Cake. Parties. People awkwardly singing at you while you don’t know what to do with your hands. And…discounts?

Yep, we’re talking about birthday emails and special birthday discounts.

If you’re anything like us, you love the special treatment you get once a year — the free drink or appetizer at dinner, the Sephora gift, the cute postcard from your dentist. If you love receiving those birthday discounts and gifts, why not be the one to give them to your clients, too?

That’s why we’re here to walk you through the basics of collecting birthdays from your clients — and what to send them.

Why You Should Collect Birthdays

Your business allows you to create and build relationships with your client over time. You seem them frequently and spend a significant amount of time with them. They depend on you for the service you provide. There’s a special bond there.

By sending them your best birthday wishes, you’re cementing how much you care about your clients. And, let’s be honest, it’s also a way to promote your business through a feel-good measure.

Think again of your birthday month when emails start pouring into your inbox with discounts for just being born. If you’re anything like me come July, you tend to treat yourself…a lot. If you send me a discount, or even just well wishes, you’re making the top of my list on where I’m going to spend Grandma’s birthday check.

But to do this, you have to have your clients’ birthdays on file. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered.

How to Collect Birthdays

If you haven’t been collecting birthdays already as you save people to your client list, it’s still easy to add them now. There are two quick options for filling in the blank dates.

Option 1: You can ask when they come in for their next appointment and enter them into their client profile.

Option 2: You can send an email (using our email marketing templates!) asking for them to reply with their birthdays or to update their own client profiles (see how they can do that here).

Option 2 is an especially good project to tackle right now while you’re likely holding on booking appointments. Use asking clients for their birthdays as a way to check in and remind them you’re still here and care.

Sample birthday request message:

Hello Kenzie! Fringe Salon is starting a new birthday program where you can get 15% off a booking during your birthday month! All you have to do is reply with your birthday or update your client profile and you’ll automatically get a birthday discount at the beginning of your birthday month.

That video link is public, so you can include it in all your messaging to make sure there’s no confusion. One email and you’re off and running.

Where to Create Birthday Messages

Great, you have all your clients’ birthdays in their profiles. Now what?

Using the Automated Marketing feature on Schedulicity, you can set up automatic birthday emails (because who has time to remember to send them every month??). Once you’ve enabled the Automated Marketing add-on for your account, you can customize your birthday greeting and then sit back and relax (or, fine, go back to work).

Step 1: In your Birthday email tab in the Email Marketing page, click “Message Settings”

Step 2: Find a birthday template and start writing your custom birthday message (including a birthday discount or other gift – see below for ideas).

Sample birthday greeting:

Happy birthday Kenzie! This month it’s time to celebrate YOU! As one of Fringe Salon’s beloved clients, we have included a birthday gift of 15% off your booking if you use the link below. We’ll also have a glass of birthday bubbly waiting for you when you come in! We can’t wait to see you! 

How it works: The birthday emails will automatically be sent on the 1st of their birthday month. Your clients have until the end of the month to use your birthday discount. They can book up to a full year out.

What to Include in Your Birthday Message


We mentioned this above a bunch because a discount is the easiest gift to include, especially with it built into your “Schedule Now” button in the email.

Gift Bags

  • Stylists, skincare professionals, and estheticians might consider curating a gift bag with a couple of trial size bottles of products you sell
  • Massage therapists could offer a vial of massage oil with a small print out about hand/foot/scalp massage
  • Personal trainers and fitness professionals could present gifts of protein powder samples or healthy snacks, maybe a sweatband, patch, or shoelaces if your clients have been making you proud

Special Services

  • Adding an extra, yet small complimentary service to their booking is a great gift. If you’re doing a manicure, add a paraben wax hand treatment to it. Or upgrade their haircut to include a deep conditioning
  • Create a service exclusive to birthday clients – a 30-min one-on-one yoga practice at special price, a birthday blow-out service before they go out for dinner, or a 30-min massage if booked on their actual birthday complete with champagne. Which brings me to…
  • Add some fun to their appointment. Have some bubbly ready to pour, a birthday cookie for them to take home, or a birthday card signed from you!
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Getting the Word Out:

A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing and Automated Text Messages

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Bonus: 3 Special Birthday Templates

Template for a Birthday Discount on a Service or Class

Hey [Name]!

It’s your birthday month! We figured we’d treat you to something extra special. This month only, book an [XYZ service or class] with us for [discount amount].

Enjoy that birthday cake, and we’ll see you soon!  

[Your Name] 

Template for a Birthday Deal on a Class

Hey [Name]!

We heard it’s your birthday month, and we’d love to celebrate with you! Come on down to see us and get a little workout in — on usBook any class this month (your month!) and get one free! 

Cheers to you!

Template for a Birthday Package Deal

Hey [Name]!

It’s your birthday month! We’d love to treat you to something extra special.

Our “icing on the cake” birthday package lets you bundle [# of services or classes] for [% or $ amount they save by buying at once].

Snag it this month (YOUR month!) only. It’s one of our best deals of the year!  Make a wish on those candles, and we’ll see you soon! 

[Your Name]