“Love is in the hair.”

We love a good salon pun as much as the next person, but save it for the Instagram caption.

There’s one place a pun doesn’t belong: your Instagram bio.

As a hair stylist, an Instagram business account is a pivotal channel for catching new clients.

If first impressions are everything (they are), your Instagram bio holds the power to draw potential clients in or send them on their way.

It’s your chance to let them know:

  • Who you are
  • Where you’re located
  • How they book with you or ask questions

It’s also your shot at proving that you — yes, you — have the vision and skills they’re after. It’s all about the salon marketing on social media

To help you amp up your professional Instagram bio, we brought in a pro: Missy Megginson. Her tried-and-true tips are made for any beauty pro or hair stylist Instagram bio — plus, we’ve even added a couple of real examples. 

PS. Another amazing salon educator, Nina Tulio, talks ➡️ the best Instagram features for hair stylists and how to boost Instagram engagement for more bookings. ⬅️

In this article:

How to Write the Best Hair Stylist Bio for Instagram

When it comes to crafting an Instagram bio for hair stylists, Missy knows her stuff.

“You don’t need a fancy paragraph full of fancy words,” she says. “Our attention span is shorter than a goldfish these days, so we have to get our point across quick!”

To help you do just that, she breaks down Instagram bio into three key points you need to hit:  

The What, Where, and How of Instagram Bios

What: Your Specialties 

First things first: Let clients know what you do.

Are you a hair stylist who specializes in balayage services? Are you a curly hair specialist?

Jot down what you do in as few words as possible in simple words clients will understand. 

Where: How Close Are You? 

Next up: Where are you located?

Clients need to be able to easily find your salon or studio, so include a link for directions. 

How: What’s the Best Way to Book Your Services? 

Lastly (and most importantly), you need to give clients a way to book with you right from your bio.

You can talk up your business and give clients all the details they need, but if they don’t have an easy way to book right there, you may lose them. (Remember, goldfish!)

Include a link out to your booking page.

Pro tip: With Schedulicity, you can include a Book Now button right on your Instagram page, so clients can easily book with you. Don’t have a Schedulicity account? Sign up today!

The Perfect Instagram Bio for Hair Stylists, According to a Pro

In addition to her three key points above, Missy also mapped out what to include in your Instagram bio, so you have more of a visual.

The perfect hair stylist Instagram bio.

Bio Examples from the Top Hair Stylists on Instagram

HK Salon & NoëlNewYork

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