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Salon Policies & Client Boundaries

In this free 15-minute class, learn from stylist growth coach Kristen Lumiere about:

  • Must-have policies for independent hair stylists and salon owners
  • How to implement policies and get clients to respect your boundaries
  • Salon policy templates and examples
  • Plus, a special BONUS from instructor Kristen Lumiere 🎁

About Kristen Lumiere

Kristen has 12 years of experience in the hair industry, and she’s done it all.

After moving to four different states in three years, Kristen was money-motivated. She was rebuilding her clientele, working long hours behind the chair, or building her brand on Instagram.

She used to drop everything to accommodate an appointment, blurring her personal and professional boundaries with clients.

Realizing burnout was the only endgame for workaholics, Kristen made a huge change.

Today, she’s lifestyle-motivated.

She teaches stylists how to have a long-term career with boundaries that separate life from work and a thriving business.

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