The leaves are turning and the PSL is on its way back, so if you’re not itching to give your fitness studio or gym a fall makeover, are you even human?

A change of season is the ideal time to make some improvements to your fitness studio or space — be that a few minor layout tweaks or a full-on renovation. Whether you’re considering updating your entry area or reorganizing your classrooms to ensure more space between students, this beginner’s guide to decorating a fitness studio has you covered.

Below, you’ll find fitness studio design ideas for decorating your fitness studio, plus some beautiful fitness and yoga industry examples to use as inspiration. Consider this your inspiration to design the best fitness studio of all time.

The best part? You can use any of these tips on even the tightest budget.

Fitness Studio Design Tip 1: Use Natural Light

Step 1: When Possible, Plan Your Space Around Natural Light

We recommend this approach for hair salons or spa spaces as well, but natural light can improve the vibe of fitness studios possibly even more — especially when you’re trying to make everything feel as bright, clean, and airy as possible. If you have natural light, use it in your entry area at least. If your location feels too busy to leave the windows bare where you’re holding class, consider diffusing the light with some inexpensive panels (IKEA has great ones. Shocker.) rather than covering the windows completely.

Fitness Studio Decorating Tip 2: Keep It Minimal

Step 2: Don’t Overdo the Decor 

It’s way too tempting to add a bunch of lights, plants, throw pillows, shelves for free weights, etc. (redesigning is exciting!), but trust us: a little goes a long way. All of these elements can help make a space feel luxurious, but we typically recommend picking only one or two accents. If you go with a mural on the hallway wall, maybe skip the plants and vice versa. By keeping extras to a minimum, you create a breezy and minimalist space that practically screams “clean, zen, and efficient.” …Which is exactly what we all want out of a fitness studio, right?  

Step 3: Plan Extra Space for Moving Around Machines or Equipment 

Not only are we all living by the six-feet rule right now, but have you ever slammed your knee into a neighbors machine or awkwardly squeezed between elliptical machines when you were exhausted from a great workout session and dealing with wobbly legs? We know it’s not just us.

So, plan for plenty of space around machines or equipment — as much as you can — and when in doubt, do a test run. Seriously! Take a stroll through your space, and if you’re under 6′, have a tall friend or coworker do the same. Run into any awkward corners or spaces? Tweak and rearrange.

Fitness Studio Decorating Inspiration: Don't Forget about the bathroom

Step 4: Don’t Skimp on the Bathroom and Entry Room Set-Ups

The little details really make or break the experience, and most often, you find those in the rooms that many gyms or fitness studios tend to neglect. Is there somewhere comfortable to sit to lace up? Is the bathroom clean and aesthetically aligned with the rest of your space? Planning for these spaces should also include thinking about the products you’ll leave out like hair ties, dry shampoo, and hand lotion. And consider burning some candles or adding some flowers to your bathroom or entry area to kick things up a notch.

Step 5: Please, Plan for a Water Station

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone to a fitness class somewhere that doesn’t provide water or only sells water bottles. Not all spaces have built-in fountains, but we strongly recommend that you allot some of your monthly budget to water delivery. You can always upsell clients on better water in bottles — or even coconut water to-go — at the front desk.

Step 6: Think About What People Will Need and When — Then, Organize Accordingly

If you have special mats for hot yoga, plan for shelves to store them in the hot yoga room rather than in another room. (Why not?) Or organize free weights, Pilates rings, fitness balls, or anything else students will need in baskets on wheels, so you can easily carry between studios or different areas of your space. And don’t forget the sanitizing station. Set up an area where students can drop anything they’ve touched into a “To Clean” basket on their way out.

In case you missed it, we also wrote a guide to decorating a hair salon, spa, or beauty business with additional tips that fitness studios can use, too.