Think you have what it takes to go up against the best stylists and barbers in a hair competition?

If you want to enter a hair stylist competition, we know you must have some serious skills β€” and a little friendly competition with other stylists is a great way to showcase them.

Hair competitions are also a fun way to gain some recognition, build your portfolio, and network with industry professionals.

Whatever your goals, here are ten exciting hair stylist and barber competitions that any stylist can enter.

10 Hair Competitions That Any Stylist Can Enter

North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA)

Hosted by the Professional Beauty Association, NAHA attracts talented hair stylists from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Stylists can take their pick from several categories, such as Avant-Garde, Editorial Stylist of the Year, Salon Team, Hair Color, and more. 

One of the most prominent competitions, NAHA is a platform for immense exposure, giving stylists the chance to elevate their careers.

International Hairdressing Awards

The International Hairdressing Awards are considered one of the most prestigious competitions in the industry. 

Open to hair professionals from around the globe, this competition emphasizes creativity, artistry, and technical skills. 

Stylists are required to submit photographs of their hair creations, which are then evaluated by a panel of renowned judges. 

The lucky winners are then invited to exclusive events and industry collaborations.

All-Star Challenge (by American Crew)

The All-Star Challenge is an iconic competition specifically designed for men’s grooming styles.

Organized by American Crew, a leading brand in men’s grooming products, this contest is considered the pinnacle of men’s hairstyling competitions. 

It provides an opportunity for stylists and barbers to demonstrate their mastery in creating classic or contemporary men’s hairstyles. 

Winners of this competition are given international recognition, media exposure, and a chance to work with industry icons.

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Alternative Hair Show

The Alternative Hair Show is a renowned global hair competition that combines creativity, art, and fundraising. 

Established by Tony and Maggie Rizzo in 1983, this unique event brings together hairdressing talent from around the world to raise funds for leukemia research. 

The competition focuses on innovative and avant-garde hairstyles, encouraging stylists to push the boundaries of their creativity.

International Beauty Industry Awards

Judged entirely independently, The International Beauty Industry Awards (IBIA) is an international hair competition open to any salon, stylist, or hair artisan from all over the world.

IBIA has one mission: β€œ…to recognize excellence, talent, hard work and creativity in global beauty industry artisans, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or who their clients are.”

Hair Awards USA

Hair Awards USA is a hair competition created to support and celebrate hair stylists in the United States.

They aim to recognize your commitment to your craft by providing opportunities for continued growth, education, and mentorship in the hair industry.

Barber Freestyle Battle

More than just another hair competition, this barber battle is part of the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show.

It brings together barbers from all over the world for a β€œclash of sears and style,” giving participants a chance at the $10,000 prize.

Braid, Natural Hair, and Loc Competition

Also part of the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show, this hair competition brings together the best natural hair stylists in the world.

With a focus on braiding and natural hair styles, this is a great chance to showcase your skills on one of the largest platforms in the industry.

Reign of Style Hair Show & Competition

The Annual Northwest Reign Of Style Hair Show & Competition rounds up barbers, hair stylists, and makeup artists for the opportunity to display their skills in different categories.

Participants compete LIVE in front of fans and judges, so it’s an excellent opportunity to show the world how good you are at what you do!

Natural Locs of Love Competition

The Natural Locs of Love Hair Competition is all about β€œthe essence of self-expression and the beauty of natural hair in a workplace.” 

Unique among hair competitions, this event invites stylists to display their creativity by crafting distinctive and stylish looks that seamlessly blend their locs with their work setting.

Judges evaluate participants on their creativity, style, and how effectively their look harmonizes with a typical workplace environment.

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