Updated Dec. 27, 2023, to include the latest and greatest yoga trends for 2024.

A new year means another chance to start fresh, to get yourself and your yoga business out of ruts

As we all buy new calendars for the office and welcome 2024, the classic “New Year, New You” resolutions are fun to think about.

Hey, we all can find ways to improve, right?

As a yoga instructor, the New Year is also the perfect time to start thinking about the types of yoga classes you want to offer in your studio.

(Think “New Year, New Classes.”)

To get you thinking about fun yoga class ideas for the New Year, we reached out to a few fitness experts to see what yoga studios should be offering in 2024.

17 New Yoga Trends to for Your Studio

1. Vinyasa Philosophy Flow

Nancy Gerstein is a certified yoga teacher and author. She teaches a Vinyasa Philosophy Flow, which she describes as a combination of traditional vinyasa “with the philosophy of yoga.”

2. Yoga for Anxiety Relief

For Nancy’s anxiety relief classes, she helps her clients focus on “everyday matters,” teaching them to “reframe and work through counteractive thinking.”

3. Yoga Teachers Class

This is a “yoga teachers only” class Nancy offers. She takes the time to discuss postures, philosophies, students, how to move forward, and expand teachings.

4. Kids Mindfulness/Yoga Class

Mindfulness expert and yoga instructor Lindsay Miller thinks more studios need to offer mindfulness and yoga classes (or a combination of both) to kids.

“Mindfulness can make such a huge difference for kids at school and at home,” Lindsay says — “in terms of emotional regulation, communication and focus.”

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5. Family Yoga Class

Bobbi Hamilton of Chi Universe let us know that family yoga classes are a great way for parents “to get in a stretch, workout, and playtime with the kiddos!”

6. Chair (or Seated) Yoga for Seniors

Julia Jacobson works for Bold, an online fitness company for older adults.

She’d love to see more yoga classes geared to older adults by offering classes with “uncomplicated poses, and modifications, like yoga positions you can do while seated.”

She says older adults are also interested in “exercises that don’t put additional pressure on the knees, which can sometimes happen in yoga, so it’s important to offer classes that can work around this.”

7. Chakra Yoga

Ann Syson of Tranquil Warrior Yoga and Life Coaching suggests more yoga studios to offer Chakra yoga classes — with a focus on “breathwork and meditation” to “balance the Chakras.” 

8. Aerial Yoga

Yoga instructor and Senior Fitness Editor for MyBeautik, Sara Faravelli is interested in seeing more aerial yoga classes in the new year.

“Aerial yoga incorporates elements of traditional Hatha and Iyengar yoga poses,” Sara says, “but with silks and hammocks for support.”

“The idea is to access parts of your body that you might not otherwise be able to reach and work out muscles that aren’t usually used in a typical practice.”

9. Body Rolling

Sara also let us know about Body Rolling, which is a “form of tissue work that can release restrictions in the fascia, increase range of motion, and heighten body awareness.”

10. Doga

Yep, this one is just what it sounds like.

Julien Raby of The Yoga Nomads let us know about it.

As the name suggests, Julien says doga is “fun yoga for dog lovers,” where the students’ dogs are a part of the session.

“It is a fun way to spend time with your four-legged best friend and stay healthy,” Julien points out. “It helps destress and reduces anxiety.”

11. Power Yoga

Natalia Maldonado of Warrior Life Code is a yoga teacher and wellness advocate.

She suggests more studios offer power yoga classes in the New Year. She adds that the classes should focus on “body parts that tighten due to weight training, biking, and running.

Therefore the chest, shoulder, back, quadriceps, legs, and hips are all affected.

Flexibility and strength are the primary goals. It’s the perfect class for those who have short attention spans and wish to move at a speedier pace.”

12. Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has been growing in popularity several years, and now a ton of studios have a hot yoga class offering.

As the name suggests, hot yoga takes place in a heated space — 105 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level at 40%.

It’s great for increasing heart rates for a more intense yoga workout. The heat also makes it easier for muscles to loosen during practice.

13. Goat Yoga

This one might sound a little quirky, but goat yoga has grown in popularity since it first originated in Oregon back in 2016.

It’s essentially the same as any other yoga class — except, of course, with goats.

While goats are known to sit on participants’ backs, their cuteness and amusement are the serotonin boost we all need.

14. Prenatal Yoga

Pregnant and looking for a way to stay fit and healthy?

Prenatal yoga can help prepare participants for labor by not only working on stretching — it’s great for mental focus and calming breathing exercises.

15. Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a fresh yoga practice that focuses on the muscles in your face, and it can yield some great results: better circulation, stronger face muscles, and — a cosmetic perk! — fewer lines and wrinkles.

16. Blended Yoga Classes

Blended yoga classes are for the client who’s looking for a combination of both yoga and other physical activities.

It’s a great solution for clients who want the challenge of yoga on top of workouts such as pilates or CrossFit.

17. Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga is set to be big trend next year. It offers clients mindfulness in nature and the opportunity to practice yoga on a sandy beach or in a mountain meadow.

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