Whether it’s a band, a business, or your first-born child, there’s no denying it: Coming up with the perfect name feels like a near-impossible task.

So it’s little surprise that when you’re running a fitness studio, even the idea of adding a new workout class to your schedule can bring on naming anxiety.

One of the most common things that fitness instructors and personal trainers type into Google is “What are some creative fitness class names?”

We figured we could help, so we sat down as a team over happy hour to chat through some of our all-time favorites and brainstorm some new ideas.

Here they are, organized by category.

There are creative yoga classes names, creative HIIT class names, barre classes, you name it, plus some general fitness class ideas (many of which use puns…sorry but not).

In this blog:

62 Creative Group Fitness Class Name Ideas

Creative Fitness Class Names (General)

  • Sweat
  • Power Hour
  • Curls n’ Crunches
  • Fab & Fit & Fun
  • Abs Fab / Fab Abs
  • Walk this Weigh
  • Wishful Shrinking
  • Move it, Shake it, Lift it
  • F-abs Fridays
  • 2020 Strong
  • Sanity Session
  • Werk It!
  • Transform
  • Sweat Fest
  • Lunch Crunch / Lunch Lunge
  • Fierce
  • Power Up
  • Ex-Press (e.g. a 45-minute weight workout)
Creative Fitness Class Names: Sweat, Power Hour, Curls n' Crunches, Fab & Fit & Fun, Abs Fab / Fab Abs

Yoga Class Names

  • Yinship
  • Mind Over Mat(ter)
  • (Over)Flow
  • Get with the Flow
  • Weekend Warrior
  • Stop, Drop, Flow
  • De-Manic Monday
  • Strike a Pose
  • Composed
  • Yin Meets Yang
  • Inhale
  • Lion Hour
  • Decompress
Creative Yoga Class Names: Yinship, Mind Over Mat(ter), (Over)Flow, Get with the Flow, Weekend Warrior

Barre + Pilates Class Names

  • Raise the Bar
  • Inch by Inch
  • Barre Star
  • Barre 360 (e.g. a total body barre workout)
  • Go Long, Go High (GLGH) (e.g. a legs-focused barre or pilates work out)
  • Do the Hundred
  • One-Hundred Percent
  • Transform (e.g. a reformer-based, full-body makeover)
Creative Barre + Pilates Class Names: Raise the Bar, Inch by Inch, Barre Star, Barre 360, Go Long, Go High (GLGH)

HIIT + Bootcamp Class Names

  • Oh, SH**T
  • Bootycamp
  • HIIT the Ground Running
  • Stop, Drop, Pop It
  • Fierce Fest
  • HIIT Me Up
  • Burpees & Booties
  • Reboot
  • One More Rep
  • BOOM
  • Total Body Reset
Creative HIIT + Bootcamp Class Names: Oh, SH**T, Bootycamp, HIIT the Ground Running, Stop, Drop, Pop It, Fierce Fest

Seasonal Fitness Class Names

  • Potato Power (e.g. a Thanksgiving Day workout)
  • Gratitude (e.g. a Thanksgiving Day morning yoga flow)
  • Fitmas
  • Down Dogs & Yule Logs
  • Down Dog & Eggnog
  • A Hatha Holiday
  • Festivus Fit
  • 2023 (e.g. a 20-minute strength, plus 23-minute stretch class)
  • Sparkle + Sweat (e.g. a New Years Eve Day workout)

Wildcard Fitness Class Names

  • Wonder Woman Workout
  • Peter Parker Power
  • Superman Strength
  • Your Attitude Adjustment
  • Just Peachy (A booty-building class πŸ‘)

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