Business Name: Amara Advanced School of Esthetics

Location: Bozeman, MT

About: Amara Advanced School of Esthetics in Bozeman, MT, has a reputation of excellence in esthetician education. 

Since December 2018, Amara graduates accomplished beauty professionals who excel in their field. 

By adapting to beauty industry trends, upholding rigorous education standards, and harnessing business technology, like Schedulicity, Amara remains a leader in shaping the next generation of skincare professionals.

Approximately 92% of Amara’s graduated students are employed as estheticians.

Among Amara's graduated students, approximately 92% are employed estheticians.

How It Started

With a wealth of experience and a heart full of passion for skincare, Mike and Kim Forkapa set out to create something different: Amara Advanced School of Esthetics.

For Mike and Kim Forkapa, it wasn’t just about teaching. 

It was about giving aspiring estheticians a nurturing environment where they could thrive and flourish well beyond the classroom. 

And the Forkapas succeeded in providing that intimate learning experience. 

With only 3 to 4 sessions per year, each session has a maximum of 10 students. 

Led by four experienced instructors, who double as mentors, these students embark on an 800-hour program designed to unlock their full career potential. 

“When we teach others, we’re not spending time. We’re investing it.”

How Schedulicity Helped

At Amara Advanced School of Esthetics, students learn to master esthetic techniques and theory, including ecology, skin physiology and pathology, advanced treatments, and more.

But, the commitment to student success goes beyond practical application.

Amara’s curriculum also encompasses the development of essential business skills that are vital for thriving in the fast-paced beauty industry.

Technology is central to Amara’s approach in order to streamline the school’s business operations and enhance learning experiences for their students. 

Amara leverages Schedulicity, an advanced online scheduling platform, as a teaching tool and a business necessity. 

They use Schedulicity as a hands-on exercise to familiarize students with real-world salon management practices, including:

  • Managing appointment schedules – Amara sees an average of 156 appointments booked each month. (56% are booked online through Schedulicity, the best booking system for estheticians.) 
  • Tracking client notes and preferences – Amara has over 1,700 clients for students to interact with. 
  • Optimizing salon workflows

This practical experience reinforces classroom learning and prepares students for the high demands of the industry upon graduation.

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