Updated July 2024 to include the latest and greatest marketing tips for this year!

We know how important it is to get new clients.

But where do you start?

Crossing your fingers and waiting for someone new to walk through the door won’t get you new salon clients or boost your revenue.

Neither will using the same two or three salon marketing strategies over and over again.


Before you call a marketing expert, we have a few DIY salon marketing ideas for you to try.

We compiled a list of the best salon marketing strategies, hair salon promotion ideas, and salon advertising examples to increase your clients.

Whether you’re a hair stylist, nail artist, or esthetician, use these salon marketing ideas to up your game this year!

Salon Marketing Ideas to Try This Year

Digital Marketing for Hair and Beauty Salons

1. Set up your Google My Business profile.

You want to show up when a potential new client types in “salon near me”.

Before you think of rebranding or paying for ads, set up your Google My Business profile.

Google is the largest search engine in the world, so it’s beyond important that you show up in the top search results for local queries.

📚 Extra Credit: If you don’t already have Reserve with Google set up for your Schedulicity booking page, now’s the time to get that going! Learn more in our how-to guide and make sure clients can easily book with you from your Google Business Listing.

2. Create or refresh your salon’s website.

A bad or nonexistent website experience can turn away a new client in seconds. People just don’t trust unprofessional websites.

Do you have easy navigation?

Is your contact information and hours of operation correct?

Do you have online scheduling available straight from your site?

If you want new clients to schedule with or contact you, make sure it’s easy for them to do so!

Speaking of…

3. Offer online booking.

This is a MUST for new (and existing) clients.

Over 76% of people say they prefer booking appointments online.

Plus, you’ll no longer receive texts at 2 a.m for a booking the next day.

Clients no longer have to wait to book an appointment.

It’s a win-win, and with Schedulicity, you can do so much more than online booking for your salon.

You can charge deposits, change salon policies, send automatic appointment reminder texts, create an appointment waitlist, and fill out client forms.

4. Update your booking page.

Once you set up your Google My Business listing, booking page, and website, update it.

Have you moved recently? Update the address!

Have your hours changed? Make sure your online schedule is accurate. 

Do you have a new employee? Fill out their bio and add an image.

5. Refresh your salon branding.

Just like your hair needs a refresh, so does your business branding.

Another great marketing idea is to refresh your brand. Think typography, color palette, images/icons, headshots, logos, and more.

6. Edit your pricing structure.

If you’re booked out but not making enough revenue, consider a price increase.

It may seem like a crazy idea, but take it from salon educator, Nina Tulio. She did a class on financial growth and touched on why you should always charge what you’re worth.

7. Add suggested services to your booking page.

It’s easy for a client to book a haircut and call it a day.

But, what if you’re offering services they’d love to enjoy in addition to their haircut?

Consider adding suggested services, like hair treatments or waxing services, to your booking page. They might see (and book!) a little something extra they like.

Lucky for you, Schedulicity makes this marketing idea super easy. Here’s how.

8. Tell your clients which products you’re using on them.

This is the easiest marketing strategy for salons. Clients can’t replicate their appointment-day hair at home… or can they?

Simply tell your clients which products you’re using on them and how much it costs. Let them know you sell the products up front and can add it to their service.

Boom. More revenue just by speaking up.

Salon Advertising Ideas

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for online reviews.

We love reviews from customers because they’re absolutely free!

Once an appointment is done, send your client a follow-up email asking them to leave you a review on Google or Yelp.

It’s important to keep those reviews updated, too! (They’ll show up with your new Google My Business listing. 😉)

Extra Credit: Here’s how to ask for and respond to feedback for your hair or beauty business.

Pro Tip: Speaking of online booking… Schedulicity is your one-stop shop for online booking, email marketing, client payments, and website integrations. Sign up today! And don’t forget to download our free guide to Email Marketing.

10. Use paid advertising.

Google Ads and Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram) are going to be your new BFF.

You want to come up first in the search results when a potential new client searches for a new hair or beauty salon.

Not familiar with paid advertising? Here’s a great beginner’s article on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which automatically show on Instagram. A win already!

Schedulicity also has a blog about how to run paid ads for your local salon or spa.

11. Get your salon in the news for free.

Our resident beauty business expert, Nina Tulio, was recently featured in Salon Evo Magazine. Photo and magazine creds: @salonevo

Getting press coverage for your salon may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few ways to do it.

You can take an ad out in your local newspaper – the OG form of paid advertising – or… you can cast an even wider net than that.

