Just because this is one of the strangest years on the books doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to celebrate the holiday season with your clients.

Besides, with our inboxes full of election news and quarantine updates, most of us could use a light-hearted (and festive!) break from the usual emails. So why not plan to send your clients some holiday greetings or an end of year thank-you this winter?

Here are three approaches to holiday emails we love. We’ve written them as Mad Libs-esque templates that you can endlessly adapt depending on your industry and your business. Because who doesn’t love a marketing email template example?

The “Year in Review” Template

Much like the holiday cards you receive from family friends that break down what their kids have accomplished, where they’ve traveled, and big wins, your business can also send a holiday letter recapping the ways you’ve grown in the last year. It’s also a great way to let your clients know what’s coming in 2021.

Just try to keep it relatively short (we all have an Uncle Bob who sends a 6-page typed letter folded up in his “Season’s Greetings” card each year, right? The worst.). Here’s a template to get you started:

Subject Line Options:

Happy Holidays from [Your Business Name]

A Very Merry Season from the [Your Business Name] Team

‘Twas a Year, For Sure…

A Fond, Festive Farewell to 2020

Email Body:

Hi [Name],

It’s been a wild year (world’s biggest understatement!), and I couldn’t have weathered it without clients like you. As I sat down to write this thank-you note, I began to think about all the things that have happened here at [Business Name] in 2020. Just to name a few:

  • [Insert an accomplishment/event, such as “We launched an entirely new product line!”]
  • [Insert another accomplishment/event, such as “We moved not once but twice!]
  • [Insert a personal factoid if you’re comfortable sharing, such as “On a personal level, Anna and I decided to take the plunge — we got married in October with a handful of our family present and our closest friends cheering us on via Zoom.”]

It’s been easy to worry about the unknown this year and too easy to forget the great, wonderful things that we’ve all managed to pull off. I hope you’ve got a list of personal wins going, too. (Hit reply and tell me one of them, please!) They count for so much!

Above all, I’ve been so grateful for the care and support clients showed me throughout this year. Thank you for [get specific, e.g. “booking advance appointments, purchasing gift cards, your emails and texts of support when I was closed”]. I’m wishing you a very merry holiday season, winter solstice, and the happiest New Year.

[If needed, add some details about when you’ll be closed and/or special holiday hours. Or, better yet, add a special holiday discount offer here!]

Much love to you and yours, and I look forward to seeing you in 2021!

[Your Name]

The Holiday Booking Email Template

Does your calendar tend to fill up fast around the holidays? Are you often responding to people who try to book way too late and beg you to “just squeeze them in”? Worried that people won’t know that you’ve decided to take an extra week off this year (ahem, deserved!)?

This template is for you.

Subject Line Options:

Holiday Hours + Some Holiday Love

Our Holiday Plans and Hours

Spend Your (Pre-)Holidays With Us!

It’s Not Too Late to Book in 2020!

Clock’s Ticking on 2020 Availability…

Email Body:

Hello [Name]!

‘Tis the season for booking [pick a term! Examples: holiday services / pre-holiday classes / “treat yourself” appointments / etc.]! Our hours tend to fill up fast around this time of year, so book early to make sure we can get you in!

Our holiday hours are [XYZ], and we’ll be closed from [dates you’re taking off]. The easiest way to snag an appointment is to book online ASAP through Schedulicity [link here to your business profile!].

If you don’t see an appointment time that works for you, please [call me/send me an email/whatever you want people to do who can’t get in!], and we’ll try our best to accommodate you!

We also wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for all your support this year. We weathered so much, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

In the spirit of the season, [insert a special holiday offer here!]. Use it when you book!

We can’t wait to see you again whether it’s this holiday season or in 2021. Cheers to you and yours!

[Your Business Name]

The Holiday Sale / Black Friday / Cyber Monday Email Template

If your favorite thing to do each year is throw a seasonal open house or offer a special Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday in-person sale, try this email template on for size. It’s like the digital version of a holiday party. Oh, and pro tip: Consider throwing a sale before or after the most common sale days. It’s a way to stand out in people’s inboxes.

Subject Line Options:

Ho-Ho-Ho-liday Sale!

This is a Holiday Party in Your Inbox

The No-So-Black-Friday Sale!

It’s a Digital Holiday Open House!

A Very Merry Holiday Sale

The “Too Cool for Cyber Monday” Sale

A Gift from [Your Business Name]

Email Body:

What better way to wind down 2020 than with a bright and merry sale? For a limited time only, [Business Name] is offering current clients [your offer].

Book with us between now and [deadline of sale] to take advantage of the best sale of the year! (And the sooner you do, the better! Pre-holiday appointments fill up fast!)

[Book button or link]

P.S. We’re also offering a special deal for referrals. Any new clients get [new client offer], and the referring client gets [another offer]. Send your favorite people our way for all their holiday needs, and we’ll send some holiday cheer right back at you!

Merry, merry, and a happy 2021!

Your friends at [Business Name].