Pop quiz: What’s the most common question massage therapists ask themselves? The answer probably won’t surprise you: How can I make more money?!

It’s true. We hear from a ton of massage therapists on Schedulicity looking for advice on how they can bring in more money — especially when there are only so many appointments you can book in a day!

So… to help you meet your revenue goals this year (without breaking your back!), we put together a list of five money-making tricks for massage therapists. Sprinkle them into your regular work schedule to boost your weekly, monthly, and annual revenue!

5 Ways to Rebook More Clients and Make More Money

Rebook More Clients

One simple way to boost revenue is to focus more energy on rebooking current clients, instead of chasing down new ones. Acquiring new clients costs up to five times more than retaining a current client, so there’s a lot to be gained by getting clients to book again and again. In business, this is called customer lifetime value or LTV.

Clients who rebook not only create a more stable income for your business, you can also be sure they’re singing your praises to their friends and family, giving you free word-of-mouth marketing. Win win!

Pro tip: We have ALL the tips to get massage clients to rebook with you — check out our article on “How to Make Sure Your Clients Keep Coming Back”. Plus, we have all the tools to manage your massage business, from your day-to-day calendar, to clients payments and marketing tools. Sign up today!

Bump Up Your Prices

We know raising your prices can seem a bit scary (what if my clients are upset? What if they don’t come back?), but trust us: When the time comes, there are simple, seamless ways to increase your prices and make sure you’re charging what you deserve — without upsetting your clients.

  1. Give notice: First things first. Let your regular clients know well in advance of any price changes. The commonly accepted timeline is at least two month’s notice. But at the end of the day, you don’t want to surprise your clients with a price change, so the more notice you can give, the better.
  2. Post your prices: If your prices are posted on your website or on your online booking page, make sure they reflect your current price. This way, clients aren’t caught off guard when they come in for their appointment because they saw an old listing with your previous rates. 
  3. Cut your regulars a deal: It’s never a bad idea to reward your longtime clients, and one way to do that is offer your current clients the chance to book in advance (and prepay) at your old rate. This will help your clients feel better about the pricing transition, and you’ll have appointments locked in for the future!

Increase Tips

We all know how stressful discussing tipping can feel! But in addition to providing your clients with great service, there are ways to encourage them to tip after their massage without encountering that awkward tipping moment. 

One way to avoid the awkward tipping moment is by using a service that auto-calculates tips at checkout, so clients won’t have to awkwardly do math in their heads in front of you. Having a payment processing system that provides a tipping step also saves you from having to ask, which always feels a little awkward.

Pro tip: Speaking of payment processing, Schedulicity’s built-in payment processor helps you handle all things payment: auto-billing, refunds, prepayments (to reduce those no-shows). And… their pay-by-text technology, Norm, can help you increase tips and avoid that awkward tipping moment by allowing clients to pay (and tip!) right from their own phone!

Create Package Deals

Packaging your services into bundles is a fantastic way to market you massage offerings, incentivizing new and current clients alike to book. There are plenty of benefits to packaging your services:

  • You’ll book more appointments
  • You’ll encourage repeat business
  • You’ll set yourself apart from the competition

To help hook new clients into rebooking, you can create a package especially for them, like “Returning Customer Package of 5” with a little discount built in.

Sell Products

Adding retail or merchandise to your revenue stream is a great way to not only bring in more money — it also makes life a little easier on your clients. If they can buy their products from you as part of their appointment, they don’t have to search for it in a store or go down any product rabbit holes online. 

For massage therapists, this could mean selling aromatherapy oils, lotions, scrubs, hot packs, massage tools, or even books.

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