Mastering the art of the upsell can be a game changer for just about any small business.

That’s because upselling products or services helps you bring in more money. Plus, it’s a chance for your clients to lean on your expert advice, creating a stronger client relationship. (Win win, right?)

So to help you improve your upselling efforts and make more money, we gathered together three tips to becoming an upselling pro. We also have the steps to automatically upsell products and services right within your Schedulicity account!

In this article:

  • How to Upsell and Make More Money
  • Automate Upselling with Schedulicity
  • Bonus: Additional Resources to Boost Revenue

How to Upsell Products and Services and Make More Money

#1. Be Confident

There’s no doubt that it takes confidence to sell just about anything, but it’s especially true when it comes to upselling your offerings. 

Here’s the skinny: Since you’re the pro, your clients look to you for advice on how best to achieve their goals. This means, they trust your tips on products to help them or services you feel they need, so you have to be confident in your suggestions. 

Let’s say you’re a hair stylist renting in a salon, and you notice a client could benefit from a particular conditioner. As the expert, you can have confidence in your suggestion, which will in turn grow your relationship and potentially bring in a little more money.

#2. Upsell During and After the Appointment

Simply having a casual conversation can go a long way with a client, and keeping the convo friendly will help take some of the pressure off of selling. 

Listen to the client through the duration of their salon appointment to learn what it is they need and why they booked with you. This way, you can learn what additional services or products to offer.

Then… don’t forget to use checkout as a time to make a pitch as well. Is there a special deal you’re currently running that could benefit them? Or is there a product they should try? Use the time at checkout to make suggestions based on how the salon appointment went. 

#3. Include a Discount

Speaking of special deals…

Everyone loves knowing they got a good deal on something — including your clients. So if you’re going to upsell a product or service, be sure to include a discount on that product or service for your client. (Think of it as a “book this service, get this service 25% off” kind of thing.)

Automate Your Upselling with Schedulicity

Start Using Suggested Services

With Schedulicity’s Suggested Services tool, you can easily suggest additional services to clients right at the time they book their appointment. 

Let’s say you’re a massage therapist running your own spa, and you want to offer clients a 15-minute sauna session to go along with their massage. With Suggested Services, clients can easily click on that service to add it to their visit. 

Basically, you select three services you’d like to promote as an “add-on” service clients, then we promote them on your booking page for you!

Screenshot of Schedulicity's Suggest Services feature in action.
Screenshot of Schedulicity’s Suggest Services feature in action.

Set It Up:

  1. Navigate to Marketing and click on the “Promotions” tile.
  2. You’ll land directly onto the Suggested Services tab.
  3. Click “Add Service”.
  4. Choose the service you’d like to promote from your list of services.
  5. You’ll see that service is added to your list of suggested services with full analytics by month as well as by year.

Once you walk through those steps, your clients will see that service listed as “suggested” on your booking page when they book online!

Bonus: Additional Ways to Boost Revenue