If you’re researching scheduling apps for massage therapists, you’ve probably come across Schedulicity and MassageBook. 

But what’s the difference between the two? And what features do they have in common?

In this comparison guide, we’re taking a deep dive into Schedulicity and MassageBook — breaking down their pricing, best features, and more to give you the information you need to choose the right scheduling software for your massage business.

Schedulicity vs MassageBook. Let’s get into it!

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Schedulicity vs MassageBook: An Overview


Schedulicity is a robust scheduling software designed for a wide range of service-based businesses, including salons, spas, fitness trainers, and more.

They provide a suite of tools to help you manage appointments, clients, marketing, and payment processing.

Simple and intuitive for both desktop and mobile, their biggest draw is the customer support team — affectionately called Rockstars 😎— and their ease of use, allowing businesses to efficiently handle bookings, text reminders, and payments.


On the other hand, MassageBook is a specialized scheduling software aimed at massage therapists and bodywork professionals.

They integrate scheduling with client management, marketing, and even SOAP notes for session documentation.

(Don’t worry: Schedulicity has SOAP notes, too. 😉)

Tailored to meet the unique needs of massage therapy businesses, MassageBook is a go-to tool for a lot of massage businesses.

Best Features: Schedulicity vs MassageBook


  • Automated Reminders: Schedulicity offers automated email and text reminders for your clients, reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations
  • Built-In Marketing Tools: Schedulicity includes marketing tools such as email campaigns, promotions/deals, and a marketplace where you can list your services for new clients to find your business.
  • SOAP Notes: With Schedulicity’s SOAP notes, you always have full control over who can view, delete, or edit SOAP notes – keeping client confidentiality private and secure.
  • Customizable Scheduling: Customize your scheduling parameters, including setting up specific booking hours, services, and staff availability.
  • Integrated Payments: Schedulicity integrates payment processing directly within the platform, allowing you to accept payments and manage transactions seamlessly.
  • Pay-by-Text: Schedulicity offers pay-by-text and -QR code, allowing you to text a client their bill straight to their phone, eliminating any awkward “tipping moment.” 
  • Promotion Management: Schedulicity’s Deal Manager tool is a unique feature that allows you to create promotions, or discounts, and share them on social media or via email marketing.
  • Mobile Apps: Schedulicity also offers mobile apps for both you and your clients on iOS and Android. 


  • Client Management: Massage Book provides tools to manage detailed client profiles, booking history, and preferences.
  • Online Booking and Scheduling: MassageBook offers an easy-to-use online booking system, enabling clients to book appointments directly through the business’s website or a dedicated booking page.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Subscriptions also include marketing tools tailored for massage therapists, such as email marketing, gift certificates, and promotional deals to attract and retain clients.
  • SOAP Notes and Documentation: Create, store, and manage SOAP notes, ensuring comprehensive client care and compliance with industry standards.

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Pricing Structure: Schedulicity vs MassageBook


To keep things simple, Schedulicity offers one subscription plan: Schedulicity Unlimited

Starting at $34.99/month, Schedulicity’s Unlimited Plan comes with all the tools you need to manage and grow your business, including automated marketing, text reminders for your clients, payment processing, and more.

📚Extra Credit: Don’t miss Schedulicity’s price comparison chart, and learn how Schedulicity compares to other scheduling software.


MassageBook’s pricing structure is more of a tiered system, offering subscription options based on the size and needs of your massage business. 👇

  1. Transition Plan: Priced at $20 per month, this plan offers additional features like basic SOAP notes, website with online booking, mobile app.
  2. Simplify Plan: At $40 per month, the Simplify Plan includes all features from the basic plan, plus client intake forms (which Schedulicity has, too!), premium SOAP notes, and website integration.
  3. Amplify Plan: For $50 per month, the Amplify Plan provides the most comprehensive suite of features, including all Transition and Simplify plan benefits, real-time chat support, and gift certificates.

What About Payment Processing?


Schedulicity has built-in payment processing to keep your client payments tied to their appointments.

You also have the payment options to handle tipping, auto-billing, refunds, and prepayments.

The processing fee on Schedulicity Pay is simple:

  • 2.6% + $0.10 for all transaction types (online, tap, dip, or swipe!)


Without their own built-in payment processing, MassageBook partners with Square and Stripe for payment processing, offering different fees based on how the client pays for their appointment.


  • 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction for in-person payments using Square’s hardware
  • 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for online payments


  • 2.6% + $0.10 (online payments only)

What Are Their Reviews Like?


With a 4.5/5 rating for ease of use, customer service, and value for the money, Schedulicity has a 4.4/5 overall rating on Capterra.

The biggest stat? Schedulicity comes in at 5/5 for appointment scheduling and a 4.7/5 for client management! 

Visit Schedulicity’s full Capterra page to learn what other businesses have to say about their Schedulicity experience.

“I love how affordable [Schedulicity] is. It is so simple and has been so easy to integrate into my website.” —Schedulicity Capterra Review


With a 4.6/5 for ease of use and a 4.8/5 for customer service, MassageBook comes in right at 4.7/5 overall on Capterra.

User display of your schedule is hard to read. Hard to tell at a glance how long a scheduled session is, especially on a mobile device.” —MassageBook Capterra Review

Schedulicity vs MassageBook: Which One Is Right for You?

Since not all massage therapy scheduling apps are created equal, finding the right app for your business involves some research.

There are so many options out there, it can feel overwhelming. 

To make the best decision you can, you have to know:

  • What features are musts
  • Your price point
  • How important quality customer service is to your daily operations

Our biggest pro tip? Take the time to watch demos and chat with each app’s customer support teams.

This will help you see what it’s like to use the software, and get any additional questions answered by their support team — all before you dive in!