A well-designed barber shop can be the difference between a one-time client and a lifetime client. Does your shop have the look to hook them?

As a barber, you know how important image is. And let’s face it: the way your barber shop looks plays a big role in attracting clients.

So, on top of social media marketing and your business website, it’s important to think about your space and how to create an interior that keeps clients coming back.

To give you some inspo for your own shop, we gathered up some of the latest trends in barber shop design. Whether you’re going for retro, simple, or luxury style decor, these ideas will help you take your barber shop to the next level!

Barber Shop Design Basics

Before we dive into the latest in barber shop design ideas, let’s take a look at the basics of laying out your shop. What kind of color palette should you choose? How much workspace do you need? And how will you choose the products you’ll use? Let’s get into it!

Leave Space to Move Around

No matter how cool your color palette or the quality of furniture in your shop, if the space feels crammed, you’re gonna lose some points with clients.

So when choosing your space, or redesigning your current one, consider how much space there is for you to move around while you work. And of course, leave space for your clients to move around as well!

When laying out your space, think about what will fill it:

  • Work space
  • Barber chairs
  • Tools
  • Products
  • Waiting area
  • Front desk

At the end of the day, the more space you can allow for you, your employees, and your clients to move around, the better. 

Find Your Style

Choosing the right style for your shop depends on your clients. Finding the style that matches your brand and your niche is a big part of hooking new clients. The more authentic the experience is for clients, the more likely they are to come back!

  • If your clients are typically between the ages of 18–35, maybe go with a modern feel: lots of mirrors and natural light. 
  • If a lot of your clients are over the age of 35, try a more rustic, vintage feel. 

Choose Your Colors

With nearly 85% of consumers relaying that color is one of their biggest motivators when buying a product, it’s important to choose the right colors.

But choosing the right color palette for your shop isn’t as easy as it sounds. Go too loud or bright, and you’re sure to deter clients. Go too dull, and well… you might lose clients that way, too. 

So how do you find the perfect color patch to match the vibe you’re going for?

Answer: balance.

Instead of leaning too hard into a specific color, try to find a balance of loud/soft, bright/calming. While you want the colors to match your brand, a good balance is your best bet, such as red/gray, brown/nude, black/white.

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11 Simple Barber Shop Design Ideas



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