Flowers are better in a bundle. And so are your classes.

Discount packages.

BOGO Bundles.

Loyalty programs. Class Passes or sets.

However you choose to promote fitness packages from your studio or gym, bundling classes together is a great way to both hook new clients and keep those regulars coming back

But before we get into all the fun, creative ways to bundle your packages and pack your studio or gym, let’s take a look at the marketing benefits they offer your business, how to price your packages, and ways to promote them to your clients.

In this article:

Why Sell Clients Class Bundles or Packages?

A large part of a successful business is finding ways to keep your clients happy and keep them coming back. Fitness promotions like packages are perfect for doing just that. 

I know I just said it, but it’s true: packages are a fantastic way to entice new clients.

(Think: promoting packages on your Instagram story or in a Facebook post)

They also show some love to your regulars by cutting them a little deal for always showing up and being a part of your journey.

On top of that, selling packages allows clients to purchase multiple class sessions upfront — meaning you collect those funds up front!

For clients, packages mean they’re committing to more fitness classes in the future, so they keep on coming back. 

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How Do I Price My Packages?

A lot of health and wellness businesses out there find it difficult to land on a good price for their packages.

It can be tricky because you want your prices to not only be an enticing deal for clients, but you also want to be sure you’re generating the income you need for your business. 

1. Pick Your Hook

Ultimately, you want to price your packages so they appear to be a better deal than simply purchasing a single class session. That’s the idea — the hook! — and there are plenty of resources out there for nailing your pricing strategy – even answering: Should you offer a free trial or one free fitness class? 

2. Calculate Your Profit Margins

Our best advice? Make sure you have a clear idea of your profit margins, so you know what you’re working with. 

3. Start Small and Track Your Results 

Then, start small and maybe even test different offers. Marking down the cost per class by 10% is typically a nice conservative option.

(In many states, it means you’re basically absorbing the sales tax). 

4. Use Creative Marketing Language to Make a Good Deal Feel Incredible

You can also try language around the dollar value, e.g. “saves you $49 a month!” or “Get $200 worth of classes for only $179.”

Fun fact: psychologically, people perceive an uneven dollar amount as a better deal — hence why so many sale items end in $0.99. 

5. Test Different Offers with Different Client Groups

Once you pick a direction, see what works for your client list.

If you use Schedulicity’s email marketing tools, you can send a couple of different offers to different client groups to see which one is the must-buy package deal.

(For even more fitness class package marketing techniques, read the next section.) 

Pro Tip: If you’re not already set up with an online scheduling app, Schedulicity has everything you need to manage your classes, market to your clients, and sell packages. And if you’re on the fence about choosing an app and taking your calendar online for clients, be sure to check out our great breakdown of all the best scheduling apps out there.

How Do I Promote Packages to My Clients?

Coming up with fitness or gym marketing ideas is a fun (and important) project for folks looking for a little extra boost in sales and traffic.

So, once you have your packages created and your pricing nailed down, you’ll want to think about marketing and selling them.

To start: get the word out to your clients. 

1. Social Media 

Let your clients know you’re selling class packages and hook them with that promotion they can’t refuse!

This could mean sending out an email marketing blast to your client list. Or it could mean promoting your packages on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

2. Email Marketing Campaigns

If you already happen to be using Schedulicity, send a quick email marketing blast right within your account.

There’s even some handy list segmentation filters to use — just in case there’s a specific group of clients you’d like to target, such as newbies or those faithful regulars.

3. In-Person Promotion

I know it may be a little more old school, but nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing!

Next time you have your clients in your gym or studio for their favorite class, don’t forget to mention the current packages you’re selling.

When clients are checking in or out for their class is also a great time to make a package sale!

Pro Tip: Speaking of selling! Having your payment processor and your scheduling system connected makes selling packages super easy. And for your back pocket — wink wink!Schedulicity has some of the lowest processing fees in the industry!

10 Class Package Ideas to Fill Your Studio or Gym

Now’s the time to get creative! The package possibilities out there are endless, so take the following ten ideas home and make them your own.

1. Seasonal Fitness Challenge Package

Appeal to clients with a fun gym challenge! Any time of year — winter, spring, summer or fall! — you can create a simple package that gives clients a free class if they participate in five classes in a month, for example. Have fun with it and create different packages for every season!

2. Holiday Packages

The holidays are a time for gifts! Whether it’s Christmas or Memorial Day, there’s plenty of room for creativity. President’s Day Pilates Package? New Year, New You Package? Or a quirky Twelve Days of Christmas Package?

Bonus: Don’t forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday Fitness Deals!

3. Cut a Deal on Bulk Package

Everyone loves a deal! So create some simple bulk packages for clients who really want to commit. Say maybe a package of ten, fifteen, twenty classes? Be sure to adjust your prices accordingly — so the deal is too good to turn down! — and help out those clients who want to commit to a bulk package. 

4. New Client Package

Snag those new clients by creating a one-time use package that only new clients can purchase. Make it fun and exciting to get those newbies to commit to coming back!

5. New Class Package

Got a new class that you’re having trouble filling up? Why not incentivize clients to try it out? Keep it simple: maybe a buy-one-get-one kind of package? Or a buy two-get-one free?

6. Goal-Based Package

You have goals for your business, and your clients have goals for their fitness levels. Create a package that challenges clients to hit a certain goal in a week or a month. 

7. Packages for Specific Classes

Clients have their favorite classes, so why not create a package for specific classes? This way, you can catch the eye of your client who only ever comes to that early morning, hot yoga class. 

8. Client Loyalty Package

You love your regulars, and they love you! Keep them coming back by offering them something special. And, if you’re selling packages on Schedulicity, be sure to keep in mind that you can keep packages away from the public’s eye and only sell it to those regulars you love most!

Bonus: Don’t forget about fitness deals for seniors!

9. Refer a Friend Package

Create a package for clients to incentivize them to bring a friend to class. Again, you could keep the friend package “private” so it’s not purchasable online, and then, the next time a client brings a friend to class or refers them to your gym or studio, hook them up with a free class to show some love!

10. Monthly Packages

Keep it simple and have monthly package deals. Maybe you want to incentivize clients to purchase ten classes to use in a month? Maybe just five classes? However you want to present the package, make sure clients know the deal they’re getting!

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