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    Do it right with the class roster.

    Organizing classes for yoga studios, pilates instructors, and personal trainers has never been so easy.

    • Get a detailed look at your class: time, date, instructor, attendees, and more.
    • Stop lugging a laptop or squinting at your phone. Use our iPad app instead.
    • Check attendees in and out with one click.
    • Enroll last-minute clients in your class with our Waitlist feature.
    • Encourage clients to invite friends with Group Bookings.
    • See which clients used a package, prepaid, or have a balance due.
    • Get paid (or earn tips!) by text with Norm.

    Fill every yoga mat, cycle bike, and cardio class — every time.

    Have a sell-out class coming up? Know who your most in-demand instructor is? Turn on the Waitlist feature.

    If your class reaches max capacity, our waitlists allow clients to do just that: Wait on the list. If someone cancels, you’ll receive a notification and can add a client from the waitlist to fill their spot.

    Create classes up to three months in advance, and fill in empty spots until the very last second.

    Protect your clients, your business, and yourself.

    Customizable policies and waivers help manage your classes.

    Upload safety protocols to protect your clients, require prepayment to protect your business from no-shows and cancellations, and set up alerts to ensure everyone acknowledges the waiver before class starts.

    Bundle ’em — to fill ’em.

    Create your own packages to sell multiple class sessions up front.

    Packages help you engage with new clients, show some love to your regulars, and keep that revenue flowing. Sell packages online during the booking process or at checkout.

    You can also quickly deduct package sessions right from the class roster and keep an eye on remaining sessions with the reporting feature.

    See what works — then double-down.

    We’re here to help you make savvier business moves. Schedulicity’s reports turn hard data into trends you can use to adapt your offers, hone your marketing, optimize your pricing, and more. Get detailed info on everything, from schedules to clients to payment:

    • Class and Workshop Popularity
    • Class Attendance
    • Estimated Revenue
    • Booking Activity
    • Package Popularity
    • Promotion Performance and Popularity
    • Sales Summary
    • Cancelations