Finding the perfect yoga booking system for your business isn’t easy…

With so many yoga scheduling software options out there, it can feel a little overwhelming deep-diving the internet to compare the pros and cons of so many yoga scheduling solutions.

Luckily, we did the legwork for you!

In this blog, we’re breaking down the best yoga booking software systems in the scheduling industry, giving you the details you need to choose the right one for you.

Best Yoga Booking Systems

A List of Popular Yoga Booking Software Systems


Schedulicity has all the scheduling tools that yoga studio owners need to be successful, including: 

  • Intuitive class calendar
  • Class roster 
  • Cass waitlist options
  • Multi-instructor and location

Schedulicity makes it easy to manage your yoga classes, accept online bookings, and process client payments, including automatic payments for recurring classes. 

This booking software also offers built-in marketing tools to help promote your yoga classes and boost class engagement off the mat. 

Key Features:

  • Class Scheduling: This booking software offers flexible scheduling for classes or individual appointments, which is useful for one-on-one sessions. You can also bundle classes into packages, and sell them as monthly yoga memberships. 
  • Multiple Instructors: Schedulicity has the ability to manage multiple instructors. It can separate class schedules, payments, and client lists. 
  • Class Waitlist: If your yoga studio is super popular, your classes probably get booked up pretty quickly. Schedulicity’s Class Waitlist allows people to wait on a virtual list to see if a spot opens up. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Schedulicity integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and website builders, like Wix and WordPress. You can also add your yoga business to Our Marketplace, where people search for local classes. 
  • Easy Automated Communication Tools: This booking software offers automated email marketing, booking notifications for instructors, and text reminders for instructors and clients. 
  • Payment Processing: Schedulicity has built-in payment processing, which makes it easy for you to charge for classes, accept tips for instructors, and more. 
  • Waivers & Policies: Keep the zen in your yoga studio, knowing Schedulicity asks clients to sign safety waivers and acknowledge your studio’s customizable policies. 
Example of a yoga class calendar with Schedulicity


Schedulicity is made for hair and beauty businesses, but its pivot to health and wellness is a smooth one. You can still offer appointments while offering classes, which gives your yoga business some flexibility in scheduling. 

Many of Schedulicity’s features are also necessary to protect small yoga studios or solo yoga instructors, especially its Waivers and Policies. 

(Plus, its customer service is known to be the best in the scheduling industry.) 

It’s not impossible, but if you’re a large or franchise yoga studio, however, you may need a few workarounds with Schedulicity. 

Check out all of Schedulicity’s scheduling features to learn more. 


When it comes to pricing, simple is best.

Schedulicity offers a free 14-day trial for new businesses to explore its features as a yoga booking system. 

Whenever you’re ready, you can upgrade to access every feature on Schedulicity Unlimited, starting at $34.99 per month.

If you have more than one instructor, it’s an additional $10/month/instructor. 

What About Payment Processing?

Schedulicity’s built-in payment processor allows you to easily accept client payments online or in-person.

The best part? An industry-low one rate for all payment options: 2.6% + $0.10.

Another booking software option for yoga studio owners is 

This yoga booking system is known for its customization, giving studio owners the option to tailor their booking system, according to their specific business needs.

One of’s biggest features is that it integrates with other popular platforms, making it a versatile choice for yoga instructors.

Key Features:

  • Class Scheduling: integrates with your website (which you can also build in, Google, Facebook, or Instagram for easy booking. 
  • Multiple Instructors: This software has the ability to manage multiple instructors and their class schedules. It can also email and/or text instructors about booked, canceled or rescheduled classes.
  • Monthly Yoga Memberships: Sell yoga membership subscriptions to secure recurring revenue. You can also sell tickets to special yoga events that you’re hosting.
  • Business Integrations: gives you options to integrate with other popular business platforms, such as Quickbooks or Google Analytics.  
  • Payment Processing: uses third-party payment processors. Scroll down to see details.
  • Client Reviews. “Send automatic requests for reviews and post on your website to get invaluable social proof for new potential yoga clients.” yoga software calendar view.

Summary: is a very popular choice for yoga studios. Its Client Reviews feature is especially independent of its competitors and could give it an edge if client feedback is important to your studio. 

It does fall a bit short on limiting features in its free version and its confusing pricing structure. 

Learn more about here.

Cost: has a free 14-day trial.

