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Booking for hair stylists, simplified.

Schedulicity has everything you need to grow your salon and delight your customers with easy online booking software, marketing tools, and payment processing for hair stylists.

    Why Schedulicity

    Simplify your life. Grow your business.

    Painless Booking

    • Flexible appointment and class calendars
    • Request deposits or pre-pay
    • Automatic email and text reminders
    • Block recurring no-shows

    All-in-One Payment Processing

    • Accept payments with built-in payment processing
    • Customize with tips, discounts, you name it
    • Next day payment optional

    Effortless Marketing

    • Get featured in our marketplace
    • Add a “Book Now” button to social
    • Manual or automated email marketing
    Schedulicity Circle member Elizabeth Faye

    Elizabeth Faye @HeyElizabethFaye, @HairLoveRetreat

    Schedulicity is such an incredibly powerful app. It’s like having an assistant in your pocket. I can’t tell you how many years I spent in my first marriage arguing and fighting because I was dealing with clients, requests, and trying to manage a business. At the time, my business was actually managing me! Online booking will change your life. The way Schedulicity delivers all the extra tools they have from email marketing to their support team will change your life. On top of that, they are a company with heart that cares about you and your business and wants to see it grow.