Do you ever stop and think about just how much time you spend on Instagram? No? Yeah, I probably wouldn’t either. The answer would terrify me.

But if you can’t beat your Instagram addiction, why not try to make some good come from it? What if you populated your feed with the best yoga and fitness accounts — ones that made you feel inspired, energized, and like you were a part of a community?

I’ve rounded up 25 of the best yogis’ Instagram feeds to inspire your practice — or just remind you that Om feels (and looks) different for everyone. These yoga Instagram accounts will motivate you to focus on some deep breathing first thing in the morning, get yourself to yoga class even when you’re feeling low, kick your yoga business up a notch, and encourage you to be mindful in everything you do — even when it’s just scrolling and scrolling (and scrolling).

1. @biggalyoga

Valerie Sagun runs one of the most body positive yoga Instagram accounts on my feed. While some people think of yoga as exclusively for thin people, Sagun flies directly in the face of that prejudice, proving that every body is a yoga body. Sagun posts demonstrations of poses, pictures of her living her best life on the beach, reviews of workout clothes that come in extended sizes, and celebrations of other bodies that are typically excluded from the prevailing image of yoga. Click Follow to feel seen — and to gawk at the beautiful locales she visits.

2. @mynameisjessamyn

You’ve probably seen Jessamyn on the internet and, likely, you’ve thought: finally! As a yoga instructor and activist working against fatphobia, Jessamyn is a breath of fresh air — and one of our favorite yogis dedicated to body positivity.

3. @maryoschner

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??YOGA FOR STRENGTH?? . These yoga inspired moves will get your heart pumping ? and build strength in the body! . ?LETS DO IT!!? . ?DOWN DOG + CHATURANGA: In Chaturanga, keep the body straight & if you need to modify, drop the knees. Trust me, you’ll still feel this one! ? When you press back to Down Dog, engage the core muscles to lift the hips. . ?PLANK TWIST: Start in Side Plank. Top arm sweeps down & touches the mat & back up. To modify, lower the bottom knee for support. . ?BIRDDOG BOOTY CRUNCH: This combo move is ? Start in balancing table. Exhale, crunch – bring elbow to knee. Inhale, come back into the balance. Exhale, arm & leg come out to the side. Repeat the series! . ?CRESCENT LUNGE DIPS: Start in Crescent lunge. Squeeze legs together to fire up inner thighs! ? Bend back knee until it taps the mat & lift back up! . ?WILD THING DIPS: I saved the best for last! This is my new favorite ?? Start in Wild Thing. Exhale, bend one knee to lower hips & inhale, lift back up. . ??‍♀️HOW MANY SHOULD YOU DO?!??‍♀️ This will very from person to person and pose to pose. I challenge you to do as many as you can while keeping good alignment!! Repeat the entire series 1-3 times! . . ??NAMASTE?? . #dailyyoga #yogadaily #doyouyoga #myyogalife #myyogapractice #yogaeveryday #dailypractice #practicedaily #yogagirl #yogateacher #yogainstructor #yogainspiration #yogainspo #yogaaddict #yogafitness #homeyoga #yogavideo #yogagoals #yogaposes #inflexibleyogis #yogatutorial #beginneryoga #yogaforbeginners #newyogi #yogaflow #strongissexy #strengthtraining

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Need some fresh yoga flows or new ideas when you get stuck in a rut with your routine? Mary Ochsner is the solution to your problem. Oschner creates videos featuring poses with purpose: flows to help you sleep, home workouts you can do without a gym, and helpful corrections for common poses.

4. @masteringthebusinessofyoga

After receiving her yoga instructor training, Amanda Kingsmith realized she was having trouble managing her yoga business — even with an MBA. Looking for solutions to demystify the money-making side of yoga, she started an incredibly successful podcast, aptly called Mastering the Business of Yoga.

Her feed is full of business tips and motivation to keep working toward your goals, as well as drool-worthy photos from her world travels.

