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Study Hall

by Schedulicity

The one-stop-shop for all Schedulicity tutorials so you can learn how to make the most of your account.

  • Getting Started with Schedulicity

    Everything you need to know about setting up and getting started with Schedulicity.

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  • Exploring Features

    Learn about all the available tools to help your business.

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  • Marketing Tools

    Whether you’re looking to grow your business or keep your books full, learn about the tools we have to get your clients booking.

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  • Processing with Built-in Payments

    Learn about our very own integrated payment processing that works seamlessly with appointment scheduling and has the lowest rates in the industry!

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  • Class Management

    From planning tomorrow’s routine to planning email campaigns, you’ve got a lot going on before, during, and after class. We’ve got the most tedious parts covered.

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  • Appointment Calendar

    Everything you need to know about getting clients booked all in one place. Let us be your 24/7 assistant.

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  • Extra Credit

    More of the good stuff.

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