As a fitness instructor, you probably feel like seeing your clients succeed is rewarding enough, right?

But with all your hard work — all that hustle! — you deserve a little extra reward now and then — just for you.

There’s more to being a fitness instructor or personal trainer than simply earning a paycheck.

You know this more than anyone.

You’re invested in your clients.

You work hard to help them work hard, making each training session feel special, pushing them to be the best they can be.

All that passion you bring each day doesn’t go unnoticed.

In fact, a lot of brands and companies out there see your hustle and want to pass along a thank-you deal on their products, such as activewear, nutritional supplements, and fitness certifications.

We’ve put together a list of the best personal trainer and fitness instructor discounts out there.

So, you can treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers or get a deal on that protein bar you wanted to try out before the gym.

11 of the Best Discounts for Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers

Lululemon Trainer Discount

While yoga is at the core of who they are, Lululemon offers much more than yoga pants and tank tops. Their quality activewear is made for runners, cross-trainers, and, in their words, just about any other “sweaty pursuit.” 

As a member of what they call the Sweat Collective — their group of inspirational and influential leaders — you’ll have a voice in their community and a connection with fellow members.

Oh, and with your Lululemon personal trainer discount, don’t forget to treat yourself to a new pair of running shorts or a jacket with your 25% off discount.

Quest Nutrition NASM/AFAA Partnership

With their goal to “make the foods your crave work for you, not against you,” Quest Nutrition offers up a healthy discount to NASM/AFAA members. Look to Quest for a 30% discount on all their protein products. 

Athleta Fit Pro Discount

This one’s easy.

Just stop by your local Athleta store with your ID and fitness certification, and they’ll get you added to their community of Fit Pros.

According to Sarah at The Fit Cookie, Athelta offers you a 30% discount, so you can stay outfitted to do all the things you love to do.

Pro tip: If you’re on the hunt for a class management software, Schedulicity has everything you need to manage your classes — on the go! We even have discount tools to hook your own clients up with a deal or a bundle of classes.

ReebokONE Trainer Discount

“You champion fitness and motivate others. Now get rewarded for it with an exclusive loyalty program that gets you. You deserve it.” 

Yep, Reebok gets it.

Join their ReebokONE trainer appreciation program and receive a 25% discount on Reebok products.

You’ll also earn points as you spend and unlock new membership levels, including career development opportunities — with workshops and fitness certifications.

prAna Influencer Program

Making clothes that inspire you to find your own adventure, work hard, and still look good in what you’re wearing, prAna offers special perks to those in their influencer program.

Apply now to join, and once you’re a member, you’ll receive a 40% discount on their clothing, as well as sneak peeks at new collections, product releases, and their blog.

Rykä’s Fit Reward Program

Rykä makes some of the comfiest shoes out there. In their words, they build shoes “specifically for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement and build.

As a member of their FIT Program, you can hook yourself up with a new pair of training shoes or a new pair of sandals to wear around town.

Apply for Rykä’s reward program to start browsing their online shelves!

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ACE Fitness Discount 

ACE is the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization, and right now you can save $100 on all their specialist programs, such as a group fitness instructor or a health coach course.

So, if you’re looking to up your credentials and earn new certifications, use the promo code “GOACEPT” to get the deal you deserve.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty offers a 20% discount to their group of fitness pros, who they just love supporting!

With a goal to empower women through fitness and beyond, Sweaty Betty is known globally for creating clothes sustainably and with women in mind. 

While you need to shoot them an email at to get your deal rolling, they may become your new go-to store for not just a new pair of leggings but a new dress or jumper as well!

Alala Pros Program

The Alala Pros program is all about hooking up personal trainers and fitness instructors for all they do. Recognizing your hard work and passion, Alala applauds your efforts and wants to reward you with a 25% discount.

Apply here and find your next training outfit.

Fitness Pro Travel

This one involves a little travel, a little teaching, but who wouldn’t want to spend a week in the Caribbean as a resident yoga instructor? Through Fitness Pro Travel, you’ll get free or discounted vacations in exchange for being a certified instructor. 

Schedulicity Free for Fitness Pros

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Schedulicity has a free plan! Take advantage of our basic tools to run your class-based business — with marketing features and an on-the-go calendar all in one place.

You can get your classes set up in no time, and upgrade to our Unlimited Plan if you need more to reach your fitness dreams.

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