As a hair stylist or salon owner, showcasing your work on Instagram is always a great marketing tool.

The tough part is… not every hair or beauty salon owner has a degree in Salon Photography or Social Media Marketing. 😉

So, knowing which photos work best for your salon’s Instagram can be tricky.

We’re sharing our best Instagram photo tips for salon owners — giving you picture ideas and expert advice from a true social media expert and professional hair stylist!

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Salon Instagram Photography Tips from a Social Media Expert

First up… Missy Megginson is Schedulicity’s social media manager and a hair stylist.

So, when it comes to getting the perfect salon photograph for Instagram, she knows what she’s talking about.

Here are her ideas for getting the best Instagram photos as a hair stylist or salon owner.

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1. Include Photos of Your Salon Space

“The idea of walking into a new environment can be overwhelming for some clients,” Missy pointed out. 

“Using pictures of key parts of your environment serves as an easy piece of content, and it can give clients an idea of what to expect when they walk in.”

2. Absolutely Use Instagram Reels!

“Reels have been the best game changer for those ‘after’ pictures,” Missy said — meaning the pictures you take after the appointment to showcase your work. 

“Instead of spending 10 minutes to get the perfect after photo, you can record video from multiple angles and choose your favorite few seconds to make a reel.”

3. Don’t Forget Products

“Product photos and videos are never going to be high-performing engagement posts,” Missy told us.

However, they are key for the overall story that you should be telling with your social media marketing.

Product photos are important because…

“Clients today are very informed and love feeling like they know what products a salon does and doesn’t stand behind and how to use them.”

10 Ideas for Instagram Photos for Your Salon

1. Before-and-After Photos

Before-and-after photos are a true classic for hair and beauty pros on Instagram, and that’s because they work.

A simple before-and-after photo can stop the scroll from a potential client. Just look at the masterpiece you made for your client!

Plus, it’s super easy content to capture. You’re already at the appointment…

2. Client Selfies

Have a client who’s too shy or feels too “underdressed” to take a before-and-after photo in your salon?

No problem!

Ask if they can take a selfie of their new look when they get home. That gives them time to find the perfect look to go with their fresh cut.

Then you can share it on your salon’s Instagram profile (with their permission, of course).

Woman in a yellow shirt with curly hair taking a selfie.

3. Photo Backdrop (with Your Brand!)

Creating a place within your salon for clients to take photos is an easy way to stock your Instagram profile.

Be sure your brand is represented within the backdrop. Find a nice setting for a photo, and — voila! — you have the perfect photo op. 

4. Closeup Photos of Textures and Colors

Mix some close-up photos into your salon’s Instagram profile.

Focus on the details of a fresh cut-and-color service by taking a closeup shot of your client’s hair. 

Or zoom in on a particular object in your salon, like a vase of flowers or a beam of light on your salon’s floor.

5. Employee Headshots

Flex those social media marketing skills and let fellow hair stylists — your people! — share a photo or video on your Instagram page. 

Got a stylist with a fresh look? Or just want your followers to say hello to your employees?

Give your clients a chance to see your stylists and show off a new look they might be interested in.

6. Natural Light

Forget the filters!

If you’re looking to take artsy photos of your client’s fresh cut, don’t worry about being overly “artsy”.

Pass on the filters and keep the lighting natural and simple.

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7. Behind-the-Scenes Shots

This is one of stylist Samantha Harman’s best tips from her social media class.

Give your clients a behind-the-scenes look at your salon, your employees, or your day-to-day operations.

This makes great organic content for your Instagram page. It humanizes your salon and puts a face to your salon’s brand on Instagram.

8. Products You Love

If you sell hair or beauty products in your salon, why not give them a little push on Instagram?

Clients love getting insight on products directly from their stylists, so give them a chance to see the products you use, while also sharing a little bit about why you love them.

9. Videos Are Great, Too!

Of course, this is about getting the perfect Instagram photo for your salon, but hey, it’s also about building your salon brand on Instagram.

And videos are great for giving potential clients tours of your salon space, or you can film clips of your stylists hard at work.

10. Show Your Services in Action

With video being the most popular content on Instagram, now’s the perfect time to showcase your services.

With your client’s permission, take the time to film a little of yourself or fellow stylists in the middle of an appointment. 

Closeups or 360-degree shots of stylists in action make for great Instagram content!

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