Learning a new life hack feels like you’re in on a secret nobody else knows about…

It’s true: Discovering a new trick to make your day-to-day life more efficient, gives you a little bounce in your step, and helps things feel fresh again.

And the same can be said for online booking apps like Schedulicity.

Businesses tell us all the time about how they came across a feature in their Schedulicity account that they didn’t know existed: how surprised they were to find it, how much they love it, and how much it’s helped their business.

So… to make sure all of our businesses are in the know on everything their Schedulicity account can do for them, we’re breaking down ten of our most powerful — and underutilized — tools.

(Think of them as life hacks, Schedulicity style!)

10 Schedulicity Tools to Utilize in 2024

  1. Automated Marketing Emails
  2. Suggested Services
  3. Instagram’s Book Now Button
  4. Built-In Payment Processing
  5. Fill My Book
  6. Deal Manager
  7. Package Management
  8. Waitlists
  9. Waivers
  10. Website Widgets

1. Automated Marketing Emails

Automated marketing tools can be a serious game changer for service providers on the go.

With a “set it and forget it” functionality, our Automated Marketing emails allow you to set up automatic emails that work for you in the background, so you can focus more on what you do best!

Automated Marketing emails include…

  • Thank You Emails (to follow up after appointments)
  • Birthday Emails (to share some love on your client’s special day)
  • Time to Book Emails (to let clients know it’s time to book based on the timeframe you set)
  • Re-Engagement Emails (to help encourage clients to book again by sending them a special offer)

2. Suggested Services

As part of our Automated Marketing feature, you also have access to a tool called Suggested Services.

With Suggested Services, you’re able to choose up to three services to highlight or “suggest” to clients on your business listing.

These services will show up at the top of the booking screen, encouraging clients to add them to their visit.

3. Instagram Book Button

Want your clients to book with you from your Instagram account? No problem!

You can add a “Book Now” button to your business page, making it easy for clients to book with you right from the Instagram app.

It makes for a seamless booking experience your clients will love!

4. Built-in Payment Processing

Yep! With Schedulicity, you can have your calendar and your client payments all under one roof.

Our built-in payment processor handles everything: Tipping, auto-billing, refunds, prepayments (to reduce those no-shows), gift cards, and more.

  • No hidden or annual fees ever
  • Contactless payment (and tipping!) via text and QR code
  • Reliable mobile* and desktop card readers (for those clients who prefer to swipe n’ dip)

*Currently available for U.S. businesses only.

5. Fill My Book

Need a hand filling in those empty spots on the calendar that are going unbooked?

Our Fill My Book feature incentivizes clients to book with you if there are any last-minute appointments available by automatically generating special offers each week.

And not to worry, you still have full control over what kind of specials are being offered.

6. Deal Manager

If you’re looking for a way to share discounts with clients without making them readily available on your Schedulicity business listing, the Deal Manager tool will do the trick!

With Deal Manager, you can create your own promotions/specials to run, then share a link to those deals with your clients via email or in a social media post.

7. Package Management

Package Management is your tool to sell, manage, and decrement session-based packages for your clients.

Think of them as “bundles” of services or classes you sell up-front, such as a “10 Yoga Class Package” deal, allowing you and your clients to keep track of how many sessions they have remaining directly from within the client profile.

It’s a great way to boost revenue, increase client retention, and gain some up-front cash!

8. Waitlists

Whether you’re class-based or appointment-based, our Waitlist feature is great for filling in any last minute cancellations or unexpected openings.

If you’re all booked, let your clients choose the time they’d like, then, if that spot becomes available, you can book them right from the Calendar page of your account. 

9. Waivers

We know that keeping your clients’ safety in mind is of utmost importance to you — it’s important to us, too.

With our Waivers tool, you’re able to provide a liability waiver for your clients to acknowledge during the booking process, update the waiver as needed, and track which of your clients have acknowledged them and which have not. 

10. Website Widgets

Have a website for your business already? Great!

With our website widget options, you can embed your Schedulicity booking right into your existing website, so clients never have to leave your page to book. 

Set up is a snap, and we even have the steps you need for WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix!

Bonus: Education Portal

Don’t forget, you have access to all of Schedulicity’s business resources right within your account!

So, if you’re ever looking for blogs or podcasts on how to grow your business, or if you need a support article on how to view business reports, head over to the Education Portal to find all the info you need.