Coming up with funny and creative yoga class names can be a bit of a stretch for some yoga instructors.

Others might find it om-possible.

We’ll admit it: we love a good pun around here.

We also love a good workout.

So, gathering a list of some of the funniest and most creative yoga class names together wasn’t really a stretch for us.

(Sorry, last one!)

In hopes of inspiring you to get creative — maybe even punny — we reached out to a few experts in the yoga world for their wittiest class names.

We also took the time to jot down a few of our personal favorites. 

So, whether you’re looking to add some flair to your regular classes or catch the eye of new clients with a funny pun, our list of creative yoga class names is sure to spice things up!

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38 Creative Yoga Class Names

Inspo from the Experts

International yoga teacher and founder of the Wild Yoga Tribe, Lily Allen-Duenas has a couple fun class names she’s used over the years.

  • Hip, Hip, Hooray! (for opening up those hips)
  • Slowga (for her slow-paced hatha classes)

Jeanine Duval is editor-in-chief of Edelwyn, a leading online resource for tarot and astrology enthusiasts, as well as a certified Kaivalya yoga teacher and practitioner for over 10 years.

She has a way with words and loves to have fun with her class names.

  • Om Is Where the Heart Is (a focus on unlocking the heart chakra) 
  • Double Espress-Om (for early morning yoga sessions)
  • Work Your Asana Off! (for high-intensity classes)

Helena of Seven Sundays Yoga plays on the Gin and Tonic cocktail for her yin classes… 

  • Yin and Tonic (playing on the relaxing effects of both yin and the drink)

Creative Yoga Class Names — from the Schedulicity Team

  • Mind Over Mat(ter)
  • Planks for Nothing
  • Plank Me Later
  • Strike a Pose
  • (Over)Flow
  • Core O’Clock
  • That’s a Stretch
  • Calm and Com-posed
  • Every Now and Zen
  • Warrior > Worrier
  • Abs-Om-Lutely Killer
  • Om Sweet Om
  • It’s Like Asana In Here (for hot yoga sessions)
  • Om-M-G
  • Om-Believable!
  • The Sym-Pose-Ium
  • Get Your Asana Mat
  • Yoga Crazy for These Poses
  • Pro-Pose or Friends with Zenefits (for couples yoga classes)
  • Get Flow, Get Flow
  • Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape
  • Pose for the Camera
  • Yoga on the Rocks
  • Zen and Tonic
  • Chit Happens
  • Yoga-ta Try This / Yoga-ta Try Harder
  • Yoga-ta Be Kidding Me!
  • Yo-gonna Love It
  • Paws and Reflect or Nama-Stay! (for puppy yoga sessions)
  • Kitten My Yoga On (for kitten yoga sessions)

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