Example of pay-by-text checkout process over phone

Contactless Payment

Payment by text for small businesses.

Send the bill straight to your client’s phone. Ditch the card reader, speed through payment, and bump up tips.

Available on the Unlimited Plan.

    How to

    Charge a Client by Text

    • Pay by text and QR code pay options screen

      Select “Pay by Text” on the payment method screen.

    • Send text screen

      Send a text with all the checkout details included.

    • Waiting for transaction to complete screen

      Wait for your client to finish up on their phone.

    Client View

    What Clients See

    • Pay by text message example

      Your client receives a text with a link to checkout.

    • Gratuity screen

      They add a tip and complete the transaction.

    • Payment complete screen

      Do a little dance. You just got paid!

    Contactless Benefits

    • Gratuity option buttons

      Top-Tier Tipping

      On average, businesses who use pay by text and QR code see a 20% increase in tips.

    • Lock symbol

      Securely Stored

      Keep your client’s card info safe under strong encryption.

    • Pay by text example message


      Skip the extra step of a card reader and pay by text instead.

    Start Using Contactless Payment

    • $34.99 a month for a solo provider


      Sign up for Schedulicity Unlimited.

    • Application start screen


      Apply for Schedulicity’s built-in payment processing within your account.

    • Pay by text or QR code selection screen


      Start transacting by text and QR code. Contactless payment is built into Schedulicity’s payment processor. No extra setup needed.*

    *Businesses must be on the Unlimited Plan and approved for payment processing prior to using pay by text or QR code.