Scheduling Apps

anywhere you go.

Our mobile scheduling apps make booking (and managing bookings) seamless. There’s a free app for your business and one for your clients. So whether you’re on your commute to work, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely afternoon, you have Schedulicity at your fingertips.

New businesses get access to all our scheduling, marketing, and payment tools FOR FREE for until Sept. 15.


Manage Your Time On The Go

Never miss a beat in your calendar. Once you’ve set up your Schedulicity business online, your app is synced with your full list of offerings, your current bookings, and your policies — so you’re ready to rock and roll with:


  • Appointment management

    Easily click to add a new appointment in your calendar, edit a booking, and organize your business day.

  • Classes & workshops

    See your classes and workshops in your calendar view, quickly enroll a client, and manage your roster.

  • Multiple calendars

    Have multiple providers? View and add to their calendars on your app so your whole team stays booked.

  • Dashboard

    See your appointments for the day at a quick glance and personalize your scheduling app to your business.

Payment at Your Fingertips

Accept a transaction wherever it’s most convenient. Sync your account with Schedulicity Pay*, our integrated payment system with our industry-low One Rate of 2.5% + 15¢ to process transactions from your app.

*Available for US businesses only. Canadian businesses have integrated payment through Stripe.

  • Schedulicity Pay

    Take payments through Schedulicity Pay and save 30% on average in payment processing.

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  • Norm

    Pay-by-phone checkout for every size of business.

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  • Checkout process

    Process a payment complete with customized taxes, discounts, and gratuity. Swipe or manually enter credit cards then send your clients a receipt.

  • Transaction history

    Access payment details and history from a specific booking, a client’s profile, or online in our comprehensive payment reporting tool.

This is the best scheduling app I've ever found. I was being worked to death by phone calls and trying to fit everyone in. Schedulicity helped me take my life back and is easy for my clients to use. They have been doing this for a while and thought of everything!

Bryan Big Sky Barber

Booking for Your Clients

Skip phone tag with your clients and let them book on the go, whenever the feeling strikes. Have clients find you on our booking app and let them manage their own bookings so you can keep focusing on providing the best in-person service.


  • Marketplace

    Clients can search through industry, location, date, and time. Get your business listed to get found and booked.

  • Notifications

    Your clients will receive automatic reminders for their bookings via text, email, and app notifications.

  • Bookings management

    Skip the phone calls to have your clients double check booking details, cancel or reschedule, and even rebook. It’s all on the app.

  • Deal discovery

    Use our Fill My Book or deal manager features to make discounts available on the app under the Special Offers tab in the booking app.

And Everything Else

Your business needs more than scheduling — so we didn’t stop there. Access your marketing tools, customized add-ons, and policies all on your online account. Business management: check.

  • Marketing tools

    From email marketing and discount managers, to social media scheduling buttons and website integrations, we help you get and stay booked.

  • Pay for what you need

    We’ve made pricing custom for each business – choose your add-ons from unlimited booking, payment processing, packages, multi-locations, auto-billing and automated marketing.

  • Policies

    Because every business is different, we’ve given you control of all of your settings. Don’t let us tell you how to run your business!

  • Reporting

    See how your business is performing at all times with custom reports on booking trends, payment history and client details.