All-in-one booking, anywhere you go.

Seamlessly manage appointments, locations, and providers with our free app. Whether you’re between bookings, on a lunch break, or running errands, you have Schedulicity at your fingertips.

New businesses get access to all our tools, and apps, FOR FREE.


No website? No problem.

In just a few clicks, our appointment scheduling app streamlines your business across devices.

  • Create a Schedulicity account online.
  • Download our free booking app on your phone or tablet.
  • Open the app, and log into your account.
  • Track your business on the go.

Manage your time on the go.

Never miss a beat with your mobile calendar.

Discover a fully synced app, complete with a list of your services, current bookings, and customized policies, so you’re ready to rock and roll with:

  • A master calendar with daily and weekly views
  • Appointment management for recurring, one-time, and last-minute bookings
  • An overview of individual calendars for up to 7 providers at once
  • Client check-ins for classes and workshops
  • Last-minute edits to appointments
  • Waitlist alerts

Seamless Checkout — No Card Reader Required

Accept payment where it’s most convenient. Using our built-in payment processor, you have access to everything you need for transactions.

  • Upsell package deals at checkout.
  • Add taxes, discounts, and gratuity right in the app.
  • Experience contactless payment and tipping via Norm.
  • Trash clip-on credit card readers. Simply take a picture of a client’s card to keep it on file.
  • Accept all transaction types, from gift cards to auto-billing to prepayments and deposits.

Meet Your Clients

Our free scheduling app allows you to access everything you need to know about your clients: Past and upcoming appointments, personal preferences, sales history, and more — right from your phone or tablet.