A helpful (FREE!) website called Connectively connects journalists with experts, like yourself.

Find relevant queries to your hair or beauty expertise, and reply to the email with your best quotes.

If the journalist likes your response, they’ll include you in the article and often link back to your website or booking page.

It’s free press that you control. Who can say no?

Extra Credit: Here’s how to write a salon press release and where to send them.

12. Partner with another local business.

Team up with another local business to help promote each other! You can co-host online giveaways, in-person events, and more.

Plus, local media and events pages love to support small businesses. It’s (almost always) free to list your event on digital calendars of local publications.

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hair and Beauty Salons

Social media is arguably the most important marketing strategy for salons and stylists. Your entire portfolio and personal brand lives online.

It’s where you hop on the latest trends, connect with your community, and find new clients (if you add your online booking to your bio).

Here are a few social media marketing ideas for salons:

13. Share behind-the-scenes footage.

Not only would it be a great chance to show off your skills, but Instagram rewards its users for using the new(er) features, like Reels and IGTV.

Why not attract new clients and increase your Instagram engagement at the same time?

If behind-the-scenes isn’t your style, try:

  • Hopping on the latest video trend or sound
  • Posting before-and-after shots or videos of your best work
  • Recording fun interviews with your favorite clients or co-workers
  • Doing a “get ready with me” and filming an average day in the salon
  • Sharing your favorite salon products
  • Using the Instagram Reels stitch feature to react to viral videos
  • Showing off your salon with a tour

14. Experiment with Instagram hashtags.

Instagram allows you to put up to 30 (!) hashtags on each post, and they help clients find you based on your type of content.

We recommend researching the most popular hashtags in your industry and seeing which few stick for you. Don’t be afraid to add them all!

guide preview

Social Media Marketing 101

Deep-dive into trends, tools, and hashtags that will take your brand – and small business – to the next level.

Get the Guide

15. Link up with local hair influencers.

The hair and beauty influencer industry just keeps growing, and it’s a great way to get a little extra publicity.

You could offer a free service or monetary compensation, depending on the influencer and your marketing campaign, for extra online exposure.

Extra Credit: If you need direction in building your influencer program, check out our Town Hall with salon educator Elizabeth Faye.

16. Update your salon for Pinterest-worthy shots.

One of our business’s Pinterest-perfect interior. Photo and salon creds: @themanehaven

Bring out those new brand colors IRL.

If you have the budget, a salon upgrade will make your clients feel pampered and give them a great setting to take a photo of their new haircut (to post on Instagram and tag you).

A win-win!

17. Run a contest between your employees.

If you’re in a larger salon or work alongside other stylists in booth rentals, start a contest!

See who can get the most likes or comments on their work. Anyone can go viral for great work, which means when your business is tagged in the post, that’s big exposure.

18. Follow your clients on Instagram, and tag them in posts.

With permission, of course.

With this little trick, you can stay in touch with your client and be exposed to new clientele – should they share your post on their feed.

Or tag you in their post-appointment Instagram pic. It happens every time!

19. Host (Zoom) parties or tutorials.

If you didn’t use Zoom before, you probably do now.

And we know it’s not exactly “social media,” but…

It’s still fun!

And… it’s still a worthwhile marketing idea to try, because virtual parties or tutorials are here stay!

Host a happy hour, a hair or nail care tutorial, and more. It’s a great way to keep current customers engaged and encourage them bring their friends.

Promotions and Discount Ideas for Hair and Beauty Salons

20. Offer referral discounts.

Why not have your clients do some marketing for you?

Referral discounts are a great way to get new clients through existing clients.

Offer $10-$15 off their next appointment or give them a free product.

The appreciation goes a long way.

21. Offer a family or group discount.

This is a great incentive for clients to bring you MORE clients, and isn’t that just what you’re looking for?!

Extra Credit: If you’re a Schedulicity user, you can set all sorts of custom discounts up via our Deal Manager feature. Here’s how:

22. Implement a customer loyalty program.

Rebooking is also a great salon marketing strategy.

‘Get Your 10th Service Free’ is a great way to get clients to come back at least that many times. And everyone loves feeling appreciated.

23. Sell seasonal promotions for your hair salon.

Holiday emails are even sweeter when there’s a present inside.

Everyone is getting their hair and nails done around the holidays anyway. Entice them to choose your salon with a little holiday promotion or sale.

