Updated June 2024. We edited this list of business podcasts to include some of our newest favorites for 2024.

Rejuvenating your small business requires a solid strategy — and that’s where some advance planning comes in.

Cue small business podcasts.

Your professional goals could include a few popular choices:

No matter your goal, we have you covered!

We rounded up our favorite podcasts for small business owners, plus industry-specific listens for service providers, to help you tackle next year with all the business inspiration you need.

Included in this article:

Podcast Basics

Before we get to some of the best small business podcasts out there, let’s first answer a few podcast questions.

Think of it as a little Podcasts 101. 😉

What are podcasts?

Like talk radio shows, podcasts are audio programs users can subscribe to on their smartphone and listen whenever they like.

Think of them as a spoken word, audio episode you can take with you wherever you go!

Where can you listen to podcasts?

There are quite a few platforms out there to find your favorite podcasts. While Apple and Spotify are two of the biggest, here’s a quick list of the best places to find podcasts:

Can you listen to podcasts for free?

Yes, absolutely!

The word “subscribe” is often associated with a fee, but…

When you subscribe to a podcast, it’s more like subscribing to a newsletter.

It’s totally free, and you get notified when new episodes are released.

(Fair warning: Some podcasts do have lengthy ads or awkward product placements. If you upgrade, you can skip ahead to the good stuff.)

The Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


What it’s about: Business strategist and coach Natalie Eckdahl helps women become high-performing professionals. She teaches them to recognize their innate superpowers and find new tricks to get their businesses into tip-top shape.

Why we love it: We all need inspiration.

We love hearing how women learned to work less but make more. We cheer for women who use their instincts to help them excel at being the boss. You’ll find that (and more) in every episode.

Episodes you’ll love:

The CHILLPRENEUR by Erin May Henry

What it’s about: This is a slightly different take on the traditional business podcast, and that’s what makes it special.

Henry takes a look at well-known influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. She hyper-focuses on their personal branding. It’s fascinating to see the patterns in both personality and perspective that emerge.

Why we love it: One listener says, “It’s all about building your personal brand, i.e. ‘just be confident already!’ She’s also an Aussie (great voice) and pretty entertaining.”

Episodes you’ll love:

Mind Your Business

What it’s about: Your perspective may be keeping you from success in your small business. Host James Wedmore takes a mind-ful approach to business, which will make you a more productive, get-shit-done entrepreneur.

Why we love it: The opening quote on Wedmore’s website says, “Hustle and hard work are NOT essential ingredients for success”.

Now, I don’t like to be lazy, but I do like to be efficient.

I know that, often, my mind is the only thing standing in the way of my success. Mind Your Business helps you find attainable ways to combat that.

Episodes you’ll love:

What Kind of Money-Maker Are You?

Let’s talk money, honey! Spend it, save it, hustle for it.

Take the Quiz

How I Built This

What it’s about: Host Guy Raz interviews the people behind the biggest companies today. From ideation to the hard work and challenges they faced along the way, you’ll hear the stories that built the brands you love.

Why we love it: Almost every person interviewed started out as a Regular Joe (putting their pants on one leg at a time, etc.) They had an idea that, with a lot of hustle, turned into something we all know and love today.

Whether you’re the next millionaire influencer or just a master service provider in your industry and city, you’ll walk away feeling hella inspired.

Episodes you’ll love:

Impact Theory

What it’s about: This is a business podcast that’s all about mindset — in fact, the entire premise is that your mindset is what makes or breaks your business.

Host Tom Bilyeu interviews industry leaders and incredible humans about what goes on in their mind in an attempt to find out what sets them apart.

Why we love it: Being a fan-favorite business podcast is no small feat. This beloved business podcast records and films its content — so if you’re a visual person, you can watch the episodes instead.

Episodes you’ll love:

HBR Ideacast

What it’s about: Harvard Business Review is a hub for the leading business ideas and insights — and their podcast, HBR Ideacast puts these into digestible audible form. 

