Whether you’ve been in the barber game for years, or you’re just getting started, a properly-stocked barber kit is crucial to your success.

Your tools of the trade, your must-have supplies, your go-to equipment: From beginner to pro, your barber kit is everything.

To help you build the perfect barber tool kit, we put together a list of what every barber needs — no matter where you’re at in your career.

What Every Barber Kit Needs — From Beginner to Professional

Start With the Basics

Combs and Brushes: Let’s start simple. Each barber kit needs a stock of various combs and brushes. Whether you’re styling a beard, mustache, or the hair on your client’s head, you won’t make it far without the right comb or brush in your bag. 

Clippers: While we’re not here to say what the best clippers are for barbers, we do know they’re essential. Clippers allow you to shave hair off quickly and cleanly, which makes them an important piece of any barber kit.

Trimmer: Similar to clippers but smaller, a trimmer will come in handy for those tighter lines or more intricate cuts. Think trimmer when it comes to a close shave or a buzz cut.

Gold trimmer
Silver barber trimmer.

Electric Shaver: Got a client looking for a smooth, clean shave? An electric shaver is the tool you need to get the job done! Whether you go wireless or plugged in, don’t forget to include a shaver in your kit.

Hair Shears: A good set of high-quality shears are a must-have for cutting longer or thicker hair, so be sure you include them when building your kit.

Straight Razor: A straight razor (and backup razors!) are an important piece of any barber’s kit. They allow you to get a close shave at tougher angles on your client’s head or face.

And hey… If you’re a pro, you may even be able to use a razor for finishing a client’s smooth fade haircut!

Razor Holder: Our pro tip for your razor holder? Choose a holder that allows you to adjust the blade’s exposure, giving you more control. 

Shaving Gel: Don’t forget your shaving gel! Shaving gel is critical to any barber’s kit, as it creates that barrier you need between your blade and your client’s skin, helping you avoid cuts and razor burn. 

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Keep Things Clean

Barbicide and Jar: Barbicide is a hospital-grade disinfectant every barber needs, as it kills germs, viruses, and even fungi on your tools. Just be sure to keep in mind: When picking out your barbicide jar, choose jars that are tall enough to fit your tools. 

Talc Powder: Talc powder is short for “talcum powder,” and it’s something every barber needs in their kit.

Why do barbers need talcum powder?

It absorbs moisture and oil to keep your client’s skin dry and clean after a shave — which sounds pretty important to us!

Barber Capes and Towels: Capes and towels are essential to keeping hair off your client’s neck and clothes. They also help your clients feel clean and comfortable throughout their appointment. 

Neck Strips and Dispenser Kit: While you have your barber cape for clients to wear during the appointment, the barber cape should never touch your client’s neck, since you’ll be reusing the cape again and again on each client.

That’s where neck strips come in! Neck strips keep a barrier between the cape and your client’s skin.

Duster/Cleaning Brush: If you’ve ever had your haircut before, you know how important cleaning the hair off your neck and shoulders can be at the end of the appointment. (Nobody likes that itchy feeling after a haircut!)

Your brush doesn’t have to be anything fancy — you simply need a tool to clear away fallen hair. 

Wooden handle barber brush.
Two black barber brushes.

Nick Safe Styptic Powder: Minor surface cuts or abrasions are going to happen occasionally — it’s part of the job, no matter how experienced you are.

So, what do you reach for when that happens? Styptic powder.

Styptic powder can be applied to minor nicks that occur during shaving to slow and stop minor bleeding.

And Don’t Forget…

Blow Dryer: If you’re planning on offering your clients a full range of haircutting services, a hair dryer is a must-have.

Spray Bottles: Of course, there are times when you might need to dampen your clients hair before or while cutting, so don’t forget to add a spray bottle to your kit.

Styling and Shampooing Products: There are a ton of styling products out there that barbers can include in their kit.

While covering every type of product isn’t necessary (depending on your services), here are a few to keep in mind: shampoo, styling gel, and pomade for that slick, shiny look some clients might request.

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