Sometimes, a good song makes all the difference.

After a long day of work, or maybe while stuck in traffic, the right song can totally change your mood and shake off any stress or pressure you’re feeling.

The same is true for the music in your salon, spa, or fitness class. A relaxing massage playlist or an inspiring workout playlist makes the experience that much more enjoyable for clients. 

So, whether you need a tranquil vibe for your massage clients or more of a pump-up mix for your fitness class, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’re breaking down some of our favorite playlists for your salon, spa, yoga or fitness class.

Best Music Playlists for Your Salon, Spa, Yoga or Fitness Class

Salon Music Playlist

The Best Variety

Going for a “good vibes, good times” kind of feel in your salon?

This mix has everything from John Mayer and Prince, to Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift. (Hey, variety’s the spice of life, right?!)

(Extra credit if you design your barbershop or hair salon with these ~cool~ vibes in mind.)

The Best Pop Mix

With this playlist, we’re staying on the pop train. Give your clients (and yourself!) some fun jams to vibe with while you work. With everything from The Weekend and Justin Beiber, to Lizzo and Lana Del Ray, your clients may just dance their way through the appointment. 

The Best Acoustic Mix

Want a softer acoustic sound for your salon? This playlist slows things down for a moodier, coffee house vibe. Expect to hear acoustic versions of your favorite songs from Alicia Keys, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, and more!

Spa and Massage Music Playlist

You want relaxing and soothing music for your spa or massage room. Here are three of the best Spotify playlists out there to calm your clients and leave them feeling that zen bliss that follows a great massage.

Fitness and Yoga Music Playlists

The Best “Pump It Up” Workout Mix

Need a little extra motivation? Something to kick your energy up to the next level? This mix is sure to motivate clients through a tough workout session.

(If you’re looking to design your yoga or fitness studio to match this playlist, check out our ideas.)

The Best “In the Zone” Workout Mix

This playlist is a little less intense, meaning it’s made to go the long haul. If you offer a long, strenuous workout for your clients, this mix will do the trick!

The Best Yoga Acoustic Mix

Teaching a yoga class that’s calm and full of flow? With mindful and meditative tunes to keep your class focused, this mix pairs well with just about any yoga flow.

PS. Here’s which yoga classes and flows will dominate schedules this year.

The Best Calming Yoga Mix

Go on a journey in your yoga classes with this “Wanderlust Yoga Playlist”. Meant to recreate a freeing feeling, allowing your mind to wander, this mix will have your clients in that zen zone in no time!