Why we love it: While this podcast covers topics directed mostly at large businesses, it still imparts valuable lessons for anyone running a business. Every entrepreneur can benefit from learning the innovative methods the world’s best bosses use every day.

Episodes you’ll love:

Accidental Creative

What it’s about: These short-form, twice weekly podcasts come from Todd Henry, a prolific author who also a knack for building rapport during interviews with his guests.

The target audience is professional creatives, but the podcast works for anyone who’s looking to shake up their work life.

Why we love it: This is a slightly different take on the business podcast, because it focuses on creativity and generating new ideas.

It’s a nice shift from the more standard perspectives on growth and success — and it’s ideal for any time you’re in a creative rut, business-related or otherwise.

Episodes you’ll love:

The Marie Forleo Podcast

What it’s about: Marie Forleo teaches people how to run their business and market themselves. You’ll find ardent Forleo fans everywhere — I worked for two CEOs who worshipped her — and her podcast is the perfect place to start if you’ve never encountered her before.

Why we love it: Because it works.

Look, there’s a reason why so many people follow her business advice in Silicon Valley.

But maybe more importantly: Because Forleo tends to focus on spotlighting women’s voices, so you’re going to hear diverse perspectives you won’t find in many of the business podcasts out there.

Episodes you’ll love:

Professional on the Go

What it’s about: Hear from small business professionals in service-based industries led by the CEO of scheduling platform PocketSuite, Chinwe Onyeagoro.

He talks to hair stylists, personal trainers, dog groomers, yoga instructors, and life coaches – just to name a few.

Why we love it: If you love reading our blog, give this podcast a listen.

If you own a service-based business and face the challenges of dealing with clients, managing transactions, and trying to streamline your work, Professional on the Go is for you.

Episodes you’ll love:

RISE Podcast

What it’s about: New York Times Best-Selling Author Rachel Hollis leads discussions with business powerhouses on bold topics.

You’ll hear stories and insights that will leave you with valuable, actionable takeaways to become a better business leader and a better person.

Who doesn’t want both?

Why we love it: If you haven’t read (or listened to) Rachel Hollis’ books, get to it.

She’s a personal cheerleader and life coach who you want in your corner. Her podcast is a free resource of the wisdom she wants to impart on the world, and I’m here for it.

Duct Tape Marketing

What it’s about: Get the small business marketing pro tips you need to grow from one of America’s top small business marketing experts: John Jantsch.

Why we love it: Whether you’re looking to double sales or improve your Instagram marketing game, John has you covered!

Count Me In

What it’s about: With a guest list of finance experts and accounting professors, Count Me In is the go-to podcast for all things finance. Get a better understanding of accounting and how it affects your business.

Why we love it: If you feel overwhelmed from time to time by terms like accounting, economy, finances (hey, who doesn’t, right?), then this podcast is for you.

Being Boss

What it’s about: Host Emily Thompson talks you through what it takes to “be boss as a creative business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, or side-hustler.”

Why we love: It’s empowering, it’s fun, it’s creative! Listen in and gain insight into the “mindsets, habits, and tactics of harnessing your creative ambitions.”

The How of Business

What it’s about: Business, business business! Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner, this business-focused podcast is there to help you start, run, and grow your own business.

Why we love it: This show takes a more tactical, straightforward approach. Get insight from host and serial entrepreneur Henry Lopez as he talks you through the “important logistics of running a business, from SBA loans to financial projections.”

The Goal Digger Podcast

What it’s about: Like it’s namesake, Jenna Kutcher wants you to not only create bolder goals but actually achieve them. She helps you “dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals.”

Free accountability? Sign me up.

Why we love it: I’m biased for a Minnesotan, but everyone loves a kindhearted down-to-earth human, right?

Jenna leaves nothing to be desired there as she helps you bring more meaning to your business and tackle hardships with poise.

Episodes you’ll love:

Town Hall by Schedulicity

What it’s about: Yep, it us.

