When it comes to successful scheduling apps, there’s no doubt Mindbody makes the list. But with so many scheduling apps out there these days, finding the perfect scheduler for your business isn’t easy.

With over twenty years in the online scheduling game and 58,000 businesses on its app, it makes sense that you might be considering Mindbody for your gym or studio.

But as an online scheduler ourselves, Schedulicity knows a thing or two about the tools fitness businesses need, too — and the apps that do it best. 

To help you make your decision, we’re breaking down Mindbody’s best features, pricing, integrations, and other competitors in the industry.

What You Need to Know About Mindbody

Blake Beltram started Mindbody back in 2001, and it’s been growing and evolving ever since. With a focus on “empowering people who bring wellness to life,” they’re on a mission to “connect people with the experiences that make them whole.”

Here’s a quick rundown of its best features:

  • Set how early clients can book online before the start of service.
  • Automatically notify waitlisted clients when class spots open up.
  • Set overlapping appointments for services so you can manage two clients at once.
  • Build your own branded app.
  • Let clients choose a spot in class (like which bike they want or which mat area).
  • Automatically substitute instructors.
  • Customize access for employees.
  • Clock in employees, track hours, and calculate pay and commissions.
  • Share links to classes on social media.
  • Handle client payments. Accept cards and store credit cards.
  • Automate recurring payments to handle monthly memberships.

FAQs about Mindbody

Is Mindbody free? No, Mindbody does not have a free version or a free trial. Its Starter Plan is $159/month, then from there you move up to more features with the Accelerate Plan at $279 and the Ultimate Plan at $499. Then there’s the Ultimate Plus Plan for $699.

Is Mindbody HIPAA compliant? Yes, Mindbody is HIPAA compliant, though it’s not HIPAA certified, as noted on their support page. If you plan on handling protected health info on Mindbody, they suggest you reach out to them about a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) first.

What integrations does Mindbody offer? Mindbody integrates with several other software tools you may need for your business or like to link up with your Mindbody account. Some of its biggest integrations include:

Check out Mindbody’s partner store for a full list of integrations.

Do they accept payments? Yes, it has the ability to process client payments. With a processing rate of 2.75% for each transaction, they also note that businesses who process over $25,000 monthly may qualify for a different rate.

Pro tip: Don’t miss our breakdown of the cheapest payment processors in the industry! (Hint hint, it’s Schedulicity!)

Can you embed Mindbody into a website? Yes, technically you can add your Mindbody calendar to your existing business website, though the process is not as easy as simply adding a widget. With Mindbody, you have to first create a branded widget. They also note that not all subscription levels have the ability to add a booking widget to their site, and you may need experience in web development to get the task done.

Does it have an app? Yes, Mindbody has apps for both iPhone/iPad and Android. 

Does it send reminders? Yes, it has automatic reminders for email and text.

The Best Mindbody Alternatives for Your Small Business

Mindbody definitely has all the bells and whistles you need to run your fitness, yoga, or pilates business, but is it the best? It depends on the tools you need and the monthly subscription budget you have for your business.

The big takeaway for Mindbody? It’s great for larger fitness and wellness businesses who need allll the tools and can afford the subscription price point. It’s especially handy for businesses looking to integrate with ClassPass

But if you’re a smaller operation looking to grow, like a solo hair stylist or nail tech, Mindbody may be a bit more than you need. To help you explore other options, here’s a list of four Mindbody alternatives to consider. 

User Review: “I was looking at new office space, and a small health club supported Mindbody for their online booking. They asked if I would consider switching to keep continuity in the business model. I said, no! I’m a Schedulicity keeper.” – Michael, Massage Therapy


We couldn’t make a list of Mindbody alternatives without including ourselves, right? Made for folks in the hair, beauty, and wellness industries, the Schedulicity app has the tools you need.

  • Customize your schedule, and clients book on their own for free. They can book using your unique URL or they can find you through Our Marketplace
  • Include extra time for color processing, clean up, or travel, if you’re a mobile service provider. You can easily add time, so you can truly enjoy that “me time.” 
  • Get a unique booking link to share with your client list and with the world. (That includes free widgets to embed Schedulicity directly into your website and social media – no degree in computer science required.) 
  • You get all the booking options you might need for fitness pros: recurring appointments, classes, workshops, group bookings, and so much more.
  • Using Schedulicity Unlimited, send automatic appointment reminders and confirmations via text or email. Plus, you can set up automated birthday, thank you, and time to book emails with customizable templates and list segmentation. 
  • Take control of your policies and waivers to fit your health business’ needs, from cancellations to no-shows to liability. (Don’t worry, we make sure clients have to acknowledge them before booking to protect you!) 
  • Payment processing? Absolutely! Accept client payments with our built-in payment processor, and get the lowest rate in the industry: 2.5% + 15¢. (That’s definitely less than Mindbody offers.)

