Self-care, mental health, and nutrition are more top of our mind than ever.

2023 is sure to be full of health and wellness events across the country.

From yoga festivals to nutrition expos, there are a ton of upcoming chances to learn about fitness trends and fresh products, as well as connect with fellow industry folks on a pretty important topic: health and wellness.

So, if you’re considering attending a wellness event next year, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our list of the best health and wellness events you don’t want to miss in 2023.

(PS. We put them in chronological order, so you can mark them on your calendar as you go!)

13 Can’t-Miss Health and Wellness Events in 2023

Connected Health & Fitness Summit

Dates: February 8–9, 2023

Location: Los Angeles, California

Why It’s Great: The Connected Health and Fitness Summit is famously known to deep-dive into “the industry’s most pressing challenges and hottest trends.” If you’re looking to expand your product offerings and learn new ways to attract and engage with new clients, this fitness event is the one for you!

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Dates: March 9–12, 2023

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Why It’s Great: Hailed as the “premiere event for personal trainers,” the IDEA event is all about helping you grow and succeed in your personal training business. Get the best-in-class education and unlock new marketing strategies to help take your personal training skills (and small business) to the next level!

International Health & Fitness Summit

Dates: March 16–18, 2023

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Why It’s Great: If you’re looking to network with like-minded folks in the health and wellness industry, ACSM’s fitness summit in Arlington is just what you’re looking for. With interactive programs and industry lectures on the science of fitness, this event is the go-to event for entrepreneurial trainers and health pros.

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The Yoga Expo

Dates: March 18, 2023

Location: Pasadena, California

Why It’s Great: While this event is only one day, there’s a lot to take in. With yoga classes for all levels, The Yoga Expo also brings in some of the best in the industry to deliver lectures, meditation, and inversion classes.

Plus, you can take yoga workshops and get first-hand access to some of the most innovative health and wellness brands out there today.

IHRSA Convention

Dates: March 20–22, 2023

Location: San Diego, California

Why It’s Great: Keynote speakers and education sessions, an immersive trade show experience, and an opportunity for networking?

All in one place?


The IHRSA Convention is the place to hear from top leaders in the health and wellness industry, as well as participate in interactive education events.

USA Health Expo 

Dates: March 25–26, 2023

Location: Miami, Florida

Why It’s Great: This “B2B-focused health and fitness expo” is expected to have:

  • Over 400 supplement, fitness, and health brand exhibitions
  • 10,000 attendees
  • Live speakers, hosting keynotes and presentations about current events and the future of the industry
  • Industry-centric seminars 

SHAPE America National Convention & Expo 2023

Dates: March 28–April 1, 2023

Location: Seattle, Washington

Why It’s Great: This annual health expo centers around the philosophical, cultural, and scientific foundations that create the curriculum for physical activity in sport and dance. Expect to see information on health education, sports medicine, coaching, public health, education, physical therapy programs, and so. much. more. 

Integrative Wellness Expo

Dates: June 10–11, 2023

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Why It’s Great: This all-inclusive conference covers everything from physical fitness and a nutritional diet to holistic arts, like meditation and energy healing. Learn the latest news in science and technology or take in all you can about cutting-edge herbs, oils, and more!

FIT Summit’s World Health, Fitness, and Wellness Festival 

Dates: June 12-15, 2023

Location: Singapore

Why It’s Great: If you want a serious wellness retreat, this global expo is the destination for you.

Known as “the world’s leading health, fitness, and wellness business festival,” this weekend promises to be “bigger and better than before.”

This event is all focused on trends and tech in the industry, offering:

  • A leadership conference
  • Multiple brand exhibitions, product launches, and networking events
  • A start-up showcase
  • An industry awards dinner

IDEA World Convention

Dates: July 12–16, 2023

Location: Los Angeles, California

Why It’s Great: Following their Personal Trainer Institute in the spring, IDEA focuses on educating fitness professionals and entrepreneurs on career development with over 300 breakout sessions and “tracks”, like Mind-Body, Nutrition & Behavior Change, Training & Exercise Science, and Business & Professional Development, among others.

National Wellness Conference

Dates: July 19–20, 2023

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Why It’s Great: One of the leading destinations for health and wellness pros to learn, connect, and grow, the National Wellness Conference brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry. With premiere lectures on all things wellness, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Mindbody BOLD

Dates: October 3–5, 2023

Location: New York, New York

Why It’s Great: We know Mindbody is another scheduling app, like Schedulicity, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about their annual wellness event. Not many details have been given yet, but Mindbody is switching from the West Coast to the East in 2023.

We hear BOLD attendees “will celebrate the new wave of wellness with three days of inspiration, education, and fun for the future of wellness that will renew your energy and transform your business.”


Dates: Fall 2023 (dates TBD)

Location: San Diego, California

Why It’s Great: This event attracts thousands of fitness pros, personal trainers, and endurance enthusiasts alike from all over the country.

With some of the most influential trainers, instructors, and gym owners in the industry, this is your chance to meet fitness celebrities, witness live sporting competitions, and discover new health and wellness products — all while networking with some of the biggest names in the biz!

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