5. @blackgirlyoga

Yoga practitioner Vanessa Lherisson started BlackGirlYoga in 2013 after struggling to see herself represented in mainstream yoga circles. BlackGirlYoga provides much needed visibility to Black yoga practitioners, and features photos of different Black yogis posing and smiling. The community is engaged and close-knit, and the feed is a welcome break from accounts that ignore all the diverse and wonderfully unique bodies that practice yoga.

6. @shannon_crow_yoga

Shannon Crow, or The Connected Yoga Teacher, is another successful yoga podcaster and entrepreneur. She posts insightful quotes from her podcast interviews, travel photos, and the occasional adorable snap of her cat. Follow to get in touch with the Connected Yoga Teacher group, a community to support you as your grow your yoga business. Also, make sure you never miss an episode of her critical podcast.

Check out our 1-on-1 interview with Shannon Crow here.

7. @adrienelouise

Chances are you know Adriene—as in Yoga with Adriene, the wildly popular YouTube channel. But did you know you can also follow her (and her adorable blue heeler) on IG?

8. @jvn

There’s a reason why the world loves Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye’s biggest personality. While a lot of JVN love comes from how often he shouts, “Yaasssss, Queen!,” he’s also known for being a huge proponent of radical body positivity — and a dedicated amateur yogi.

9. @yoga_girl

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A day in a life☀️ #yogaeverydamnday

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If you’re a mom (or someday mom) who wants some major inspiration, look to this feed for honest insights into balancing raising children and practicing yoga long-term. Hint: It’s all about being kind to yourself.

10. @yogspiration

A fun feed (expect corgi puppies in cobra poses and yoga-related memes) brought to you by the one and only Melissa Metrano. Speaking of…

11. @melisfit_

Metrano fills her feed with a balance of lifestyle photos and instructional posts that will get you in perfect form — literally.

12. @lovefola

It’s a bit reductive to call Folasade Titilayo Adeoso a “yogi” because her passion for yoga — she recently partnered with Outdoor Voices to put on a park class and outdoor discussion in New York—is just one small part of who she is. But if you’re looking for a truly inspirational woman who cares about fitness, art, spirituality — oh, and one who owns an African comfort food restaurant meets community space in Harlem that’s committed to activism…well, you’ve found her.

13. @isabelbey

Another woman involved with the recent inclusivity-focused Outdoor Voices yoga class, Bey is also the woman behind @tangerineyoga. Follow for postures, vacation pictures, and news from New York.

14. @kathrynbudig

Kathryn is pretty much @yogaglo royalty and as a gay woman who recently wrote this phenomenal piece about falling in love with a woman at 34, she’s part of a growing number of LGBTQ yogis that are changing the yoga studio landscape in favor of more inclusivity.

15. @inflexibleyogis

Because we all know that sometimes it’s those before-and-afters that get us back to the mat.

16. @colleensaidman

Your yoga practice will carry you through decades if you stick with it, but sometimes it feels like all the yogi accounts on Instagram are 22 years old. Cue Colleen Saidman, who reminds us that bliss never ages (and neither, seemingly, does she).

17. @acroyoga

If you’re looking for a dizzying update to your practice, search no further than this mix of yoga and acrobatics.

18. @koyawebb

Koya Webb is a fitness coach and eco vegan expert based in Los Angeles. Follow for her envious yoga wardrobe, and stick around for her beach pics, product reviews, and contagious smile.

19. @laurasykora

Yoga teacher Laura Sykora is an inspiration to mothers and yogis alike —her account is littered with pictures of Sykora and her daughter trying out poses in tandem.

