We’ve used Schedulicity for over a decade now. Schedulicity has streamlined the booking process for our shop manager and for our clients as well.” —Shannon, Sage and Serpent

Business Name: Sage and Serpent Tattoo 

Location: Nashville, TN

About: Shannon Wages is the owner of Sage and Serpent — a tattoo shop in Nashville that delivers top-shelf tattoo work their clients love.

For six years now, Sage and Serpent prioritized the client experience. 

Their artists work to ease their clients’ nerves by  providing education and collaboration throughout the entire tattoo process, so clients can truly enjoy the meaningful personalization of their new art. 

Favorite Schedulicity Features: “We love online deposits,” Shannon said. “We love the ability to group services. And of course, we love the client reliability rating.” 

(Client Reliability Rating is a unique Schedulicity feature that helps businesses block problematic clients from booking online.)

So the Story Goes…

In 2018, Shannon had a vision for what a tattoo shop experience should be:

Full of humble, talented artists – all with their own unique skill sets – who make the tattoo experience better. 

“Our goal [at Sage and Serpent] has always been to provide a space where people feel welcomed and comfortable during the tattoo process, which can feel intimidating at first,” Shannon said. 

But starting a tattoo shop comes with other challenges, too, such as finding the right location, which sometimes means relocating.

“When we had to relocate, we took on a build project that we weren’t expecting. Within months, we were able to renovate a new location with more space. Now, we are able to host more artists and continue to grow our business.”

Despite setbacks with their location, Shannon and her talented team continue to push themselves to grow and improve every day.

“We’ve expanded from an initial three artists to nine artists and two apprentices,” she said.

Shannon also loves bringing in guest artists for short-term residencies.

The most impressive part? They’ve done it all in just six years.

"Generally speaking, S&S's avg monthly bookings have grown by at least 25% YoY since they started in 2017, reaching 45% YoY growth in 2023, and 2024 shows no change in their trajectory.

How Schedulicity Helped

In Shannon’s journey to enhance client convenience and streamline her tattoo business, Shannon utilized Schedulicity to help manage Sage and Serpent’s clients, calendar, and online booking deposits.

By using Schedulicity’s built-in payment processing, Sage and Serpent is able to easily secure deposits from clients when they book online.

Sage & Serpent has tapped into Schedulicity's no-show protection features, requiring a partial or full payment up-front. Since mid-2022, nearly 1 out of every 2 bookings has been protected, and less than 1% have no-showed.

Collecting a deposit guarantees upfront cash at the time of booking and helps eliminate no-shows or cancellations, which can have a serious impact on revenue.

“When [Schedulicity] started allowing deposits to be made online, coupled with the advent of the client reliability rating, it really helped our artists feel at ease and ensure good attendance from our clients.”

Looking to the Future

When asked about the future, Shannon knew exactly what’s in store for Sage and Serpent.

“We’re looking forward to hosting more events and expanding our space into an art gallery,” she said.

“We’re also looking forward to taking on more offsite tattooing at local events and functions to reach a wider audience and community.”

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