It also offers a free version with limited features. If you’re using the free version of, you don’t get integrations or payment processing.

You also get a cap on how many bookings you can accept per month.

For the paid version, it costs $8.25/month to $49.99/month — depending on the features you need and the amount of instructors on your account.

What About Payment Processing? doesn’t have their own built-in payment processor, so its processing fees vary.

Instead, they offer integrations with other payment processing companies, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Mollie.


Setmore is a yoga booking system that aims to help “grow your brand” and give you the tools to “highlight what makes your business special.”

Setmore allows yoga studios to easily create and manage class schedules, track class attendance, and accept online bookings.

Key Features:

  • Class Scheduling: Setmore offers seamless scheduling for classes or one-on-one sessions.
  • Social Media Marketing: Setmore integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and website platforms.
  • Business Integrations: Setmore gives you the option to integrate with other popular business platforms, including CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Payment Processing: This software uses third-party payment processors, like Stripe or Square.
  • Client Reviews: Display client reviews on your booking page.
  • Automatic Confirmations and Email Reminders: Get class notifications automatically sent to both your staff and your clients, so everyone stays in the know. (However, email marketing isn’t built into the software. You have to integrate with Mailchimp or Constant Contact.)
  • Virtual Communication. In addition to email and text message capabilities, Setmore offers Google Meet and Zoom integrations for virtual yoga classes. 


Setmore has a lot of the same features that its competitors do when it comes to being a great yoga booking software, but what might set it apart is the ability to teach virtual yoga classes –– if you’re still doing that. 

The downside is that some important features, like email marketing, aren’t built into the software. Unlike its competitors’ streamlined features in a single software, Setmore users have to link multiple apps to get the same functionality.

Learn more about Setmore here.


Setmore offers three different subscriptions, depending on the features you need and the size of your studio.

The plans range from $5/month per user to $12/month per user.  

Note: These pricing options are based on Setmore’s annual subscription at a discounted rate. 

What About Payment Processing?

Setmore doesn’t have their own built-in payment processor. 

However, they do offer payment integrations with Stripe, Square, and PayPal — each one comes with their own processing fees.

As a baseline, Stripe’s payment processing fee is 2.9% + 30 per transaction.


Appointy is another strong option for yoga booking software.

However, one notable difference is Appointy does not offer mobile apps for business owners or clients. 

That said, they do have great all-around business management features that work well for a lot of yoga studios.

Key Features:

  • Class Scheduling: Appointy offers class and appointment scheduling for yoga studios and instructors. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Appointy integrates with Instagram, Facebook, and website platforms.
  • Business Integrations: Appointy has a handful of integrations yoga studios can use, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Zapier.
  • Payment Processing: This software uses third-party payment processors, including Stripe, Square, and PayPal.
  • Text and Email Reminders: Send automated text and email reminders to class attendees. 
  • Virtual Communication. Appointy has a Zoom integration, so you can teach virtual yoga classes. 
  • Policies: Enforce cancellation and no-show policies. 
Appointy yoga software calendar view.


Appointy shares a few cool features with its competitors: Editable class rosters, multi-location functionality, Reserve with Google integration, client intake forms. 

It’s good at what it does, but unfortunately, nothing about Appointy stands out as the best yoga booking software. 

Learn more about Appointy here.


Like most yoga booking software systems, there are a few different subscription tiers:

  • Free: Appointy’s free plan has limited access to features and is only available for businesses with one provider and up to five services.
  • Growth: The Growth Plan costs $29.99/month (or a discounted rate for an annual subscription). It also includes only one provider, but you can access additional features, such as payment processing and unlimited services.
  • Professional: The Professional Plan is $59.99/month (or a discounted rate for an annual subscription). It allows up to five providers, and you get even more features, like gift certificates and staff logins. 
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise Plan is $99.99/month (or a discounted rate for an annual subscription). It allows up to two locations, and you can customize client text messages and remove Appointy branding from your booking site.

What About Payment Processing?

Like other yoga software, Appointy doesn’t have its own built-in payment processing.

They have integrations with third-party payment processors: Stripe, Paypal, and . 

As a baseline, Stripe’s payment processing fee is 2.9% + 30 per transaction.


One of the biggest brands in the fitness and yoga booking industry, Mindbody is a widely-used yoga booking app that offers a variety of features, including class scheduling, client management, marketing, and financial reporting.

