As a scheduling app for estheticians and cosmetologists, we’ve talked to a ton of beauty salon owners over the years.

One thing we’ve learned?

You all know how to hustle.

There’s no doubt it takes a lot of hard work to run your own beauty salon.

On top of appointments and phone calls, you also have to worry about products, bills, and marketing, too!

That’s where the right beauty salon software comes in. Built to keep your calendar, marketing, and payment processing all in one place, a salon appointment app like Schedulicity can make all the difference.

While there are several great appointment apps for beauty businesses out there — which we covered in our Best Salon Software and Apps of 2023 blog — we believe Schedulicity is the ideal scheduling software for estheticians and cosmetologists.

Here’s why…

Best Schedulicity Features for Cosmetologists and Estheticians

Built-in Payment Processing

Let’s start with one of the biggest pain-points out there for folks in the salon business: payment processing*. 

We get it.

Talking about payment processing usually involves a bunch of numbers and jargon only bankers and small business credit card companies understand.

But here at Schedulicity, we keep payment processing simple

  • Low transaction rates
  • No hidden or annual fees ever
  • Contactless payment (and tipping!) via our pay-by-text technology
  • Available two-day funding

*Available to only U.S. and Canadian businesses on the Unlimited Plan. Must be approved for payment processing.

With a variety of payment options — prepay, partial deposit, Auto-Billing, and pay by text or QR code — you’re sure to get paid (and tipped) how you want. 

The best part?

It’s all built right into your account, so your payments and appointment scheduling are all connected!

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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

One of the biggest things estheticians and cosmetologists love about our scheduling app is all of our convenient marketing tools.

With email marketing and social media tools built right into your account, it’s easy to stay in touch with clients and keep them coming back.

Email Marketing

While we have a full breakdown of all Schedulicity’s email marketing tools, here’s a quick glance at what you get:

  • Automate Your Marketing: Our Automated Marketing tool offers a “set it and forget it” option, so your emails can automatically flow in the background, leaving more time for you to do what you do best!
  • Customize Recipient Lists: While you can easily send an email blast out to your whole client list, you can also choose specific clients or only send booking deals to clients who regularly book specific services with you.
  • Share a Deal: Speaking of booking deals… Our Deal Manager feature and email marketing tools works hand-in-hand to create and share a deal with your client list.
  • Keep an Eye on Revenue: To know how well your emails are doing, we built a performance tracker right into each email you send. You can see how many clients booked from that email and how much money you brought in!

Social Media Tools

For estheticians and cosmetologists, showcasing your work is crucial to hooking new clients.

With our Book Buttons for Instagram, Facebook, and your business website, clients can see a portfolio of your work — before-and-after shots, photos of your best transformations — then book with you in one click!

Pro Tip: Here at Schedulicity, we’re all about helping service providers market their small business better! That’s why we put together a Beginner’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Marketing: to help you build your brand and grow your client list!

Client Notes

As an esthetician or cosmetologist, having solid client notes is a big part of helping your clients. You know by jotting down a note or two after each beauty appointment, you’ll improve the overall experience for your clients. 

If you have a client with special skincare needs or an allergy you need to be aware of, simply write it down in the notes section of their client profile, so you can remember for every appointment. 

Deal Manager and Packages

Got a special you’re running?

Maybe a deal on a facial or eyelash extensions?

Or discount wedding or prom makeup?

With Schedulicity, you can create special one-time offers to share with your clients using our Deal Manager tool.

You can also create packages — like a bundle of services — for clients to purchase up front then use whenever they like.

Deal Manager

Deal Manager is a simple way to create and share deals with clients.

If you’re looking for a way to pass along discounts to clients without making them public on your Schedulicity booking page, our Deal Manager tool does the trick!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your own promotions or specials to run in just a few clicks
  2. Share a link to those deals with your clients via email or in a social media post.

Package Management

Package Management is your Schedulicity tool to sell, manage, and decrement session-based packages as your clients use them. 

Think of packages as “bundles” of services you sell upfront to clients, such as a “5 Facials Package” deal.

This tool allows you and your clients to keep track of how many beauty sessions/appointments they have remaining from within their client profile.

Appointment Booking

Of course, we’d be remiss if we — a salon appointment software — failed to mention how smooth and user-friendly the scheduling process is for both you and your clients (wink wink!). 

Schedulicity’s salon booking software helps you book faster (and more often), manage your time better, and make more money!

While the functionality is streamlined to make your day less hectic, we think it’s pretty easy on the eyes, too… 

example of a calendar full of appointment

Recurring Appointments

For cosmetologists and estheticians, scheduling repeat beauty appointments for clients is part of the game.

(Think monthly facials or tanning sessions, regular eyelash extension touch-ups or fills for nails.)

That’s why we built in a “recurring appointment” feature.

With recurring appointments, you can set your clients up with consistent, pre-booked beauty appointments on whatever schedule you need.

Got a client who wants to book a waxing session on the first Friday of every month?

Or maybe a client needs microblading every six months?

No problem!

Additional Info on Schedulicity’s Beauty Salon Booking Software

If you’re in the market for a new online scheduler to help manage and grow your salon business, don’t forget we have FREE customer support via email, chat, and phone with our Schedulicity Rockstars.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions (even before you sign up!). 

For now, feel free to browse our booking software comparison chart to make sure you’re getting all the tools you need — at the price you need — from your beauty salon software. 

Or you can jump into other blogs to continue reading up on all Schedulicity’s app has to offer estheticians and cosmetologists.