Updated March 2024. We expanded this list of our favorite Instagram and TikTok accounts of hair stylists and barbers to 45.

Let this year be the year that you pushed your work further than it’s ever gone

You’re likely reading this because you’re a talented hair stylist, barber, or even a colorist who’s always in need of inspiration. You’re looking for new directions to explore.

Sometimes, the best way to think outside the box is to see how other people are doing things differently. 

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up a huge list of our favorite hairstylist, hair influencers, and barber Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Click follow on however many you want (or, ahem, all of them), and kick your feed into overdrive. 

Included in this article:

Best Stylists + Salons to Follow on Instagram and TikTok

Jayne Edo Salon (@jayne_edosalon

If you haven’t come across Jayne Edo yet, you’re in for a treat.

Edo’s approach to cuts (all razor cut, done by hand, imperfectly perfect) has quickly inspired a cult following on the West Coast — so much so that she now travels around the U.S. doing pop-ups and training sessions.

Many women wait a full year to see her and only her. Worth a follow to see what tresses are trending in California and to watch some video tutorials on cuts that grow out as beautifully as they look on day one. 

Jenny Cho (@jennychohair)

Hairstylist Jenny Cho has quite the reputation with a ton of A-list celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfriend, and Scarlett Johannson all call on Jenny for their hair styling needs.

Salon Evo (@salonevomag)

Sound familiar? It should! From the creators of @barberevo, Salon Evo brings you hair, nails, beauty, and male grooming. All five issues have been fire, and we can’t wait for more. 

Lacy Redway (@lacyredway)

Lacy was named one of the world’s most inventive hairstylists according to Goop, and we couldn’t agree more. She’s an expert on textured and relaxed hair, and her work has been featured on the cover of multiple magazines, from Essence, to Elle, and Marie Claire.

Lacy Redway's most recent Instagram post featuring a model in an Emmett Till mask.
(Via Lacy Redway’s Instagram. Source)

Salon Benjamin (@salonbenjamin)

This LA-based salon chain employs some of the best stylists in the city — meaning that following this feed will get you instant access to all of them. We also love the mix of salon cuts and high fashion and commercial styling. 

Jen Atkin (@jenatkinhair)

The go-to hairstylist for influencers, from the Kardashians to Hailey Bieber, Jen Atkin has a ton of great content on TikTok. Covering everything from curtain bang styles to six-minute hairdos, you’re certain to learn a thing or two from Jen.

Leysa Carillo Forever Curls (@leysahairandmakeup)

If you’ve been blessed with curly hair, you probably also know that until recently, it’s been near-impossible to find inspiration for textured styles.

Over the last few years, more and more stylists have arrived on the scene determined to change that.

Leysa Carillo is one of our current (and all-time) favorites. 

A woman with a short, curly texture hair cut by hair stylists, Leysa Carrillo
(via Leysa Carrillo / @leysahairandmakeup)

Kia Fay (@kiathecurlconsultant)

This stylist is changing the game. As an educator, hair stylist, and natural texture advocate, she posts about all things curls! Including how to take care of them, how to embrace your natural texture, and creating conversations to uplift traditionally marginalized voices within the hair industry.

Elizabeth Faye  (@heyelizabethfaye and @hairloveretreat

We can’t get enough of Elizabeth Faye’s rose-colored feed or her insightful and inclusive thoughts about the hair industry. Her larger-than-life personality is exactly what you’ll find in her Instagram feed. She keeps it real, and it’s the breath of fresh air we all need. 

Crystal Green (@your.hair.mentor)

Crystal Green is a veteran hair stylist who also works as a hair mentor. Her incredible education focuses on the client experience and delivering killer customer service – without sacrificing your time, energy, or money.

Katie Pattison (@katiepdxhair)

Next stop on this national stylist tour: Portland, Oregon. Katie Pattinson isn’t afraid of razor-sharp mullet or using Black Sabbath as inspiration for the perfect shag. We love all the vintage icon inspiration in general as well as the warm Northwest vibes. 

(via Katie Pattinson @katiepdxhair)

Streicher Hair (@streicherhair

The Streicher sisters are basically celebrities in Los Angeles, courtesy of a) their incredible microblading skills and b) the fact that they introduced the natural perm wave, which promptly blew up our Instagram feeds.

So, it’s no surprise that Ashley Streicher, the hair stylist sister, also creates some of the most exciting cuts happening right now.

