It’s not Hollywood magic, and it’s not Maybelline.

It’s the makeup artists in the background who turn wedding days and photography shoots into glamorous events.

As a makeup artist, you know how to make someone feel special.

You’re the glam behind the runway show and the secret weapon making that actor look “normal” under the bright lights on set.

You’re the one who makes us feel like our best on our biggest days by hiding blemishes, scars, or burns.

With so many different types of makeup services out there, now’s the time to add something “extra” to your repertoire to draw in more clients and boost business.

(The more you offer, the more in-demand you’ll be, right?!)

That’s why we reached out to a few makeup artists, cosmetologists, and beauty experts for their advice on how to grow your makeup artist business.

Plus, we put together a list of other possible paths to take with your makeup career — some you may never have considered before!

How to Grow Your Makeup Artist Business

8 Makeup Artist Services to Add to Your Offerings

Laura Roncagli, a makeup artist and Senior Digital Beauty Editor for MyBeautik in Italy, has a handful of services she says makeup artists should be offering if they want to increase their revenue.

Here are her ideas… 

  • Skincare treatments: Skincare treatments aren’t just for celebrities, Laura says. They’re trendy among the general public with skin problems, and offering serums and moisturizers are a great additional offering for MUAs. 
  • Eyelash perming: Lash perming is a type of permanent eyelash curler that curls the eyelashes for 8–12 weeks. Laura points out that lash perming is a smart alternative to “lash extensions, which can damage your lashes.”
  • Eyebrow threading: “Eyebrow threading is a great alternative to eyebrow waxing,” Laura says.” It’s “less painful and leaves the face looking cleaner.”
  • Eyebrow tinting: This beauty service changes the color of your eyebrows without removing any hair. It’s a good option for people with “light-colored eyebrows or who are growing them out.” 
  • Tattoo coverup: For tattoo coverup work, Laura points out that tattoos may not be allowed to be shown in specific jobs. Covering up tattoos with foundations and concealers can come in handy for folks needing to cover them up temporarily.

Founder of the lifestyle and fitness blog Chic Pursuit, Maria Julia knows a thing or two about hair and makeup. She suggests offering facials with LED masks as a new way to boost revenue.

  • Facials with LED masks: “Facials with LED masks are a trendy beauty service to add to a salon menu,” Maria says. They give dull skin a “boost by triggering the natural cell processes for rejuvenation.” She adds: “While one-off treatments can show some results, it’s best to do a series of 6 treatments.”

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Julie Fischer of Made Ya Blush in Philadelphia, PA, has over 16 years of professional makeup artist experience, and she recommends MUAs offer a trial session. This way, your clients can get a feel for your beauty services, while also deciding if you’ll be a good fit for their upcoming event.

  • Trial makeup sessions: “I often offer and suggest that clients schedule a trial makeup session at least three months in advance of their wedding or special event. This allows a customized look to be developed for each client’s unique style.”

Some beauty clients want to learn how to do their own makeup, or they want a hand in one specific area of their makeup routine.

Chelsea Adair is the owner of Salon Adair in Carlsbad, CA, and she suggests booking clients to teach them how to apply their own makeup or teaching classes on specific beauty topics.

  • Teach classes: “Offering one-on-one classes to teach your guests how to get ready is something my clients request on a daily basis,” Chelsea says. She adds that some clients want cosmetology classes that are “specific in one area, like a better cat eye, better foundation, more flawless foundation, how to blend and contour, how to apply eyeshadow correctly.”

Bonus: Career Paths for Makeup Artists

If you’re fresh out of beauty school, want a new side hustle, or just want to try something new, check out these top careers paths for cosmetologists and beauty artists:

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