Want to get clients through your doors like clockwork? A seasonal sales promotion calendar for your salon or barber business is the best way to do it.

Most consumers are already on the hunt for deals during some seasons and holidays.

Meet those expectations, and you stand to gain a ton of new bookings.

If you’re a salon owner or barber, the best way to combat the busy post-holiday season is to start planning for your next holiday promotion.

From end-of-year celebrations to Valentine’s Day, the most successful hair salon and barber promotion ideas have a reason for giving away services at a discount.

Without one, clients might fill in the blanks and assume it’s a closing sale, or that you’re just desperate for business.

In this blog, we’ll show you the best way to discount your salon or barber services and give you a free marketing calendar you use for your business!

Barber and Salon Promotions: How to Discount Your Services

Take time to plan your discounts, know how you can make them relevant to the season, and know what they’ll mean for your bottom line before you start marking down prices.

For example, percentage discounts are often the most successful.

A 25% discount on a new hairstyle or the most popular product lines you offer can be more than tempting. 

If you can afford to do so without stressing your resources to make a profit, make the discount higher.

However, keep it a percentage, because offering a direct dollar-amount discount can get tricky depending on the range of services you provide and their prices.

Find your range of profitability, and make sure your salon or barber promotion ideas don’t exceed it.

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What to Include In Your Salon or Barber Marketing Promotion Calendar

Now, you just need the reason, which can be as simple as an upcoming holiday!

And we don’t mean just the ones that happen at the end of the year.

Consider the following salon promotion ideas that are tied to specific seasons or offbeat holidays.

1. Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries

Next to a vacation or a car, salon and spa treatments top the list of ideal gifts for women on Valentine’s Day. When you bring on new clients, see if you can get their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates.

Then, you can send them congrats in the form of a discounted service each year.

2. Spring Clean-Up Deals

The idea of spring cleaning is contagious, and for most people, it means more than just cleaning up their homes. It also means doing away with the old and bringing in the new — like a new look.

Try marking down the most trending styles and products for the season and stoke the spring-cleaning fever.

3. Summer Fun Discounts

After the rush of spring cleaning, summer also brings a season of new things. Memorial Day, vacations, late nights, and the summer heat all make a new, more manageable, hairstyle attractive. 

Start the summer off right by discounting shorter hairstyles, light hair colors, and more.

Bonus: Scheduling apps like Schedulicity offer built-in promotional tools to help you manage your client discounts. With Schedulicity at your fingertips, you can create deals, set your parameters, then send it out to your client list via email marketing!

4. Holidays for Hair Enthusiasts

If you want to appeal to your more niche clientele, use discounts to celebrate holidays only hair enthusiasts would know. For example:

5. Back-to-School and Labor Day Deals

Haircuts and new styles are mandatory for back-to-school season, and it’s almost a no-brainer to include it in your seasonal sales promotion plan.

Plus, offering significant discounts for kids’ haircuts will entice parents to cut their hair and update their looks at the same time.

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6. Support for Small Business Saturday

Most consumers are wise to the Black Friday crowds, and prefer supporting small, local businesses, anyway.

Thank them for that support by offering deals on Small Business Saturday, and partner with other noncompetitive businesses to build more community support.

7. Pre-Holiday Preparation Deals

As clients get ready for the main winter holiday season, they’ll be more likely to skip spa and salon treatments as they rush through buying gifts for others.

But if you offer them deals and discounts before the rush, you can help take the stress out the rest of the season. You might even consider offering a deal on gift certificates to help them get through that nice list.

8. Post-Holiday Self-Care Deal

Even without the hectic rush of holiday shopping, the winter season takes a toll on healthy skin, hair, and nails.

As the new year starts and resolutions take hold, make self-care the theme behind your discounts to encourage clients to take some time to focus on keeping themselves healthy and happy.

9. Clients’ Birthdays

Last but not least is the classic birthday discount. Nothing says “happy birthday” like getting a text or email from your favorite stylist with the gift of a discount or deal.

Use a scheduling software like Schedulicity to collect your clients’ birthdays on their first visits and to reward their loyalty with a discount every year.

Free Salon and Barber Sales & Marketing Calendar

Now that you’ve got some solid salon promotion ideas, we’ve condensed them into a calendar you can use for quick reference.

  • January 1-15: Post-holiday self-care deals
  • February 1-15: Valentine’s Day discounts
  • March 15-April 15: Spring clean-up deals
  • April 30: Hairstyle Appreciation Day
  • May 15-June 15: Summer fun deals
  • May 31: National Blonde’s Day
  • June 26: Hair Designer’s Day
  • July 2: Kiss a Brunette Day
  • July 12: National Hair Creator’s Day
  • August 1-August 15: Back-to-school sales
  • August 15-September 15: Labor Day discounts
  • Weekend after Thanksgiving: Small Business Saturday deals
  • November 15-December 25: Winter holiday discounts
  • Anytime: Client birthdays or anniversaries

Every year, you have multiple ways to implement your salon promotion ideas that not only make sense but also tie into your clients’ seasonal shopping habits.

Take time to research which seasons and holidays are most relevant to your client base. Calculate the discounts you offer so you don’t negatively impact your bottom line.

Pro Tip: Schedulicity offers plenty of tools for discounts and promotions, so you can make seasonal offers a permanent part of your calendar.