Did you know…

Salons who don’t use online booking software lose up to 46% of bookings by not giving their clients the option to book online or through a salon scheduling app?!

Stats like that 👆really speak to how salon software has changed the game for salon owners, booth renters, and individual hair stylists alike.

But sometimes — despite the perks of salon software — the cost (and surprise costs!) can make choosing the right software a hard decision.

At the end of the day, you just want to know how much salon software actually costs — and what hidden fees to look out for.

To help, we’re breaking down the cost of salon software and giving you the know-how to make the best decision you can for your business.

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Salon Software Costs: A Breakdown

When we talk about the cost of salon software, we have to consider all the costs that come along with it.

Here are the main price components to look for when researching salon software.

  • Monthly Fees
  • Payment Processing Fees
  • Card Readers
  • Marketing Costs
  • Additional Providers/Employees
  • Special Add-On Features
  • Client Booking Fees?!

1. Monthly (or Annual) Fees

The first item to look for when wondering how much a specific salon software costs is their monthly fee — or, in some cases, annual fee.

Typically, a salon software’s monthly fee is anywhere from $24/month to $50/month

This, of course, depends on the individual scheduling app and other factors, like the amount of employees on the account, which we’ll get to down below.

  • Schedulicity: Starts at $34.99/month
  • GlossGenius
    • Standard: $24/month
    • Unlimited: $48/month
  • StyleSeat: $35/month
  • Booksy: Starts at $29.99/month
  • Vagaro: Starts at $25/month
  • Acuity
    • Emerging: $15/month
    • Growing: $25/month 
    • Powerhouse: $50/month
  • Appointy: Starts at $29.99
  • Schedulista
    • Basic: $19/month
    • Plan 2: $39/month
    • Enterprise: Contact Schedulista

Pro Tip: For a full comparison of salon software pricing, features, and more, check out our guide to the Best Salon Software and Tools.

2. Payment Processing Fees

A big piece of salon software costs is payment processing fees.

While payment processing fees can feel complicated sometimes — don’t miss our quick Payment Processing Fees Explainer! — they’re an important part to consider when it comes to choosing the best salon software for your business.

For apps that offer built-in payment processing, you’re looking at anywhere from 2.5% to 2.9% per transaction — plus potential additional fees up to 30¢ per transaction.

Keep in mind: There are different processing fee amounts depending on how the transaction is handled, such as swipe, dip, tap, keyed-in, or online. 

So you’ll have to be sure to read the fine print when researching!

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3. Card Readers

Some salon booking software includes card readers for processing payments. 

This could be a desktop card reader for your front desk, or it could be a mobile card reader that connects to your phone.

While they are a one-time expense, they range from $49 to $1000.

Either way, card readers are an expense to keep in mind when shopping around.

4. Marketing Costs

Depending on the salon software, email and SMS marketing may be included in their monthly or annual fee.

However, some apps may charge a flat rate up to $20/month for email marketing or SMS marketing tools.

And some may charge by the amount of emails or text messages sent.

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5. Additional Providers/Employees

Adding providers or employees to your account is a big item to look out for when researching salon software costs.

That’s because most apps charge more for additional providers to share a single account, which they’ll often refer to as different subscription levels.

6. Special Add-On Features

Sometimes, in addition to the cost of your monthly subscription, salon apps will charge extra for what they consider advanced or special features.

This could include a fee for your own branded booking app or branded website, or it could be something as simple as charging extra for SMS marketing.

With apps like Schedulicity (wink wink!), everything is included for one price, so you never have to worry about being charged more for Email Marketing or sending your clients reminders for their appointments. 

7. Client Booking Fees?!

It may sound hard to believe — we know it does to us! — but some salon software charges your clients an online booking fee

Salon apps like Styleseat charge clients anywhere from $1–$10 per booking, with the fee amount depending on the cost of the appointment. 

So before you choose a salon software for your business, double check that your clients won’t be charged for booking online with you. 😉

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