Keeping up with the latest barber trends in tools, social media marketing, and hair styles is key to running a successful barber business.

That’s because your clients trust you to be in the know on mens haircut trends. 

And they trust that you’re using the latest technology and tools of the barber trade — ensuring they get the best look they can each time they come in.

To help keep your barber game as fresh as it can be, we reached out to a few hair professionals to hear the latest and greatest in barber trends and mens haircuts for 2023.

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Must-Know Barber Trends for 2023, According to the Pros

In the dynamic world of barbers, trends come and go. Here’s our list of the latest barber trends for 2023 — plus, some of the biggest hair trends for guys.

Barber Trends in Tools & Technology

Laser-Guided Trimmers & Thermal Styling Instruments

Anna Peterson of Salon Route is a salon owner and seasoned beauty professional with over eight years in the hair industry.

“Beyond the traditional scissors and razors,” Anna said, “many barbers have been incorporating advanced tools like laser-guided trimmers and thermal styling instruments to achieve precise looks.

With a red laser guide to assist barbers, barbers can easily cut tight lines and get the precise look clients want.

Thermal styling instruments, like a blow dryer, curling iron, or straight iron, are also great ways to achieve that perfect cut.

Cordless Clippers & Precision Razors

The Marketing Director of Hairbro, Adam Garfield, told us “Barbers are gravitating towards innovative tools like cordless clippers and precision razors.”

These kinds of tools enable “intricate cuts and designs.”

Eric Heckstall — a professional barber with over thirty years of experience — even let us know about specific cordless clippers that are trending right now.

Babyliss Pro, a well-known brand in the beauty industry that specializes in hair styling tools and products, is leading the race with style and innovation,” Eric said

The Andis Master clippers have gone cordless as well. 

“This clipper is known for its precision and durability, and has been a staple in the barber community.”

And don’t forget the Wahl Senior clippers. In Eric’s words: “It’s one of my favorites when it comes to versatility.”

Barber Trends in Continued Education

“Continuing education via online platforms, especially masterclasses on advanced fade techniques and beard styling, is a significant trend,” Anna of Salon Route also told us.

Adam Garfield of Hairbro mentioned continuing education for barbers as a rising trend as well.

Specialized classes in modern fades, vintage grooming techniques, and creative designs are gaining traction as barbers seek to elevate their skills,” Adam said.

Kate Ross is a Hair and Beauty Specialist for Irresistible Me, and she had great insight on the continuing education trend for barbers.

“There are always new techniques and products being introduced to the industry,” Kate told us. 

“For example, the National Association of Barbers offers a range of educational resources and classes for barbers to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.”

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Barber Trends in Social Media

As you might expect, social media is a big part of the barber world, and there are a ton of fun things happening.

Kate Ross of Irresistible Me knows all about barber trends in social media.

TikTok is becoming a big thing for barbers,” Kate said, “with many using the platform to share their work and engage with a younger audience.”

“Also, the hashtag #barber has over 68 billion views on TikTok, which shows how popular this topic is among users.”

Adam Garfield mentioned TikTok as a trend for barbers, too…

“TikTok has emerged as a significant trendsetter,” Adam said, “offering short yet engaging videos that showcase cutting techniques, transformations, and styling tips.”

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The Textured Crop & Bald Fade

Anna let us know “The textured crop and bald fade with a swept-back top are currently making waves.”

Beard Grooming

“Beard grooming, especially precision shaping and contouring, is also in vogue,” Anna added.

The Mullet

Kate Ross told us “Some of the latest barber trends include the return of the mullet, with lots of texture and easy-to-style cuts like the bi-level mullet being especially popular with men.”

Bleached Styles

“Bleached styles are also making a comeback,” Kate said — “with Gen Z in particular embracing this statement look.”

The “Fresh-Faced” Look

Kate also noted that “Fresh-faced looks are gaining popularity, with more clients requesting clean-shaven styles to show off their bone structure.”

Hair Systems

Professional barber Eric Heckstall let us know that “Men’s hair systems, formerly known as a toupee, have become popular in barbershops.”

The reason?

“Men that suffer from hair loss and thinning hair have found new inexpensive solutions,” Eric said, “while allowing barber shops to expand their business.”

Designs & Color

“Designs and color are trending” too, Eric said. 

“Designs are another level of barbering. Not every barber has that level of skill. It is truly a creative art. 

“When a client wants a design and color the barber knows that he or she has to carve out some time in their regular schedule. 

The barbers that specialize in this already know the time it takes to create that masterpiece of a haircut.”

Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts are a great option for folks with thinning hair who don’t want a ton of hassle when it comes to maintaining their look. 

Pro tip? Grow out your beard a little to help balance out the short haircut.

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