Of course, with all this goodness, you may be asking yourself, “Is Schedulicity free?” 

And yes, as an online scheduler, Schedulicity offers a basic free plan for new businesses and solo providers to explore. Then, whenever you’re ready, you can upgrade to access all our amazing features on the Schedulicity Unlimited Plan, starting at $34.99 per month. 

Extra Credit: Schedulicity offers automated appointment reminder texts and emails as part of our online booking software. Sign up today for Schedulicity to get all our scheduling, marketing, and payment solutions.


Vagaro is definitely one of Mindbody’s biggest competitors, and for good reason. 

What’s similar between Vagaro and Mindbody?

  • Both softwares can handle larger teams.
  • Vagaro and Mindbody both offer payroll management and clock-in/clock-out capabilities.
  • Both can handle invoicing and inventory management.
  • Both come with automated appointment reminders. (Schedulicity also comes with both text and email reminders for your clients!)
  • Vagary and Mindbody have apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad.

 How are Schedulicity and Vagaro similar?

  • Like Schedulicity, Vagaro also offers customizable booking pages, and clients can book their own appointments. 
  • Vagaro and Schedulicity can both handle multiple locations and multiple service providers, which makes these schedulers ideal for growing health and wellness businesses
  • Both scheduling apps have the ability for businesses to offer discounts, deals, and packages to upsell services and products. 

What makes Vagaro different from Mindbody?

  • Vagaro offers a free trial and free version, while Mindbody does not. 
  • Vagaro offers live chat for customer support.

How much does Vagaro cost? Paid plans run from $25/month for one person to $85/month for teams of 7 or more.

Pro tip: Want to see an easy breakdown of subscription price for different scheduling apps? Check out our free price comparison chart!


GloFox is all about fitness and wellness. With tools made for everything from yoga studios to larger franchise businesses, they’re great for larger businesses.

GloFox’s best features:

  • Nurture leads with automated email flows.
  • Create high-quality website forms to gather leads.
  • Manage sales and client history with a built-in CRM system.
  • Allow clients to book classes, buy memberships, and make payments all within the client app.

What’s similar between GloFox and Mindbody?

  • Both are built for large-scale businesses with established client lists and several providers or locations.
  • GloFox and Mindbody both have invoicing and billing tools for monthly memberships. (We have to mention that Schedulicity also has recurring payments for those clients who pay monthly fees!)
  • Payment processing and POS are included in both systems.
  • Both apps offer inventory management and marketing automation.

How much does GloFox cost? GloFox has only one pricing plan for all levels of business: $110/month


If you’re looking for a scheduling app with plenty of integrations for external marketing and payment tools, Acuity may be for you. Let’s take a look at some of its best features!

Acuity’s best features:

  • Integrate the app with PayPal, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks.
  • Acuity is owned by Squarespace, so you can easily integrate Acuity with your Squarespace website.
  • Manage multiple calendars and multiple locations. (Just like Schedulicity!)
  • Customize your account with logo and company colors.
  • Integrations for payment processing with PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

What’s similar between Acuity and Mindbody?

  • Both apps have the ability to handle room bookings and multiple providers.
  • Acuity and Mindbody can manage group bookings.
  • Both have tools for selling memberships and packages.
  • Each app has a ton of integration options for marketing and sales.

How much does Acuity cost? Acuity offers a 7-day trial for all new users, then they have tiered pricing ranging from $14 – $45 per month

How to Choose the Best Scheduling App?

Choosing the best scheduling app for your fitness, health, or wellness business isn’t easy! It takes some research and shopping around to truly find the scheduler that works for you.

So as you’re browsing around, don’t forget to request demos and chat with support teams to learn more about each app. Also, take the time to read through reviews and get a feel for real user experiences!

User Review: “Your scheduling really is rockstar. I’m really impressed with the simplicity of Schedulicity vs Mindbody.” – Sandy, Yoga Instructor