Updated: April 2021. We edited this list of the best hairdressing and hair video tutorials on Youtube to include some new favorite video channels. The latest adds are noted in the text as [New for 2021] .

Sometimes, the only way to learn is by doing. Other times, though, you need a little help.

That’s why we took to the internet to find the best barbering, hairdressing, and hair tutorial channels on YouTube in 2021. Use these tutorials to learn new hair styling techniques, get inspiration or just see what the rest of your industry is doing. You’re going to go down a YouTube rabbit hole at some point anyway — why not learn something along the way? 

13 Best Hair Stylists, Barbers, and Hair Tutorials on YouTube 

Manes by Mell [New for 2021]

For all your curly and textured hair needs, we give you…(drumroll, please)….Mell. From her fantastic personality (hearing her catchphrase opening line “What’s good, everybody?” will bring a smile to your face) to her detailed tutorials on every curly-hair concern, we love Mell’s channel for both its insights and easygoing vibe. It’s also got a nice mix of professional styling tips, as well as at-home maintenance ideas. Check out her Curly Starter Playlist for all the essential how-to tutorials.

Start here: Curly Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Matt Beck – Free Salon Education 

This recommendation comes from one of our Instagram followers who swears by the easy-to-follow nature of Matt Beck’s YouTube hairstyling tutorials. We love how organized the channel is — there are one-minute hairstyle quick hits as well as detailed how-to videos that cover the step-by-step process of achieving various styles. Topics include side bangs, how to cut a cowlick, and even a whole playlist dedicated to men’s hairstyles / barbering. 

Start here: How to Cut 6 Different Types of Bangs 

Brad Mondo [New for 2021]

Major props to Mondo’s channel for all the light-hearted vibes — they’re much needed after the 2020 we’ve all had. This YouTube channel is a treasure trove for hairdressers and DIY hair-cutters alike. You’ll find a well-curated collection of playlists that serve up all sorts of cinematic and hair styling gold, from general hairdressing and styling education to a full playlist of videos on how to do your own hair without ruining it. And, let me tell you, the hairdresser reacts videos are great pick-me-ups after a hectic morning at work.

Start here: Hairdresser’s Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair and Not Ruining it

(Because we all know that your chronic procrastinator clients are doing exactly this…)

Sam Villa Hair Tutorials

Another recommendation from our Instagram audience, Sam Villa’s how-to hair videos are prolific for good reason. You’ll find some of the best hair Youtube tutorials from various stylists with a diverse background of experience and plenty of expertise. As of this writing, they’re currently running an UpDo Foundations series that’s definitely worth a watch (wedding season is coming much sooner than you think…). 

Start here: How to Point Cut Like a Pro with Andrew Carruthers 

Regal Gentleman [New for 2021]

Wondering what your barber is up to after hours? They’re probably down an internet black hole on this YouTube channel of barbering tutorials, TBH. There are videos on haircuts at home, beard trims, before-and-after tutorials, and a whole YouTube playlist dedicated to post-lockdown transformations. In other words: pretty much everything a professional barber needs. Me? I’m here for the accent. Again…TBH.

Start here: 90s Style Undercut Haircut (Leonardo DiCaprio-Inspired)

Kenra Professional [New for 2021]

A robust channel that posts videos about once a week, Kenra does a nice job of balancing professional hairdressing and hair styling video tutorials with videos related to the hairdressing biz (including a recent class on business building specifically for hairdressers). Some fun playlists you might want to explore: hairstyling how-tos and coloring techniques.

Start here: The Basics of Balayage Tutorial


One of the best places to find amazing barber YouTube tutorial recommendations? Reddit. And Beardbrand comes up in every thread again and again and again. While there are great professional tutorials on this channel, we also like that there are DIY tip videos, too, for any men out there who want to maintain their hair between barber appointments. 

Start here: The 7 Best Full Beard Styles 

Hair 101 with April [New for 2021]

This is not the most glamorous or well-branded hairdressing YouTube channel on our list, but that’s not the point! April’s Hair 101 account has a video for pretty much every hair styling technique or barbering tutorial you can imagine, plus videos on general beauty topics like how to wax armpits. Plus, we like how real and honest the (occasionally shaky) camerawork feels — and April’s warm demeanor makes up for allll of it.

Start here: The Most Common Mistakes Made with Haircuts in Quarantine

Luxy Hair

For all things braids, Luxy Hair is the YouTube channel for you. While a lot of these videos fall more on the “how to do your own hair” side of the tutorial world, we love the idea of sending some of these to clients who struggle with styling between cuts. They’re also just really fun to watch.

Start here: I Tried Different Hair Styles on Dating Apps…Here’s What Happened 

Sofie StayGold

Sofie is new to the YouTube tutorial scene but has already amassed a nearly 10k following. Her videos are raw and detail-oriented — and you’re guaranteed to learn some great techniques. We can’t wait to see how the channel grows and evolves (and what hairstyle videos are coming next). 

Start here: How to Taper on Blonde Hair 

Claire Ashley

Another great YouTube channel for DIY hair videos, here’s why we recommend it to stylists: Claire Ashley specializes in figuring out how to recreate looks from famous celebrities including Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. Use her YouTube hair tutorials for inspiration before consulting with clients who want a chic style for their next big event. Because we all deserve a red carpet moment! 

Start here: Celebrity French Braid Bun

Danielle Benita [New for 2021]

For a more technical/professional series of videos, look no further than Benita’s salon business and hairdressing video tutorials. You’ve got product reviews, styling tutorials, and more — and you can expect every video to go through all the details you need step-by-step . We appreciate that she explains the why behind techniques as well, e.g. that babylights are an ideal technique when you’re looking to add lots of “brightness” (see video below). Context is everything!

Start here: Blonding Transformation with Balayage at the Bowl

Uppercut Deluxe

This is another YouTube channel rec we snagged from a Reddit thread on the best barbering tutorials and we can’t. stop. watching. Each of the videos is easy to follow, super polished, and aesthetically cool. (We’re suckers for branding, but then again, aren’t you?) 

Start here: How to Style a Modern Pompadour with a Hard Part

Do you have any favorite hair YouTube channels that you use to guide your business? Shoot us your thoughts on Instagram. We’ll include them in a future round-up!