Wish your scheduling app could do more to help you land new clients and make more money?

Check out Schedulicity’s Fill My Book feature. 😉

What is Fill My Book?

Fill My Book is a marketing feature in Schedulicity.

It automatically promotes empty appointment slots for the upcoming week and generates deals for those hard-to-book spots.

Can I use Fill My Book?

You can use Fill My Book if: 

(If you’re not using our Schedulicity’s payment processing yet, apply in the Payments area of your account.) 

How to Use Fill My Book

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Turn on Fill My Book in the Marketing area of your account.
  2. Edit the Fill My Book Rules: Maximum discount amount (% off), number of deals for each week, and which services clients can book with the deals.
  3. Schedulicity looks at these Rules and your availability for the week to automatically generate ✨ your weekly deals ✨
  4. Your deals are promoted in Our Marketplace.

You can also turn off Fill My Book whenever you want. 

And you’re in control of when you use Fill My Book, which services to discount, the discount amount, and the number of redemptions.

(For example: If you only want three people to be able to redeem the deal, you can do that!) 

This marketing feature is great if you want to: 

Does it cost extra to use Fill My Book?

If a client books an appointment through Fill My Book, businesses are charged a small booking fee of 15%* on the discounted cost of service.

However, if a client doesn’t book through Fill My Book, using this marketing feature is at no cost to you. 

Again, you can turn this feature on and off, so you’re in complete control of your business. 

Schedulicity is completely transparent about our pricing. Here’s why we don’t hide our fees like other salon scheduling apps.

Can Fill My Book help me get new clients?


In fact, every 2 in 5 clients that book using Fill My Book are new clients. 


Did you know that most clients who book an appointment through Fill My Book go on to be repeat clients?

That’s right. 

Some Schedulicity businesses saw Fill My Book clients make up to 15+ appointments after their initial visit. 

If you’re charging $100 for a service, that’s $1,500 more in revenue* –– just by turning on Fill My Book once

Check out how Nettuno Skincare Studio got 20 new clients (and a whole lot of revenue) in a few weeks by turning on Fill My Book:

Image of Lauren Nettuno, owner of Nettuno Skincare Studio.

I’m nervous about discounting my services. How much is normal?

Don’t worry! We totally understand. 

It seems counterintuitive to discount your services when your calendar isn’t booked.


Many successful businesses using Fill My Book offer a discount of only 5% on their services. 

Here’s how much you’d make using Fill My Book, offering a 5% discount on a $100 service:

Image of a mock receipt showing earnings with a Fill My Book booking.

You’re spending $5 to make $115. 

And that’s only one appointment. 

Since most new clients from Fill My Book book repeat appointments, you’re looking at even more money.

Sounds like a smart business move. 🤑

Fill My Book Case Study: Massage Therapy Norman

Andrew Dewees is the owner of Massage Therapy Norman in Norman, OK, and an avid Fill My Book user on Schedulicity. 

“I utilized the Fill My Book feature when it was created,” he said. 

“It is a tremendous help for filling open spots that [can] suddenly happen in the course of business and [with] others providing a service.

“It helped my existing clientele and new people from the internet find random opportunities to get bodywork, which can easily lead to regulars.”

In fact, of the new clients Andrew gained from Fill My Book, 25% have scheduled over 15 return visits. 

One new client even returned 70 times!

As a massage therapist in a hyperlocal community, Andrew earned nearly $10,000 in new revenue by filling last-minute slots that might otherwise have been left empty.

Andrew eventually turned off Fill My Book, because his small business was now the busiest it’d been in three years. 

“[Fill My Book] does help consistently, and it’s so easy to control. You can turn it on and off in the twinkle of an eye.” 

How Fill My Book Makes You More Money 

So many Schedulicity businesses have found success using Fill My Book. 

Here’s what you can expect based on the most successful Schedulicity businesses using Fill My Book:  

  • An extra $140 per month. Depending on the price of your services and the discount you choose, Schedulicity businesses earn about an extra $140 per month using Fill My Book. (That’s money they literally would not have earned otherwise.)
  • 9 follow-up appointments. On average, new clients from Fill My Book scheduled an additional nine appointments.
  • Two years of success. Most businesses using Fill My Book run some kind of discount for an average of 24 months.

    When you experience success (and increased revenue) over and over again –– you want to repeat it. 

Tips for Maximizing Fill My Book 

Want to make the most out of this marketing feature? Here’s a few tips for maximizing Fill My Book in your account:

Set a test period

Fill My Book is the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it marketing tool. Sometimes, forgetting you set it up means a client redeems a deal that you forgot you were offering.

To avoid the surprise appointment, set a personal reminder to turn off Fill My Book within X days or weeks.

Talk to our Rockstars

Schedulicity’s Rockstars are famous for being so helpful, and they can offer tips and tricks on how to use Fill My Book to its fullest potential.

They can also answer any questions you have about setting it up. Just use the chat bubble on your screen to get started.

Set up no-show policies

This is a good tip whether you use Fill My Book or not. These scheduling policies help protect your business in case a client books an appointment and doesn’t show up.

With Fill My Book, clients (new or existing) must prepay the full amount of the service before booking. This protects you in case they’re no-shows.

If you’re ready to try out Fill My Book, log into Schedulicity below, and visit the Marketing area of your account. 

Not a Schedulicity business yet? Sign up for a free trial today!