Extra Credit: Don’t miss our holiday calendar to help schedule your promotions. We’re talking:

  • Cyber Monday
  • Black Friday
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas (and all the winter celebrations!)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween

You can even run specials for events:

  • Proms and homecomings
  • Weddings
  • Quinceañeras
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Graduations

24. Celebrate birthdays.

Again, the one day of the year everyone loves more than holidays?

Their own birthday.

Birthday emails + birthday promotions = happy client ✨

Extra Credit: With Schedulicity, you can invite all your clients to add their birthdays to their accounts in advance. Now, you can automatically send them an offer of your choice during their birthday month. 

25. Offer a free kids haircut.

Kids aren’t going to get their haircut alone, so you have a chance to get their parent(s) or guardian booked during their appointment, too.

26. Give away a free hair or skincare product with service.

The goal is to help keep your client’s hair and skin healthy, right?

So, the client will think they’re getting a deal AND you might even have less work to do during their next haircut.

27. Sell gift cards or certificates.

This is a great way for current clients to introduce you to potential clients, such as their family members or friends. Gift cards and certificates are the easiest present to give.

Give the gift of self-care. It’s the easiest marketing idea.

28. Create packages.

Manicure plus eyebrow wax?

Hair cut plus gloss treatment?

Three haircuts for the price of two?

Package deals are such a simple way to book more appointments and make more money.

(Luckily, Schedulicity offers customizable packages, so you can run whatever deal you want.)

29. Use email as a free salon marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your clients. You can send all sorts of messages:

  • Welcome emails. This is a super-easy way to make your clients feel important. Let them know about your booking policies, safety procedures, and any upcoming events or salon promotions you’re running.
  • Salon newsletters. Like welcome emails, newsletters are a great way to keep your clients in the know. A salon newsletter may even serve as an appointment reminder.
  • Appointment reminders and time to book emails. Arguably the most important salon marketing idea, booking emails keep your schedule full.
  • Holiday hellos and sales. Everyone loves a holiday greeting. Say happy holidays to your clients or send them a little present. Discount, anyone?
  • Birthday emails. The best part about birthday emails is that AI can write the email, and you can automate the send. You’ll never forget another client’s birthday again.
  • Thank you emails. A little gratitude never hurt anybody! In fact, it only strengthens your provider-client relationship.
Elizabeth Faye, the salon and small business marketing expert. Photo creds: @hairloveretreat

30. Send appointment confirmations and reminders via text.

If email isn’t your thing, that’s OK!

Text messages have insane open rates – 98% according to Gartner.

Text message reminders and confirmations are a must-use marketing idea, especially when it comes to reducing no-shows.

You could get more salon business by simply confirming appointments with your clients.

The best part? You can automate these texts and focus on other marketing strategies.

31. Print salon business cards.

To show off that updated branding, of course, but you can also leave them in local coffee shops or other businesses to attract attention.

32. Make your salon website easy-to-use.

When the priority is attracting new clients to your salon, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to navigate your site.

If you’re not a web developer and don’t have one on staff, don’t worry.

Sites like Squarespace and WordPress make it easy to design beautiful, accessible sites with zero tech experience.

33. Clearly list your salon services on your site.

You’ll need to make clear exactly what services you offer, so that people can Google the services they’re after and find your salon.

Provide detailed descriptions of your services — including definitions of what each service entails (not everyone knows what balayage means), and post high-quality pictures, if you have them.

34. Include pricing and salon policies for clients on your site.

Potential clients are definitely looking at your competition, and likely will skip right over you if they can’t easily figure out how much your salon services cost compared to their other options.

The best way to market your hair salon is through transparency.

List your prices per service, and consider offering a first-time customer incentive.

These are real customer-draws, so go ahead and advertise it front-and-center on your homepage.

Also, don’t forget to include any necessary salon policies that clients need to understand.

Should they book a free consultation if they are a new client?

Do you offer an email list and occasionally send out last-minute openings?

Share those details!

35. Start your own blog.

A blog full of expert information on topics people are Googling will help raise your search rankings over time, making it easier for clients to find you.

And the more you write about hair trends, color treatments, and salon inspiration, the more Google will recognize your work.

Authority is key, but luckily you’re an expert.

When you’re looking for topics to write about, consider the subjects your clients ask you about.

(If they’re asking, other people are probably Googling.)

Keep your blog posts informative and specific — there are hundreds of round ups of long bobs, but what about platinum, grown out bobs?

Make sure to also include some articles that specifically highlights the services you offer with an eye towards convincing readers that your salon stands out from the competition.