With so many scheduling apps out there these days, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Take the time to Google “scheduling apps”, and you’ll quickly learn that all apps are not created equal.

(What might work for one salon may not be a good fit for you.)

So, when you’re researching the right salon app for your business, it’s important to look at which apps have the best features to help take your business to the next level.

To shed some light on a handful of Schedulicity tools, we made a list of five must-have features from Schedulicity — and the other apps don’t.

5 Best Schedulicity Booking App Features for Salons

Industry-Low Payment Processing Fees

As a leading online scheduling app, Schedulicity is all about making your business more efficient — in terms of both time and cost. 

While other apps may offer payment processing as well, Schedulicity’s payment processor is up to 30 times less expensive than other payment companies.

How much are Schedulicity’s payment processing fees?

We offer low transaction fees:

  • 2.6% + $0.10 for every transaction

With other scheduling apps, you might find hidden fees or attached to long-term contracts.

But with Schedulicity… no hidden fees and absolutely no contracts. 

Our goal is simply this: To provide a low-cost payment processor built right into your scheduling app, saving you time and money!

Pro Tip: Learn all the perks of Schedulcity’s built-in payment processing, like Automated Billing.

Pay-by-Text Technology

One of the biggest benefits of Schedulicity’s payment processor is the ability for clients to pay by text

With Schedulicity’s pay-by-text technology, you can send the bill right to your client’s phone.

They can pay and tip all privately. This means saying goodbye to card readers, and hello to a speedier checkout process.

Plus, you’ll see a boost in tips with the gratuity options built right into the checkout workflow for clients.

Fun fact: On average, businesses who use Schedulicity’s pay-by-text option see a 20% increase in tips!

Booth Rental Solutions

If your business setup involves a shared studio, independent contractors, or booth renters, we have the perfect solution for you! 

With Schedulicity’s Linked Accounts feature, booth renters and independent contractors can keep their independence with their own account, while also being able to “link up” with other independent contractors under the same umbrella. 

This means each person can customize their own account — payment settings, policies, client lists — without losing their connection to the larger business.

It’s a win-win for both contractors and business owners alike!

Deal Manager

Deal Manager is a unique feature that allows you to create promotions, or deals, for your clients and share them on social media or via email marketing.

With Deal Manager, you can create custom discounts for individual clients, or you can post the deal right on your booking page to nab new clients.

World-Class Customer Support

We call our customer service team “Rockstars” because, well, they’re rockstars at what they do! 

The best part?

Each and every Schedulicity business has access to Rockstar help absolutely free.

We’re talking email, chat, and phone support — which we know is huge when you’re just getting started or if you just want to understand more about how to grow your business on Schedulicity.

We know the power of connection is more important than ever right now.

So, if you’re looking for true human-to-human support in a world of automation and robots, you won’t find a better support experience anywhere else.

At Schedulicity, we’re an all-in-one scheduling app. Manage your calendar, client payments, and marketing in one place. Sign up and take your business to the next level!