We could all use a celebration right about now. And whether we like it or not, we’ve always got another birthday coming. So why not use that to build better rapport with your clients?

One of the best ways to encourage repeat clients is to show them that you care. Reaching out with your best wishes during their birthday month is one easy way to do exactly that. 

Birthdays are also the ideal time to remind clients to book your services. Many people go looking for ways to treat themselves to self-care around their birthdays. Whether it’s offering them a free class at your fitness studio or an eyebrow shape ahead of their big birthday dinner, your services could be exactly what they’re looking for. All it takes is reminding them you’re here!

Here are just a few client birthday offer ideas on what to give clients during their birthday month, plus some templates for what to include in your birthday emails to clients.

Added perk: If you’re a Schedulicity user, automated birthday messages are built right into your account as part of our Automated Marketing feature , so we do all the busy work for you. We’ve also got a fun video that you can send to your clients to walk them through adding their birthday to their online account.

Idea 1: Just Send Them a Unique Celebratory Note

It feels good just to hear from people around your birthday, no strings attached. Because you can customize your client birthday emails in your Schedulicity account, consider switching it up from the usual “Happy birthday!” It’s a great way to stand out from all the other birthday sales emails, and they’ll remember that you took the time to write something original.

Here’s a list of unique ways to say happy birthday. I personally love a playful birthday pun as well (I’m basically a walking dad joke), so here are a couple of happy birthday email templates based on industry.

Template For Stylists and Barbers 

Hey [Name]!

We hair it’s your birthday month (buh-dum-dum-CHH!). Wishing you shear delight on your big day. Cut some cake and get buzzed for us! Can’t wait to see you soon!  

– Your friends at [Business Name] 

Template For Fitness Studio Owners 

Hey [Name],

It’s almost your birthday! Put those hard-earned abs to good use blowing out those candles. We’ll see you soon. Here’s to making this next year your best yet! 

[Business Name] 

Template For Beauty Industry Businesses  

Hey [Name]!

Your birthday’s almost here! Cheers! We just know that you’re going to look glam however and wherever you decide to celebrate. Sending you a little extra sparkle this month and some Lizzo party vibes.

[Business Name]

Template for Service Providers

Hey [Name]!

It’s your birthday, and you deserve some YOU time. Some bubbles? Some cake? Maybe a little hat and your out-of-key aunt singing as you blow out the candles?

However you choose to celebrate this year, we know you’ll do it with style.

Enjoy your day!

[Business Name]

Idea 2: Encourage Booking for Birthday Self-Care

Like I mentioned earlier, people often want to book a special session or class ahead of their birthday. After all, you want to look and feel your absolute best when you add another candle to that cake. So, why not email them with some ideas for how they can work in some self-care before their big night of celebration?

Template for Service Providers

Hey [Name]! 

It’s your birthday month, and we hope you’re going to celebrate the wholllleee way through. We can’t wait to see you and wish you a happy birthday in person!

If you’re thinking about coming in for a little self-care, we’re here and ready! Let us know if you can’t find a good time for you on our calendar, and we’ll find a way to fit you in. It’s your birthday — you deserve all the special treatment. 

[Your Name]

Template for Fitness and Yoga Studios

Hey [Name]!

We heard you’re completing another trip around the sun, and what’s better than starting your next year off with a little gym time? Touch your toes, crunch those abs, but most importantly… take a little time for yourself. However you want to celebrate!

Sending you the biggest birthday wishes!

[Business Name]

Idea 3: Offer a Special Birthday Discount or Package Deal  

Even if you hate getting older, you can’t argue with a great birthday gift. Our automated birthday emails are the ideal place for a shiny client birthday offer, treating them to a little something extra.

Whether that’s a discount on their next appointment or a special buy-one-get-one package of classes or services, use our Package Management system to create a birthday campaign, then add it to your monthly birthday email. It’s a brilliant way to upsell clients while also celebrating with them. 

Template for a Birthday Discount on a Service or Class

Hey [Name]!

It’s your birthday month! We figured we’d treat you to something extra special. This month only, book an [XYZ service or class] with us for [discount amount].

Enjoy that birthday cake, and we’ll see you soon!  

[Your Name] 

Template for a Birthday Deal on a Class

Hey [Name]!

We heard it’s your birthday month, and we’d love to celebrate with you! Come on down to see us and get a little workout in — on us. Book any class this month (your month!) and get one free! 

Cheers to you!

Template for a Birthday Package Deal

Hey [Name]!

It’s your birthday month! We’d love to treat you to something extra special.

Our “icing on the cake” birthday package lets you bundle [# of services or classes] for [% or $ amount they save by buying at once].

Snag it this month (YOUR month!) only. It’s one of our best deals of the year!  Make a wish on those candles, and we’ll see you soon! 

[Your Name]