, Ursula Stephen, and Orlando Pita – for starters.

What better way to learn how to grow your salon business than by listening to the salon professionals who have made it?

Listen to Fat Mascara

2. Snatched Edges

Hosted by Ebuni Ajiduah, Snatched Edges covers all elements of hair health—from scalp issues to hair loss.

It’s critical for any stylist knows how to care for natural hair, and this podcast will give you the information you need — especially if your hair school was woefully lacking in natural hair education.

Listen to Snatched Edges

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3. The Hair Game

Salon Republic’s founder Eric Taylor deep-dives with industry experts and draws from his own experience setting up a successful hair empire.

Listen for marketing tips, business development tricks, and ways to manage the stress of running a salon.

Listen to The Hair Game

4. Proud N Curly

Host Sieee Johnson’s show is a celebration of naturally curly hair — from 2a to 4c.

Curly-haired queens share their own personal hair journeys, and the podcast also delves into special techniques to better care for curly hair.

Listen to Proud N Curly

5. Salon Owners Collective

Host Larissa Maclemen spent 20 years in the salon business and brings her expertise in online marketing and technology development to actionable episodes that walk you through the business side of salon life.

Episodes cover everything from why you should be hosting salon events to finding your perfect salon team.

Listen to Salon Owners Collective

6. Thriving Stylist

Thriving Stylist features interviews from under-the-radar stylists who’ve successfully grown their clientele. Hear one-on-one coaching from host Britt Seva and actionable marketing strategies to expand your own salon business.

Listen to Thriving Style

7. The Beauty Business Podcast

Podcast host Adam Chatterly is a self-described spa and salon business strategist who did a nice job of covering how businesses should plan for a more contactless future and factor in new health and safety measures.

A good one to stay on top of the latest industry news and fluctuating health regulations.

Listen to The Beauty Business Podcast

8. The Beauty Biz Show

Hosted by celebrity esthetician and industry expert Lori Crete, the Beauty Biz Show features interviews with beauty icons who divulge revenue-driving tips to help your bottom line.

Crete helps you think about your business from unique angles — start with the episode on how to break free from toxic clients.

Listen to the Beauty Biz Show

9. Hairdustry: Your Day Off

Each week’s episode features success stories from rock stars in the hair industry. Hosts Cory and Tony interview salon experts about everything from social media marketing to growing your client base.

Listen to Your Day Off

10. Beauty Full Lives

Host Madeleine Spencer brings her unique experience as a beauty journalist (at publications like Marie Claire and InStyle) to her compelling conversations with guests about how beauty has impacted their lives.

Start with Kylie Minogue’s episode, where she discusses that perm we all can’t forget.

Listen to Beauty Full Lives

11. Nyasha.Musa.Grace: Afro with a dose of Grace

This podcast calls itself a moment of “grace from the toxicity, confusion, and misconceptions surrounding curly, natural hair.”

It’s a celebration of hair diversity, and an effort to change attitudes and stigma.

This show is worth a listen for people with natural hair and stylists alike—if you aren’t skilled at caring for natural hair, your salon toolkit is incomplete.

Listen to Nyasha.Musa.Grace

12. Hair Biz Radio

If you’re looking to start a niche salon specializing in hair extensions, Hair Biz Radio has exactly what you need.

With episodes covering everything from just getting started with hair extensions to marketing your salon with a limited budget, Hair Biz Radio is all about getting you paid.

Listen to Hair Biz Radio

13. We’re Just Hairdressers with Terra Harvell

According to host, Harvell, We’re Just Hairdressers is ultimately out to prove one thing: “…showing society, and you, that you don’t have to choose between being a hairstylist and a wealth builder. We can run a successful company even though ‘We’re just hairdressers’.”

In each episode, she chats with hairdressers across the US to gain insights into how they built a successful business on their own terms.

Listen to We’re Just Hairdressers

14. Beauty Biz BFFs

Estheticians Kasy and Lorena are beauty entrepreneurs and best friends, meaning this podcast is full of both cutting-edge information from seasoned professionals and rollicking, casual conversation that makes you feel like you’re having a girls night.

Listen to Beauty Biz BFFs

15. Woke Up This Way Podcast with Matt Beck

Matt Beck answers your pressing questions about running your salon:

  • Should you accept deposits? W
  • hat happens when someone sues for ruined hair (Ahhhhh!)?
  • How can you start working with a product company?

Listen to Work Up This Way

16. Pro Beauty Talks

A great podcast if you like the classic interview-format, Melanie Kopeikin talks to industry leaders, hair and beauty influencers, and other service-provider-entrepreneurs (ser-preneurs??) to hear how they do what they do.

Listen to Pro Beauty Talks

17. Town Hall by Schedulicity

In 2020, we launched our very own podcast, Town Hall. Each episode, we interview industry experts on topics ranging from finances to reopening after the pandemic.

Listen to Town Hall Podcast by Schedulicity