Guido Palau (@guidopalau)

We love the throwback vibes of this Instagram account, which belongs to the Global Creative Director for Redken, Guido Palau. It feels like you’re about to unearth a long-lost treasure. We love a little vintage inspiration for new hair styles, don’t you?  

Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran)

Blunt cuts, lived-in waves — could there be anything more timeless? 

Roxie Jane Hunt (@roxiejanehunt)

Don’t you love a stylist who isn’t afraid to rebel a little?

Seattle-based Roxie Jane Hunt loves to push beyond the standard styles dominating stylists’ Instagram feeds right now thanks to the technicolor styles that dominate her feed and her signature hashtag #FreeYourHair.

Despite some wilder cuts and colors, her style is completely accessible and instantly lovable — it’s crazy how much her feed will remind you of the type of cuts or colors you dreamed of trying at 15…but grown-up.

Before and after haircut on natural curls by the stylists Roxy Jane Hunt
(via Roxy Jane Hunt @roxyjanehunt)

Lo Shabino (@classiclois_hairstylist)

In case you’re wondering what styles are dominating in Austin, Texas, Lo Shabino has you covered. We can’t say we’re surprised that Patti Smith-style shags are the go-to in one of the biggest music cities — but we’re not mad about it, either. 

Enjoy Co. Hair Studio (@enjoyco.collective)

Also in Portland, Enjoy Co. Hair Studio is the salon to follow on Instagram if you’re feeling like you’ve seen one too many ‘70s looks in the last year. Ethereal is great and all, but have you tried mod-inspired unisex cuts? 

Hair by Andy Judd  (@andy_doesyourhair)

Based in Nashville, Andy Judd describes their style as “romantic meets quirk meets queer meets punk”. Honestly, enough said. Definitely follow if you’re constantly seeking short cut inspiration. 

A woman with a modern curly mullet, dyed in fuschia and blue by stylist Andy Judd
(via @andy_doesyourhair)

Stag Hair Parlor (@staghairparlor)

Low-toxic and organic, Stag Hair Parlor’s feed is about as minimal as it gets — which is exactly what we love about it.

Sometimes, you want inspiration for those subtle clients who don’t want to go too wild but still want to feel transformed. Stag does that beautifully.  

Philip Wolff (@philipwolffhair) and Alfredo Lewis (@alfredo_lewis

Who doesn’t love a dynamic duo? Both Philip and Alfredo have built massive followings largely because they’re so open to sharing their thoughts and skills with the world at large. 

The stylists Philip Wolff and Alfredo Lewis standing on a pile of rubble in LA.
(Philip and Alfredo, together, via Philip Wolff @philipwolffhair)

Dani Tygr (@danitygr)

Behind every dynamic duo (Philip and Alfredo), there’s a brilliant manager. With over 13 years in the industry, Dani definitely knows the ins and outs of all things hair and business, and, of course, brings that knowledge to her feed.

Amanda Lyberger (@thehairygodmotherr)

In case you’re feeling like you don’t have enough color in your feed, behold! Amanda Lyberger has just solved your problem. We came across her when she applied (and won!) the first Schedulicity Cares grant — and we’ve never looked back. 

Kristin Lumiere (@kristin.lumiere)

Interested in avoiding burnout as a stylist? Or looking to set better client boundaries? Kristen has over twelve years of experience in the industry, and she knows how to build a long-term career with boundaries that separate life from work and a thriving business.

Hairdustry (@hairdustry)

Schedulicity sponsors this podcast, so we’re a little biased, but we still think it’s the ideal spot to keep up to date on hair industry icons (and to know as soon as there’s a new episode). 

The World by Brit (@theworldbybrit)

Obsessed with the unicorn hair trend? Well, you could say that Brit Carmichael is the unicorn queen. It’s her pastel world. We’re just living in it.

Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions)

Samantha Harman is a hair stylist, educator, and social media queen. As a beauty pro with a degree in public relations and marketing, she knows how to build an online presence.

Visit her Instagram page and see for yourself. 😉

Sarai Speer (@theplatinumgiraffe)

Now that you’re following the best account for all the color, let’s talk about our favorite expert on no color whatsoever.

Sarai Speer knows platinum, white, ice, silver, ash — every shade that brings the snow queen vibes, she’s got it handled.

If your goal is to get better with bleach, toning, and everything in-between, this Instagram feed is for you.