Key Features:

  • Class Scheduling: Mindbody offers class and appointment scheduling for yoga studios. It also offers self check-in for clients who arrive to class early. 
  • Marketing: Mindbody has a lot of marketing features, including lead generation tracking, a ClassPass integration, and a built-in AI-powered messaging platform. 
  • Business Integrations: Mindbody has over 90 integrations with popular business management programs, such as Zoom, Salesforce, and Mailchimp.
  • Payment Processing: This fitness software has built-in payment processing and offers Mindbody Capital, which “offers fast, flexible funding designed for wellness businesses.”
  • Virtual Communication. Mindbody has a Zoom integration for virtual yoga classes. 
  • Branded App: Unique to Mindbody is the opportunity for yoga studios to create their own branded app for their clients to book with them.
Mindbody's business owner dashboard screen.


There’s no doubt that Mindbody is a stellar yoga booking software. It comes with everything you need to run a fun, successful yoga studio. 

The potential downside is that its plethora of scheduling and marketing features might be too much –– and too expensive –– for a smaller studio or a solo yoga instructor. 

You might pay for more than you need if you sign up for Mindbody as a party of one. (Plus, you can’t trial or demo Mindbody for free.) 

Learn more about Mindbody here.


Mindbody does not have a free version or a free trial

Their monthly subscription pricing is as follows: 

  • Starter Plan is $159
  • Accelerate Plan at $279 
  • Ultimate Plan at $499
  • Ultimate Plus Plan for $699

What About Payment Processing?

Mindbody has built-in payment processing, but it’s a little higher than their competitors with a processing rate of 2.75% for each transaction.

Note: According to their website, fitness businesses who process over $25,000 monthly may qualify for a lower rate.


Momence is a yoga scheduling software that simplifies the administrative tasks involved in running a yoga studio. This gives studio owners and instructors more time to teach and engage with clients. 

Key Features:

  • Class Scheduling: Manage all yoga classes and appointments in one platform. (You can even restrict bookings by customer level and type.) Create & sell memberships and packs
  • Multiple Instructors: Seamlessly manage all yoga instructors and studio locations, including instructor substitutions and clock-ins. You can also create multiple staff roles that adjust varying levels of access to your account based on these settings. 
  • Community Posts and Groups: Momence has client reviews, plus it allows users to create and post in community group discussions within the app. 
  • Automated Communication Inbox: Momence’s Inbox feature can send two-way text messages, in-app messages, emails, and social media direct messages in your account. 
  • Virtual Communication. Instead of offering live virtual yoga classes, Momence has an on-demand video library (and LMS courses for instructors) that you can bundle with in-person classes or charge as an additional item to class memberships. 
  • Payment Processing: Schedulicity has built-in payment processing, which makes it easy for you to charge for classes, accept tips for instructors, and more. 
  • Sequences: Momence’s Sequences feature is like a lead generation tracker. It allows you to create client journeys by creating automations that send communications, create staff tasks, or execute logic in your account.

Learn more about Momence here.


For yoga studios, Momence’s time management features for its staff are some of the best in the yoga scheduling software space. (They even have a comparable branded app, like Mindbody.) 

For yoga clients, Momence’s choose-your-mat feature and self check-in are neat additions to the basic class scheduling functionalities of its competitors. 

However, the nondisclosure of its pricing structure doesn’t bode well for software transparency. 


Momence doesn’t disclose subscription costs on their website

Instead they lay out features included in their plans and request that you “get in touch” to learn how they can best help you. 

However, according to Momence’s page on Capterra, they have a free version (with transaction fees). Its paid monthly subscriptions vary from $20-$60 plus transaction fees. 

What About Payment Processing?

Momence offers built-in payment processing. 

However, be aware of the different transaction fees based on how your client is charged:

  • 3.9% + $0.30 for online card payments
  • 3.7% + $0.05 for in-person card payments
  • 1.8% for ACH Payments (direct debit)

How to Choose the Best Yoga Booking Software

Choosing the best yoga booking software app for your studio, or as a solo yoga teacher, isn’t easy. 

It takes some research and free trials to really find the scheduling system that works for you.

As you’re browsing around, be sure to request demos (like this one from Schedulicity) and chat with support teams to learn more about each app. 

Also, take the time to read through reviews and get a feel for real user experiences! 👇

With intuitive class scheduling, waitlists, marketing tools, and payment processing, Schedulicity gives you all the tools you need to run your yoga business — all in one place!