We all know the feeling of walking into our favorite local haunt where the server knows our go-to order.  À la Cheers, there’s comfort in a place where “everybody knows your name.”

Whether you’re a licensed massage therapist, or you work in hair and beauty, you too can create that Cheers feeling by learning how to welcome new clients in fun and engaging ways.

That means taking a few creative steps when welcoming those new clients.

This could be in the form of a fun get-to-know-you questionnaire, a friendly welcome email, or even new client discounts to make first-timers feel welcome and — bonus!encourage repeat bookings.

Whatever way you go, it’s important that your new clients feel welcomed and know exactly what to expect for their first appointment.

To help you do just that, we put together everything you need to know about how to welcome new clients, so you can turn those new folks into repeat clients for the next 15, or heck 20, years!

How to Welcome New Clients and Keep Them Coming Back

Be Upfront About Who You Are

Before you even have a chance to meet them, your clients are likely to see your website and online booking platform.

It’s important to make a strong first impression in these areas, especially for first-time clients who may have only found you through Google.


When new clients come across your website, they’ll more than likely have the following questions: 

  • Do you have the vibe they’re looking for? 
  • Does your pricing fit with their budget? 
  • Do you have the type and level of talent they’re looking for?

These are the questions new clients have immediately — and your website gives you full control over how you answer them.

So, you want to be sure to lay out the benefits of booking with you and how you’re different from other businesses in your industry.

Your website is also where you can include an FAQ section to ensure your clients are in-the-know before their appointment, leaving no room for guesswork.

Ultimately, your website should be less of a “look at me” experience and more “I see you, and I know exactly what you need.” (That’s the hook!)

It’s all about the potential client feeling a connection and then deciding to take that next step to click that Book Now button.

Booking Platform

Speaking of booking…

Another area where clients come in contact with your business is your online booking app.

No matter which booking platform you’re using — check out our guide to online booking apps! — it’s important that clients know what you offer, how much your services cost, and what they need to know before their appointment.

These details should be clear and easy to find right on your booking page.

Pro tip: On the hunt for a scheduling software for you and your clients? In addition to built-in payment processing and marketing tools, Schedulicity offers website integrations, so clients can book with you without ever having to leave your site!

Craft a New Client Welcome Email

From the moment a new client books their first appointment, you can make them feel welcome and seen.

It all begins with the confirmation email — that welcome email you send to clients right after they book.

While there’s plenty of room for creativity and your own personal flair, here’s a checklist for what to include in your initial welcome email:

  • Reassure your client that they chose the right business: Let your new client know you appreciate them booking with you — a thank you goes a long way! — and reaffirm your commitment to meeting their needs.
  • Share any information they need before their appointment: A welcome email is the perfect place to pass along any details clients need to know before their appointment (e.g. parking, directions, pre-appointment tips).
  • Include contact details and business hours: While your contact info and business hours may already be on your website and booking page, this is a second chance to personally let your clients know how to contact you if they have any questions or concerns before their appointment.

If you don’t feel like you have the best way with words, all good!

Using an online booking platform should give you access to automatic confirmation emails that do most of this for you.

We certainly do at Schedulicity — giving you the ability to customize the message in your confirmation email, so you can share any details you need with clients.

Pro Tip: In addition to an on-the-go calendar and built-in payment processing, Schedulicity also offers Automated Marketing emails, so you can set up an automatic Thank You email to go out after the client’s appointment.

Build a New Client Questionnaire

Think of your new client questionnaire as an easy way to get to know your new clients.

And it may seem like a small thing for you to do, but from your client’s perspective a questionnaire tells them you care about them and their needs.

Plus, you can make it fun!

Include the Classics

  • How did you hear about our business?
  • Was the appointment booking process easy? What could we improve?
  • What are you hoping to get out of your appointment?

But Also Make It Fun

  • Are you a dog person or cat person?
  • Pizza or hamburgers?
  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • What’s your favorite movie?

There are plenty of platforms out there to help you build a survey you can share with clients, so don’t sweat that. We love using Typeform here at Schedulicity!

Pro Tip: With Schedulicity, you can easily add a survey link to an email marketing message, so you can share your survey with your whole client list or choose particular clients.

Offer New Client Discounts and Packages

The new client package is a classic for a reason — it incentivizes customers to book with you the first time and keeps them coming back. 

Consider offering a client’s first five appointments/classes at a discounted rate, a 30-day unlimited deal, or a service packaged with a free consultation for new customers. (“New Client 5 Class Pass” for example.)

Make it fun and exciting to get those newbies to commit to coming back!

Another option is to simply create discounts that only new clients can use. Think of them like promos to hook new clients.

For example, maybe you offer new clients 20% off their first appointment.

Or, if you’re a yoga or pilates studio, you could offer a free first class

Pro Tip: Schedulicity offers packages for both class-based and service-based businesses. Once you have things rolling, Schedulicity makes it super easy to keep track of client’s packages — with an easy-breezy process for deducting sessions and some handy reports to keep an eye on things as well.