Hunter Donia (@hairbyhunty)

If you’re looking to make your hair or beauty business more efficient, Hunter is the influencer for you! With tips and tools to help automate and systemize your business, Hunter is all about avoiding burnout and living the creative life you deserve.

(Hunter Donia, Hair Stylist and Educator)

Stacie Young (@squiresly)

Need to inspire your inner witchcraft? Head over to Stacie Young’s IG feed and give @squiresly a follow. She’s bringing sustainability to her craft and we’re here.for.it.

Gabriel Urbina (@artistry_by_gabriel

It’s never too late to follow your true calling — and Gabe is a prime example of that. He also works closely with the Hairdustry duo, and his photography skills lend to a fire Instagram feed.

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Elevation H (@elevationh)

Elevation H is a global hair education company founded by brothers Cole and Paul Thompson.

It offers incredible apprentice and training programs for salons and schools, teaching behind-the-chair tactics to better your craft.

Nina Tulio (@ninatulio)

If you’re looking for finance tips as a salon owner or hair stylist, Nina is your gal!

B3NTL3Y & The House of B3 (@itsb3ntl3ybish)

Founder of the hair and makeup artist collective The House of B3, B3NTL3Y challenges the hair and beauty community to join them in living authentically.

They draw inspiration in their art from their own journey of self-discovery as a Black nonbinary queer son of immigrant parents.

With equal parts charisma and care, B3NTL3Y effortlessly helps others feel seen, heard, and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

Best Barbers to Follow on Instagram 

City Image Barbers (@cityimagebarbers) and Joe Agnello (@thebarberguru

There’s no lack of educational resources across these two accounts! From barbering tools to barbershop design to Instagram tips, they’ve got you covered.

They have nine locations across New Jersey, so if you need some inspiration on how to hustle, look no further.

Up close shot of a barber fade done by City Image barbers
(via @cityimagebarbers)

Taylor Cutz (@taylorcutz1)

If you’ve ever been into the barber depths of Youtube, you’ve probably come across his content! He’s been taking over the Instagram scene as well, with his unique cuts.

Rob The Original (@robtheoriginal)

With 1.3 million followers, he must be doing quite a few things right! His home alone haircut is definitely worth checking out, if we were you, plus he has some cute baby content on there.

Cassie Kurtz (@CKMakeupNYC and @HerChairHisHair

Another one of our Schedulicity Cares winners, Kurtz is a talented barber and an outspoken advocate for women in her industry. She’s trying to make barbering more welcoming to women through various projects, including her nonprofit, Her Hair His Chair

A Black woman barber wearing a mask that reads "essential AF" while at work.
(via @HerChairHisHair)

Emma Dixon (@dixondoeshair)

Speaking of women barbers, here’s another great one to follow. Emma Dixon’s feed is a nice change of pace thanks to its inclusive, gender-neutral barbering shots. Added bonus: cute photos of her dog

Barry Hairston (@thestarsbarber

Barry is ebullient, charming, powerful, occasionally sassy — but above all, he’s a supporter of other barbers trying to make it. And… the Instagram account name isn’t happenstance. He does, in fact, serve as the barber to numerous stars.

Fe Goins (@shesthebarber)

One word: Badass. This barber knows her trade including fades, but we’d argue that her sweet spot is beards. So. Many. Good. Looking. Beards.  

Tyrik Jackson (@iamtyrikjackson)

Education guru and a badass barber. Stay in the know on looks and get inspired by one of the best in the business!

Pati Plymire (@queenofthesouth512)

This is the account to follow if you need inspiration for braids. Beautiful and fascinating braids. 

John Carmona (@titan_barber

For barbers who are interested in more color, more edge, more everything, John’s a must-follow. 

Luis Rivera (@elboribarber)

One of the biggest barbers in the Latin and music communities, Luis is taking the barbering world by storm!

BarberEvo Magazine (@barberevo)

Everybody loves a trade publication, but what about a trade Instagram account? This account is a great way to keep up to date with the biggest names in barbering (often featured in the magazine), and to find additional accounts to follow. 

Sofie (@staygold31

We love Sofie’s account for how real and raw it is — you can tell immediately that this is a woman who knows her stuff and isn’t going to beat around the bush about it. Transparency is the deal here, and her posts are always straightforward and honest. 

And that, friends, is a pretty great list to get you started.

Don’t forget to follow Schedulicity on Instagram as well to hear all about our favorite stylists. You can also download our guide on social media marketing for hair stylists and barbers.

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