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How to De-Overwhelm Creating Social Media Content

In this free class, learn from super-successful content creator and hair stylist Samantha Harman about:

  • The tools and tricks she uses to simplify creating content for social media
  • How to brand yourself, depending on your business goals:

    • plus smile iconGetting more clients through social media
    • graduation cap iconBecoming a salon educator or coach
    • dollar bill iconPartnering with a brand for paid promotion
  • Real-life steps to avoid social media burnout, anxiety, and imposter syndrome

About Samantha Harman

Samantha Harman is a hair stylist, educator, and social media queen. As a beauty pro with a degree in public relations and marketing, she knows how to build an online presence.

She’s even a 2022 ONESHOT Hair Award Winner for Educational Post.

(And… 265K followers is no joke.)

With dozens of teaching opportunities under her belt, Samantha joins Schedulicity to talk about mental health and social media in the hair and beauty industry.

  • Samantha giving social media advice

  • Samantha accepting the ONESHOT Hair Award

  • Samantha giving social media advice

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