Instagram is one of the best ways to build a business β€” especially in the beauty and fitness industries.

The more you use Instagram and its features, the more you gain traction, get reach new audiences, and get more eyes on both your posts and your page. So, if you are “just poppin’ in” on Instagram a few times a week to share a post or two, you may want to think again. You want to take advantage as much as possible of all the things Instagram has to offer because it can pay off in a big way.

Let’s dive into all the latest features and why you should use them.

The Best Instagram Features for Hair, Beauty, and Fitness Businesses

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels launched in the summer of 2020 and exploded as soon as it hit the scene. Reels can be either 30 or 15 seconds, and you can add music if you have the option. Reels has its own tab just like Instagram TV and Instagram Guides (more on those next), and the engagement rate is incredible.

I’ve experienced the perks of Instagram Reels first hand. Before Reels, videos on my IG page barely would hit 3000 views β€” and that’s if I was lucky. Now, some of my Reels have received about 29,000 views.

For service providers and class instructors, Reels is a perfect medium for you to show your personality. Show the experience a client will get when they comes to your salon. Show your work in unique, highly visual ways.  Reels is the place to create content that is fun but brand-consistent and that speaks to your target audience.

Good for: Quick bites of content. Feel free to improvise and show off your personality (TLDR: Don’t worry about getting it perfect).


Instagram TV videos are great when you want to share longer videos. One-minute videos are great for your main grid, but what happens if you want to share a 5-minute hair tutorial? Use IGTV.

With IGTV, you can also create themed series. Let’s say you have a podcast and want to keep all your podcast videos together. You can add them to IGTV, then put them into one series so people can binge-watch them all in one go. If you love doing hair or workout tutorials, adding them to a series makes it more convenient for anyone watching.

Another great thing about IGTV: You can do an IG LIVE, then save that entire video to your IGTV. Such a great way to engage with your audience, yet save the content for later. 

Good for: Creating content series, like themed tutorial videos, and longer form content.

Instagram Guides

Guides are the latest release from Instagram, and it has more of a Pinterest vibe. You can create a storybook portfolio of your work, and add it to Guides for quick and easy access for your potential clients.

What I mean: Let’s say you focus on bridal hair and makeup. I would suggest using one guide for bridal hair, then adding a separate guide for bridal makeup. The cool thing is you can take your top posts dedicated to bridal hair and makeup and add them all into one guide.

Think of Guides as a lookbook on IG. This makes it very easy for potential clients to see your work and what you have to offer in one designated area.

Good for: Creating dynamic lookbooks and portfolios.

Instagram Live

Last but not least, go LIVE. I know it may not be the most comfortable thing for you to do, but it is a huge opportunity to promote yourself and also your products. Live is such a great way for your clients and potential clients to hop on and ask you questions or just hang with you for a bit.

Some IG Live tips:

  • I think short-and-sweet is best, so try keeping it to 20 minutes or so
  • Stick to only one topic (Share tips and tricks to educate your potential guests in real-time or offer to answer questions on one theme)
  • It helps to create some talking points before you show up
  • Don’t forget to save your Live to IGTV for even more views!

Good for: Connecting in real-time with your audience.

Push yourself outside of your IG box this year, and start to utilize all the amazing features it has to offer. Instagram is truly a cost-effective way to build a presence online and also attract your perfect target client.

Pro tip: Don’t forget… If you happen to be using Schedulicity, you can add a Book Now button to your Instagram page so clients can easily book with you. If you don’t have a Schedulicity account, sign up today!

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