Nominations for this year are officially closed! Be on the lookout for the winners in early December.

Best Of Schedulicity Awards

Best Of Schedulicity 2021

Every day, we have the honor to work with some of the best and boldest businesses, and we want the world to know it! So, this December, we’re hosting our first-ever annual Best Of Schedulicity awards — which comes with some major dough.

To make it happen, though, we need your help. Nominate a friend, coworker, or business you love — or pop dat ego and nominate yourself! The only requirement for entry is that the nominee has a Schedulicity account. Submissions close Nov. 22, so let’s get to it!

Best of the Year

We wouldn’t be here without dedicated, hard-working businesses like yours. To celebrate all your success, we’re giving out awards for Business of the Year and Start-Up of the Year. Our winners will be given a $5,000 grant each and free Schedulicity Unlimited for a year.

Schedulicity Business of the Year

A small business that embodies everything we believe in: self-empowerment, compassion, humility, honesty — and a good amount of grit. This business has gone above and beyond to embrace change and put their clients first. 


Schedulicity Start-Up of the Year

Maybe you’ve just finished cosmetology school or you finally opened your own shop or studio. Either way, we’re so dang proud to have you here. If you’re a small business or solo provider who started out on their own in the last three years, this award could be yours. 


Small Business

We’re honored to help so many small businesses every day, and it’s an even greater privilege to see them pay it forward. Whether it’s giving back to your community or your clients, we know, at the end of the day, you put the people you love first. That’s why we’re giving these award winners $2,500 each — for simply being the best.

Cares Award

We’re celebrating a business that puts their community first, so tell us how you’ve given back during this unprecedented year. Have you volunteered or donated your time or resources to help those in need? Did you hold a fundraiser or charity event? Share your story!


Rockstar Award

It’s no secret that Schedulicity Rockstars are the heartbeat of our team. Over the last year, they’ve heard hundreds of stories from small businesses. This award will be chosen by our customer service team and given to a small business that gave our Rockstars the warm and fuzzies. 


Norm Award

You might’ve heard of our payment-by-text tech Norm. It allows you to send the bill straight to your client’s phone, speeding through payment and increasing tips. Norm is all about making life easier for the people you love to work with! 

With that in mind, this Norm Award will go to one lucky business and one lucky client of their choosing — $1,500 each. We’ll let you text them the news. 😉 To win, all that’s required is that you’ve used Norm between October and November of 2021.*

$1,500 for you
$1,500 for a client

P.S. Not using our payment processing?

There’s still time to get in on this award. Apply today to start using Norm within hours! 

*Must be using Schedulicity’s built-in payment processor or Stripe to qualify.


At Schedulicity, we respect the hustle. Whether you’re here to nominate your favorite business or yourself, there’s a Hustler Award for every style of business. These individual award winners will be given $1,000 each.

Barber or Hair Stylist of the Year

Few things make people feel more unstoppable than a great haircut (or color!). Nominate a must-book barber or hair stylist.


Massage Therapist of the Year

Nominate a massage therapist who relaxes your muscles and soothes your soul.


Fitness or Health Coach of the Year

Nominate a personal trainer, health or wellness coach, or fitness class instructor.


Beauty Industry Leader of the Year

Nominate a beauty guru that slays all day, from cosmetologists and estheticians to nail technicians and makeup artists.


Yoga or Pilates Instructor of the Year

Bend… and stretch! Nominate a fantastic yoga, pilates, or barre instructor.


Wildcard of the Year

Nominate a leader outside of these industries, including dog walkers, psychics, reiki healers, tutors, photographers, and more!



All this talk about money, money, money… You work hard to earn the money you make, and we know how much it takes to maintain that hustle every day. That’s why we’re giving away a little holiday bonus — on us — just for working hard for those payments.

Anyone who uses Schedulicity’s built-in payment processing — for prepayments, charging cards on file, Norm, and more — is eligible to win a $500 grant …And we’re giving away 10 of them.*

Not set up yet? Sign up now and transact at least once before Nov. 22 to be automatically entered.

If you’re already signed up, get to transacting!

*Must be using Schedulicity’s built-in payment processor to qualify.