In 2020, we launched weekly live webinars where we interviewed guests with a background in various service industries (hair, beauty, fitness, and more) to talk through their ideas for coming out of that “unprecedented year” even stronger than before.

Why we love it: Oh, come on.

Episodes you’ll love:

PS. If you want to see all the cool educational resources we offer, we send them to you biweekly. Just sign up for more deets.

Do Weekly

What it’s about: A weekly podcast, where hosts, Natalie and Alex, walk you through one task to get done for your business that week.

Updating your website? ✔️
Handling taxes and finances? ✔️
Getting your marketing in order? ✔️
Taking care of yourself? ✔️

They’ll walk you through each task, so you can actually get it done.

Why we love it: One challenge a week?

Good, because who needs to add more than one item to your already forever long to-do list as a small business owner.

Plus, I bet you forgot/didn’t know you needed to do whatever task they’re covering — they have a business sixth sense, truly..

Episodes you’ll love:

The Simple Business Show

What it’s about: Host Nesha Woolery is focused on helping solopreneurs “stress less, work less and earn more” — check, check, check!

She’s all about helping you get booked and stay booked while simplifying your business tasks, so your job as boss isn’t so overwhelming.

Why we love it: Not only is her British accent a treat to the ears, but her information comes from first-hand experience — and it’s incredibly easy to digest. You’ll end up wanting to be her friend.

Episodes you’ll love: 

Small Business Boss

What it’s about: While this podcast is technically for “freelancers, creatives, and consultants”, the show really benefits anyone who works with clients (aka you).

Host Maggie Patterson gives you honest and practical tips for finding, booking, and sustaining clients.

Why we love it: She sounds like she’s sitting and drinking a glass of wine with you while chatting all things business. Each episode also comes in a blog post format (often with support charts/pictures!) if you’re into that whole reading thing. 😉 

Episodes you’ll love:

More of the Best Entrepreneur Podcasts! 👇

Best Industry Podcasts for Hair, Beauty, and Fitness

Mastering Beauty: Building Sustainable, Successful Careers

As part of the Beauty Cast Network, this podcast connects you with brilliant guests from across the professional beauty, barber, & wellness industry, giving you insights into how to create and sustain successful careers.

The coolest part?!

Schedulicity’s partnered up with the Beauty Cast Network for a podcast series all about the “client journey.” 😉

The Beauty Biz Show

What it’s about: Celebrity esthetician Lori Crete interviews beauty icons to glean their revenue-driving business tips.

Use their different perspectives to approach your business differently and grow your bottom line. Her mission aligns with ours: to help small business owners (like you) kick @$$.

We guarantee you’ll love her as much as we do.

The Connected Yoga Teacher

What it’s about: Do you run a yoga studio? Are you a yoga instructor? You want to give this podcast a listen.

Yoga goddess Shannon Crow discusses every type of yoga, every business opportunity yogis have, and the business tips that instructors need to practice.

With over 150 episodes already, you can feel at peace knowing she’s covered every topic you need help with. *Om*

Hairdustry: Your Day Off 

What it’s about: Barbers Cory and Tony are the two guys you want to sit in your barbershop all day to hear their hilarious stories and give you advice on being a damn good barber.

Trust us, we’ve hung out with these guys, and they’re a hoot.

Plus, you’ll hear about cool new hair trends and how the industry’s experts rose to success. 

Thrive Forever Fit

What it’s about: There’s no room for excuses with Jay Nixon — but don’t let that scare you!

He wants to help you approach fitness, nutrition, and health in a way that’s effective and long-lasting (no fad diets here!). Get the kick in the butt you need with this podcast.

Hair Love Radio

What it’s about: Salon educator and host Elizabeth Faye really knows her stuff as a hair stylist. (I’m not even in the hair industry, but when she talks, I want to be!) She’s the salon coach you need, teaching you how to run a successful business, how to do hair, and how to have fun while doing it all.

Even More Hair Industry Podcasts! 👇

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