Make more money in the hair industry, without raising your prices?!

It sounds crazy, right?

But it’s possible — and it’s the secret to a more stable business.

As a hairstylist or beauty pro who knows how to get sh*t done — with a bit of sparkle while you’re at it! — there are plenty of tricks out there for making more money in the hair industry without a price bump. 

So, put on that creativity cap and your hustlin’ boots…’cause here are four quick tips for making more money per ticket for your hair or beauty business — without raising your prices. 

TLDR: 4 Tips for Making More Money in the Hair Industry 👇

How to Make More Money in the Hair Industry — Without Raising Your Prices

1. Increase Tips

For folks in the hair and beauty industry, tips aren’t exactly expected, but they can be a nice perk of the job from time to time.

Here’s how you can start getting better tips from your clients.

Make Your Services Unique

Simply put: it’s important to personalize each appointment to each client. Not every client expects the same kind of experience for their service, so knowing how to handle each client will help make the client’s experience unique. 

This sometimes comes down to reading body language and verbal cues to help you gauge a first-time client — which can be a little tricky. But asking questions and welcoming new clients is always a great place to start

You can also jot down notes for your clients, so you know what to expect for their next appointment. Plus, with a lot of scheduling apps, like Schedulicity, you can store and track client notes right in their profile!

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Compliment Your Clients

Research shows that complimenting a client’s hair after their appointment can get you up to a third more tips!

Since your client has come to you for a fresh haircut, they want to hear it looks good. 

By complimenting them, you’re reinforcing that you’ve done a great job, and in turn, giving a tip is the client’s best way to show their appreciation.

Auto-Calculate the Tip

We all know how stressful discussing tipping can feel!

So, in addition to providing your clients with personalized services, you want to find ways to encourage them to tip after their massage without encountering that awkward tipping moment. 

One way to avoid the awkward tipping moment is by using a payment processor that auto-calculates tips at checkout, so clients won’t have to awkwardly do math in their heads in front of you.

Having a payment processing system that provides a tipping step, like Schedulicity’s built-in payment processing, also saves you from having to ask, which always feels a little awkward.

💡 Pro Tip: With Schedulicity, you can even customize the tipping options you want displayed for your clients! Want 15% / 18% / 20% displayed? Or 18% / 20% / 25%? Build the tipping options that work for your business! 😉

2. Offer Products and Gift Certificates

Adding products and gift certificates to your business is a simple way to bring in a little extra dough. But before you do, keep these tips in mind.

Sell Products with Purpose

Hair products can mean anything from shampoo and conditioner to hair oils, and the biggest thing to keep in mind when choosing your products is: What do your clients need?

  • Are you planning to sell products to clients that care about their natural hair?
  • Are you selling to folks who need moisture?
  • Is there a natural hair product line you know your clients would love?

Knowing your market and what clients need in your area will set you up for success.

Sell Gift Certificates

If you’re not already, selling gift certificates is a fantastic way to boost sales. They bring in up-front cash.

Plus, they give you a revenue boost because a lot of clients tend to spend more than the amount allotted on their gift card.

Win win!

Just don’t forget to make sure your gift cards are visible — both in your store and on your website or booking page — so clients know you offer them. 

3. Expand Your Service Offerings

Another way to generate more income without raising your prices is to offer additional services. This may require a little research and some outside-the-box-thinking, but it’s totally worth it. 

Do the Research First

The hair industry is a trend-based industry, meaning the latest styles and techniques are always evolving.

Remember when balayage hair color was a new thing? Now it’s a common service on most salon menus. 

Try answering these questions to help spark some fresh service ideas for your business:

  • What services are other hair stylists offering in your area?
  • What’s missing from their offerings?
  • And what services can you offer that no one else offers in your area? 

Once you’ve landed on a few fresh offerings to add to your repertoire, you can then start thinking about how to upsell your new services.

4. Master the Art of the Upsell

Upselling is the art of encouraging clients to add an additional service or product to their ticket, and it’s a big way to boost the amount of your average ticket.

While it’s important to not come off as “pushy” when offering additional products or services to clients, here’s what you can do to score some bigger sales.

Be Confident in What You’re Offering

A big part of upselling is confidence. You’re the professional hair stylist behind the chair, and your clients come to you as the expert.

This means, they trust your opinion on style, colors, and which products would be a good fit for them. 

So, if you notice a client could benefit from a particular conditioner, or maybe a client needs a special shampoo to help keep their color, you can have confidence in making that suggestion. 

Upsell During and After the Appointment

A good conversation can go a long way with a client, and keeping the convo light and friendly will help take some of the pressure off.

Listen to the client during the appointment to try to learn what it is they need and why they’re in the chair with you.

This will help you learn what additional services or products to offer.

Then… you can use checkout as a time to make a pitch as well.

Is there a special package deal you’re currently running?

Or do they need a refill on a product they’ve bought from you in the past?

Use the time at checkout to make suggestions based on how the appointment went.

Heck, you could even go ahead and book their next appointment! 

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