Bundle your services to sell more product and make more money.

When you’re setting up your list of services, it’s easy to simply write out what you can do for clients and slap on a price tag. But if you’re not being strategic about your offerings, you’re missing out on lucrative opportunities.

Packaging your products is a fantastic way to market your small business, incentivizing new and current clients alike to book. There are plenty of benefits to packaging your services, like:

  • You’ll sell more product
  • You’ll encourage repeat business
  • You’ll set yourself apart from the competition by speaking directly to client needs

Here’s exactly how to determine the best packages for you, plus ten package ideas to get you started.

How to Figure Out What Package Deals Are Right for Your Business

Step 1: Set some serious goals.

The obvious goal is to make more money, but let’s drill down and make some more concrete plans.

So, why do you want to create package deals? What can you improve upon to grow your business?

You might be trying to get new clients. Or maybe you’re hoping that current clients will rebook more frequently — and no-show less frequently. Maybe a competitor opened up shop down the street and you’re looking to stand out. Whatever the case may be, packages are an effective way to meet your targets.

Pro tip: Schedulicity offers packages for both service-based and class-based businesses. Once you have things rolling, Schedulicity makes it super easy to keep track of client’s packages — with an easy-breezy process for deducting sessions and some handy reports to keep an eye on things as well.

Once you have a sense of what you want to accomplish with your package deals, you’ll be equipped to start making informed decisions about what to offer.

Step 2: Research your existing client list.

Next, take a deep dive into your current client list, which should give you plenty of insight to help you create offers. 

Take a look at your books and get a sense of what kind of clientele you’re working with. 

Do you have tons of new clients? Loyal clients who come back on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? What about one-time clients who book once and never return?

If you find yourself with an abundance of one-time clients who don’t re-book, take the opportunity for a re-engagement offer to get those customers back. If you’re sweating new clients, try a package for first timers. Let your current client base —and holes in your client base —inform the deals you offer.

Step 3: Sell packages during downtime in your schedule.

If you take a look at your calendar, you’ll likely notice trends when it comes to timing — days of the week or months where you’re booked solid, with quiet periods filled with empty slots. (Some online scheduling software—like Schedulicity!—will automatically figure out your under-scheduled days and offer deals to fill those empty appointments.)

These periods are the perfect time to introduce package deals — if the month of July is always full for you, there’s no need to offer discounted services. But when things slow down in August, you can incentivize people who might not otherwise book to set up an appointment by throwing something special their way.

Step 4: Test different packages to see what works.

Make sure you’re testing different types of package deals against each other, so you can assess your success. Too often, business decisions are made on assumptions or feelings instead of evidence, and package deals are a perfect place to bring in some scientific method. 

Note the type of deal you’re running, the time of year, and all other factors that set the deal apart. Then compare to a new deal the following month or season, to see which works best for your business. 

We can’t not mention that Schedulicity offers promotion and package reports that keep track of that very data, giving you an organized, easy-to-manage view of what’s working for you.

10 Package Deals to Offer Your Clients

There’s an endless amount of package deals out there, so where do you start? We’ve rounded up ten proven packages to consider offering depending on your goals and target audience.

1. New Client Package

The new client package is a classic for a reason — it incentivizes customers to book with you the first time, and keeps them coming back. Consider offering a client’s first five classes at a discounted rate, a 30-day unlimited deal, or a service packaged with a free consultation for new customers.

2. Product Bundle Package

Do you offer both massages and facials? Yoga and pilates? Why not sell both at the same time? Baking two of your best products together gets you multiple bookings from the same person — and even at a discounted rate, you’re bringing in more profit than if the client booked one single service alone. 

3. Partner Package

Partnerships are the secret weapon of small business marketing, capitalizing on other brands’ marketing efforts to drive customers directly to you. If you already have a referral program with another business, consider bundling your services together at a discounted rate. That way, anyone going to the tattoo artist down the street has an incentive to book your nail art services, and you’ve gained a new client.

4. Loyal Customer Package

Getting customers to continue to book is a cornerstone of a successful small business, and giving clients a reward for their loyalty will keep them coming back for more. Consider a discount on recurring appointments, which make your billed hour a guarantee instead of relying on clients to remember to rebook. Here’s our guide to spa and salon loyalty programs to get you started.

5. Buy Two, Get One Free Package

Why sell one when you can sell two? Figure out how many classes or services you need to sell in order to stay profitable even when you add in a freebie. 

6. Bridal Package

Theme packages are perfect for targeting a specific customer base, so think back to your research about who you’re after. Start with people who are definitely spending money — people with life events coming up, for example, are a perfect fit. Bridal packages can include anything from a series of facials to manicures for every bridal event to a fitness package. 

7. Post Baby/New Mom Package

Another critical life event? Becoming a parent. New parents are in need of some extra pampering, and giving them the opportunity to spend some money on well-earned self care sets you up to make a nice profit. 

8. Holiday Detox Package

Everyone goes a little hard over the holidays and enters the new year with a plan to take better care of themselves. Target this audience with special fitness programs that take you from out-of-shape to comfortable jogger, or acupuncture based on cleansing overworked digestive systems. (Another version of this package would be the Summer Ready Package — which, you can probably guess, functions in a similar way.)

9. Back-to-School Package

The year starts anew in September — no matter how old you are. Consider offering tutoring sessions to kids who’ve gotten out of the swing of academics over the summer, or discounts on dog walking for the month of September now that the kids won’t be home to take care of Baxter.

10. Specific, Goal-Based Packages

Think about what a consumer is looking to accomplish: Are they hoping to get a full-sleeve tattoo? Go from black hair to platinum? Conquer yoga inversions? Build packages around exactly what it will take to get them to their goal.