20. @hollybentley_yoga


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I have been trying to think of the best words to say in response to this ongoing discussion. Normally I don’t feel it’s my place to comment on social media issues that I have no role in, and even now I feel like I’m being forced to answer for a situation I had no hand in. Or give definitive answers for questions that I’m still not quite sure of. But I understand that many feel this warrants a response, so here is mine… – I have nothing but love and respect for everyone involved. Like everyone else, I do not know the entire story, so all I can do is offer my understanding, for whatever it is worth. I have been supported and respected by Alo since before I was even signed with them and I have admired and respected Kino and Dana since I decided to begin sharing my own practice on this platform. I know that this is a situation that will continue to elicit emotions and while I am a naturally sensitive person, I am trying not to take the attacks against me too personally. I can not be made to answer for situations I have not been involved in and I will not be made denigrate people I admire and love. I will not allow the blind negativity a persons opinion stand in the way of all of the positivity I am currently manifesting in my life. I will only ever offer you kindness and compassion. If you are seeking to get anything more than that, please take a moment to look within and ask yourself if those feelings could be better used to put good out into the world. . . . @aloyoga + @spencerbentley_creates

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Are you expecting and not sure what to make of your yoga practice? Holly Bentley documented her own pregnancy, so scroll backwards for the tools you need to keep up your yoga routine — even with a baby bump.

21. @spirituallyfly

Faith Hunter came to yoga as a way to cope with grief after the loss of a family member, and Spiritually Fly is the philosophy she developed for living in —and celebrating —the moment. Follow for mindful motivation and beautiful pictures.

22. @beachyogagirl

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He probably thinks I’m such a weirdo.?? #itstrue ⠀ @beachyogadog is doing a lot better – he seems 100% back to his old self, but on paper he’s still not doing great. I’m not stressing about it because so many of you have told me that it took awhile for your cats/dogs who have diabetes to figure out their insulin/glucose levels. Animals have such an impact on our lives – don’t they? Almost losing him was a wake up call for me. ⠀ I’ve been dealing with some personal things that I haven’t shared on here, and I’m re-evaluating what in my life brings me the most joy (and what doesn’t) and what do I want the next 40+ years of my life to be about. I’m not really interested in “making it to the top” or “getting rich” as I’ve heard others on here (and in real life) say. I want to continue to share my passion for helping others find freedom in their lives. Freedom from self doubt, chronic pain, toxic relationships, and feeling empty inside. If that brings me financial freedom, I’d be overjoyed, but that isn’t why I’m here. ⠀ I could turn this account into daily ads for products that you probably don’t need or want, but I’m the one who has to look in the mirror every night. At the end of the day, I want to feel like – at the very least – someone, somewhere, found value in what I shared. I often think about how crazy I am to turn down $9k for ONE post, and maybe I AM crazy, but… I just want to feel like my life, my pain, my struggles, weren’t for nothing or at least weren’t for some product that I don’t own. I also don’t have an issue with accounts that do that – good for them! They are probably smarter than me.?? #mostlikely For the last 3 years, I haven’t accepted any paid posts and I live solely on my teaching. I’m happier this way and that is all that matters to me at the moment. ⠀ My faith and perseverance have gotten me this far and I’m going to continue to listen to the small, still voice inside me. “Keep moving forward… I have a plan and a purpose for you … you’re doing great.”?? ⠀ #Wednesdaythoughts #perserverance #motivationoftheday

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Follow Kerri Verna for her beach-side pictures from sunny California, posture tutorials, and adorable dog snaps.

23. @topless_yoga

Let’s get one thing out of the way: This isn’t shirtless yoga. Topless_yoga is the account of breast cancer survivor Sam Malamet, and the name refers to her double mastectomy. Yoga was her constant comfort throughout her chemotherapy, and now that she’s cancer-free, her account chronicles “all things movement after mastectomy.”

24. @ChinTwins

Twins Cristen and Kimberly Chin are a must-follow for anyone missing their sister and wanting some inspo for getting in sync. Cristen and Kimberly are former dancers, and their graceful poses are breathtaking.

25. @wanderlustfest


Looking to find your pack? Every year, the Wanderlust festival brings together holistic wellness practitioners and yogis in a community of bliss-following. Stay up to date with events and updates on their IG.